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Monday, 22 June 2015

A case study on the Colors

The Game of Life

A case study on the Colors

One reputed vaccine manufacturing company had very bad days. Initially they were doing very well but gradually the company started incurring heavy losses. They sold their properties to run the company and finally through a friend, they approached me for my consultation and advice. I had gone to their factory which was very big, the office was very spacious and everything was very rich. After examining the products, the color on the labels, the color on the outer cartons I had suggested some changes particularly  in the color combinations on the labels. Of course! The color on the labels on outer cartons and the labels on the ampules were changed according to my suggestions. Within about two or three weeks  the company started improving sales and the change was dramatic and the owner Mr. Rao was surprised and he was very happy and he came to my office when I was alone in my chamber and he started weeping.

“Sir, actually I brought loans from my friends, my relatives, everybody and from business people at higher interest and everything I had invested but there was no hope. Since prestige was a matter for me to think about my family and I have decided to consume poison and leave this world. That was the time you had come to my office as per my request and you had suggested some changes in the colors of the labels and things have improved. I am very grateful to you Sir, Since you have given to me and all the members of my family a new life.  This was an interesting story and this incident is 100% real and the company is doing very well now. Not only that I also suggested some changes in their administrative style of functioning.

Different colors have different levels of vibration. For example if you take some color red a dark color its vibration is different from that of the light color. Some colors are very aggressive initially they boost up afterwards their effect will be slowly diminished. Like that all the colors will have different vibrating levels. If you are using right combination depending upon what type of business you are doing definitely the things will improve. This was very interesting case-study for me. That is the reason it is very important to wear different colors on different occasions. And if you are using wrong colors and if you are wearing clothes with wrong colors on wrong occasions it will never have any positive impact. That is the reason our ancients have designed dress-code for different occasions. So please don’t think too light about the colors.

Author : Nanduri Sri Sairam