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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Follow Your Intuition

The Missing Bridge

Mr. Raju was on a journey to reach another city to meet his friend on urgent basis. The two cities are connected by a bridge and he was informed that the bridge was collapsed some time back and there was no way to reach the other city. 

Similarly, lot people suggested not to go on this route as the bridge was not yet constructed. But Raju heard about the process of co-creation some time back, and for the first time he was testing this and he was praying to the God. He co-created the situation in such a way that it worked out in his favor to accomplish his objective of reaching the other city and meeting his friend. Hence he was not discouraged, still his intuition was telling him to go on and on. 

So without any second thought, mentally co-creating the situation which is a new technique given by God he continued his journey. Just before reaching the bridge where it had existed previously there was nothing! O my God!  The bridge was missing and he had seen some people gathered there and  some of them were going back. And they also informed Raju to go back as there was no bridge and it was impossible to reach the other city. 

But somehow Raju’s intuition was working very positively and something in his consciousness was telling him to try and try. Raju wanted to examine himself so he opened the car door and he walked out. Yes! What the people had told him was true! There was no bridge and lot of people after cursing God and making some negative remarks were returning back. But still, something was telling him that he should prove that he should explore. 

In this condition the human consciousness becomes alert and the intuition starts working. So Raju wanted to explore and find himself, as he was convinced there must be another route which was unseen and may be which was hidden from the normal route. So he went down and after crossing a curve to his surprise and shock and with mixed feelings, he had seen a row of lights at a distance and he also saw some people waving him and cheering him up. So Raju had gone and when he entered the new bridge which was hidden because of the mountains, was very happy and excited to notice that the new road was very wide, very clean and full of lights and lot of other facilities and he was told that it was constructed some four to five years back. And finally reaching the destination he met his friends.

Most of the human beings theoretically, when they hear lectures or when they read books on positive thinking their self-confidence grows up. But most of the times, when a real situation challenges them their confidence levels will go down and also when more and more people discourage him, his confidence levels will still go to bottom level, but in this case Raju was determined to go on and on and to explore himself because something in him what we call as intuition telling him that there must be another bridge or route. And that was the reason Raju did not heed to the people who were very negative and on exploration he found a new bridge. 

In our life also similarly when we are at a crossroad when we do not know which road to take up and that’s where lot people will confuse us. They will be giving us contradictory advises and our self-confidence will evaporate and we succumb to their negative suggestions and lose wonderful opportunities. If you have a little patience, persistence and perseverance in life you can definitely achieve whatever you need to achieve or whatever you want to achieve. 

Particularly in a difficult and challenging situation, most of us will be having some kind of insecurity and also energy of fear which is the most dreadful thing in anybody’s life. It will defeat us, it will eat away all our confidence, all our optimism and enthusiasm within no time. That is the reason once we have determined to do something, do not heed to the negative suggestions from anybody. They may be elders to you, no problem, still you go on and on and trust your intuition and trusting your intuition is very difficult because intuition will not have any logic. If anybody is asking you logically to explain, and you, may not be in a position to explain intuition in a very logical way. it is a kind of gut feeling that will tell you don’t stop go ahead you are about to reach the destination. 

And when you hear this inner voice, you will accomplish your goal in inner life, but majority of us after travelling more than half the way, we get frustrated, we will be anxious and we will give up the project and then at the end we get frustrated in all the ways. There is a very thin line between a success and a defeat. 

If you have a little patience, if you have a little persistence, you can cross over this line, you can convert defeat into success, unhappiness into happiness, depression into appreciation and negative energy into the positive energy and this is the real life story. We always think about the future in the third dimension. 

Let us not think like human beings when your prayers are very sincere, when your prayers are full of inner conviction, god has got full of different plans. It is not necessary in the case of missing bridge, the same spot the bridge should have been built, it will not be like that and there is no need. And the god has other plans. He has constructed a very beautiful bridge, a very wide bridge with lot of modern facilities with lot of illumination but whereas if you are thinking in the linear ways as most of the human beings think then you will not find anything. 

Hence, don’t assume anything in life. Here lot of people have assumed that there was not bridge at all that’s why they have not even started their journey and some people having started their journey, they went back but here in the case of Raju it was not like that.

This is a parable but this has got a lot of meaning and lot of depth. 

In life don’t ever lose hope, when you are tired sit down, relax take rest and get up and then again go on go on your journey, don’t stop. A day will come, you will reach your destination. I have confidence, in your self have inner conviction with yourself. Anything is possible!