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Monday, 10 March 2014

Sripada Sri Vallabha Swamy Vigraha Pratista


Beloved Devotees, you are all cordially invited to attend the Sripada Sri Vallabha Swamy Vigraha Pratista at ManthanGoud Village, Makthal Mandal, Mahabubnagar District on 27th March, 2014 at 7am. 

This place has a great significance where Sripada Sri Vallabha Swamy came to save his devotee Vallabhaseha from the four thieves and killed three out of the four. With the blessings of Sripada Sri Vallabha Swamy, Sripada Guru Sangamam Seva Trust has decided to celebrate this program in a grand manner.

Programs: Vigraha Prana Pratishta; Visesha Puja; Annaprasada Vitharana

Those who want to contribute to Annaprasadam in this event are requested to contact Mr.Raghu Prasad @ 09963029094.

 For more details about the program, please contact 09963029094.