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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Malladi Govinda Deekshitulu Garu

The promise by Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu garu who belongs to the 33rd generation from Sripada Srivallabha, the first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya, never disappoints his uncles and also the real devotees.This is a very interesting story for which I am the witness. Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu garu and I had a very close relationship and almost we used to talk minimum thrice a day on various aspects concerning the life stories of Sripada Srivallabha Swamy. 

Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu, as per the instructions of Sripada Srivallabha Swamy, has done parayana at Pitapura Samsthan for about a week and that book, which in the form of DTP, was handed over to the Trustees of the Samsthan, as per the instructions given by Sripada Srivallabha Swamy. 

But, unfortunately, the Trustees, few of them have conveniently deleted certain few portions in the original DTP given by Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu and they printed the book in Telugu language. Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu had pleaded those people not to do so as Sripada Srivallabha has given strict instructions that even one letter should not be changed from the book, but, it fell on the deaf-ears. Sripada Srivallabha according to Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu had asked to give the book to Samsthan but the Trustees had changed their mind and they brought a Peetadhipathi, and made as Peetadhipathi, the Head of the Samsthan and much more importance as usual has given to the human body, but not to Sripada Srivallabha. 

Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu was very much disappointed and frustrated and the Temple authorities warned that he would be tied to the tree and beaten up as Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu had been complaining too many people in and around Pitapuram. Now the big question is Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu had the original DTP, but has no money to print the book and he had approached many people requesting them to take the responsibility of printing book in the original form without deleting or changing the subject.

In this regard he also approached Swami Sivananda who had a very big ashram in Pinapul colony at Vizag who later on shifted to Ganagapur and another person was called as Sri Suri Babu of Tadepalligudam and also one more person. But, unfortunately, one person whose name I forgot promised to print the book, but secretly he was planning to make a movie on Sripada Srivallabha basing on the original DTP given by Late Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu. 

Another person from Tadepalligudem who promised to print the book was not doing so and we met Late Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu in the month of June 2009 that was the state of affairs. He has been going around these people urging them to do the needful at the earliest stage and nobody responded and had their own plans.
Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu brought his original DTP.  Dr. Prasanna Kumari garu and I met Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu in ELDSS office in Pitapuram. ELDSS was the storage house of Malladi Bapanaryulu where all the food grains are stored. Now it is the office of ESDSS. They had some rooms at upstairs. In one of the rooms Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu had asked Prasanna Kumari to read the missing chapters of Sripada SriVallabha Charitra printed by Samsthan and there was lot of interesting information and details in original DTP. He has already expressed his frustration and the way people were trying to exploit him. We stayed at Pitapuram for seven days to do Sapthaham of Sripada SriVallabha Charitra and then we left for Hyderabad. After reaching Hyderabad, I was suggesting my close friends that they should read this which I found to be very scientific. 

Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu had visited Hyderabad in 2009 at December and stayed at one of the devotees place near Diamond Point, Sikh Village. Since a lot of people already read the book, lot of people were interested to meet Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu every day. 

Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu patiently used to explain very interesting and scientific things concerning Sripada Vallabha Charitamrutam. After hearing the story from Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu all of us decided to print the book ourselves by contributing money for this noble cause. The estimated cost of this printing charges were Rupees One Lakh and we already started doing the DTP in Pitapuram under the supervision of Shri Raghu Babu, a staunch disciple of Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu garu. We also identified a printer who had imported the printing machine in Vizag and a sum of Rs. 35,000.00 was handed over to Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu. So we were all very eager to see the original book. Meanwhile in course of conversation at ELDSS office, I had mentioned Mrs. Prasanna Kumari’s name who is a Sanskrit Telugu and English scholar and Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu had requested her to translate the original DTP from Telugu to Hindi. Already some efforts were made in this regard by the devotees at Nasik (India) under the supervision of Sri Siva Baba. Even after one year they could not publish this book in Hind.

Within two or three months Mrs. Prasanna Kumari has completely translated the original book in Hindi i.e. translation from Telugu to Hindi as advised by Shri Malladi Govinda Diskshitulu garu. Thus, the first original book had come in Hindi and it was inaugurated on 31st January 2010. The photographs were already displayed on the website www.sridatta.info. As we were eagerly awaiting the original Telugu book, one day we received a call from Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu stating that one Mr. Suri Babu had printed the books in Telugu as he was reprimanded by Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu while he was at Diamond Point at Sikh Village, Hyderabad (India) in all our presence over a telephone call that Mr Suri Babu immediately return the DTP given by Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu. Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu told me that Mr Suri Babu was afraid of losing this golden opportunity and under pressure willingly or unwillingly, The God only knew, had printed 100 books initially and then he sought the help of Sri Siva Baba. Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu was very furious because without his permission Mr. Suri Babu instead of returning the DTP had in fact, printed some books hurriedly. Then Sri Siva Baba pacified Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu and requested him to give him Copy Right letter. 

This Copy Right letter was printed by one Mr. Sriram who had Internet Café in Pitapuram who is also a close friend of Raghu Babu and also disciple of Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu. In fact while we were in Pitapuram in the month of June 2009, Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu had visited this Internet Café and introduced us to Mr. Sriram whom I knew very well because when he had come to Hyderabad, one or two days, he was our guest and stayed in our house along with Mr. Raghu Babu. When Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu broke this news to me I was very much disappointed and asked Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu what happened to his promise that we should print this book in Telugu and English, for which Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu had no reply. 

Coming back to the English version, when Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu came to our house to have for a lunch at Marredpally, Secunderabad. Mrs. Prasanna kumari and Ms. Aparna happened to be at Hyderabad and they visited my house. After lunch during the discussions on various topics Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu also instructed Mrs. Prasanna Kumari also should translate this book in English along with Ms. Aparna who is a post graduate in MA English literature. Thus Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu had promised that both Telugu and English should be translated by Mrs. Prasanna Kumari. And Mrs. Prasanna Kumari already started the translation and in the mid way unfortunately, we received the information that Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu  is ‘’no more’’ and he left is mortal body in the month of May 2010. Thus Mrs. Prasannakumari has abundant knowledge to work with this project. 

During his life time he had never asked Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu asked to give Copy Right. Somewhere in my mind, I used to think that how come this promise was broken. The whole issue was forgotten. There is a very famous Temple at Malkajgiri, Secunderabad, called Sri Vijaya Vinayaka Temple. Within this compound there is also a small shrine for Lord Dattatreya, Sripada Srivallaba and Sri Narasimha Saraswathi swamy. This is very popular and lot of miracles have happened in this Temple. The main Pujari Sri Gouri Bhatla Subramanya Sarma is also known as and called Sri Venu organized reciting of Sidhamangala Stotra 2498 times on Dattatreya Jayanthi. When participated in this function, Shri Malladi Srinivasa Murthy is also a staunch devotee of Lord Dattatreya, hinted me that lot of people were finding it difficult to understand the Sampoorna Charitra, sir, why don’t you ask Mrs. Prasanna Kumari garu to give in the abridged form sankshiptra charitra. 

Accordingly, I called Mrs. Prasanna Kumari and requested her, but she refused. She told that unless she receives a message from Sripada Srivallaba she would not be able to complete the translations. So again the matter was forgotten. Again after one year on Datta Jayanthi, I visited the Temple and again the topic was once again brought to my notice by Shri Malladi Srinivasa Murthy and followed by Smt Malladi Raja Rajeshwari, wife of Shri Malladi Sivarama Krishna garu. So again I requested Mrs. Prasanna Kumari to do the needful as she got this message on two consecutive Datta Jayanthi days. After 3 or 4 days I received a message from Mrs. Prasanna Kumari she had agreed to complete the project. And we had to give the name of the abridged version expecting some legal complications. 

But, in reality, this book contains extra information which you will not find in the book available in the market. The book was completed at a rapid speed within 3 months. The sankshiptra charitra has come out. After some days, the English version also seen the light. One day when I was thinking, suddenly I realized that the promise given by Shri Malladi Dikshitulu garu was fulfilled by Sripada Srivallabha swami. I was indeed surprised. These two books were blessed when they were kept in pooja room at Malaysia, the next day morning there appeared on the book, kumkum, sandalwood, vibhuti, and akshitas. Thus these books were blessed by Shri Malladi Govinda Dikshitulu garu and Sripada Srivallabha swami. When this book was gifted to one Lalita Vupasini and later on when I called her to hear the comments, she told me that book was full of divine energy and each and every contains spiritual energy, when she touched the book something happened to her which she could not experience with other books available in the market.

These books are available Mrs. Prasanna Kumari and with Mr. Sairam and also at Sri Vijaya Vinayaka Temple and also with Miss. Renuka, our web manager.  Another interesting thing had also happened. One devotee of Shirdi Saibaba, a staunch devotee of Late Master Bharadwaja called Mrs. Prasanna Kumari and placed an order for about 1000 copies to be distributed to the devotees at the Datta Jayanthi at Ongole Temple. Mrs. Prasanna Kumari duly responded and about 1000 copies were printed and were sold at cost price. Thus even Master Bharadwaja also blessed this book. Those who are interested to have these two books both in Telugu and English could contact our telephone number given on our website. Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapathye.