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Friday, 20 November 2015

Dear Datta family members,

With your continuous support and encouragement, since 2007, Sripada Datta Sai Society (SPDSS) – Sripada Chaaya Ashramam, at Panchdev Pahad, is taking forward the practice of Nitya Annadanam and taking pleasure in offering Anna Santharpana to hundreds of devotees every day.  This is purely possible so far with your support and with your generous contributions.  We extend our heartfelt THANK YOU in your continuous support.

Happy to share that Krishna Pushkaralu is coming in 2016 June/July, for which an expected 10,000 devotees are going to touch Panchdev Pahad which is on the banks of river Krishna.  SPDSS is ready to take a bigger task this time by providing free facilities like - cottages, parking, food and pure drinking water to the huge rush expected at the 12 day Pushkaralu.  

The devotees who are expected this year and massive crowd for 12 days of Pushkaralu would need along with other provisions an estimated of 400 quintals of paddy (1 quintal = 100 kgs) and that costs about Rs.1660/quintal.
For this gigantic task we seek support from you to contribute one quintal of Paddy to cater this requirement.  Also we sincerely request you to recommend the same with your family / friends.

We will be more than happy to share further details on this or if you have a query please feel free to call us on no: +91 9000600409.
Thank you
Smt Maitreyi