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Sunday 1 February 2015

Caterpillar to Butterfly

Once a very big fussy and fatty cater pillar was ruling over a large community of caterpillars in a beautiful forest with full of greenery and plenty of food to eat day and night. It’s job was to see that the entire community keeps up the traditions, old beliefs of living and follows the laws of the land laid down by the ancestors. One day it was addressing the community group who assembled to listen to her lecture. “I understand that the spirit of this forest is meeting our people and offering lot of group deals. Hence I have decided to meet that spirit of forest and talk to her exactly what she wants from us. One of the caterpillars asked the leader, “Fine! But how are you going to meet her?”

“Ya! It’s a big problem. Now I cannot move out of this place to meet her, the spirit of the forest. I cannot undertake the task of meeting her, but I will try and see that she comes and meet me instead of I travelling to meet her, as it is a difficult task for me. The next day the fussy and fatty caterpillar was calling out the name of the spirit of the forest. As the caterpillar was very lazy to climb up and visit the spirit of the forest which was residing on the top according to the source of information.

There appeared a very beautiful spirit of forest and exchanged  greetings with the fussy and fatty caterpillar. The spirit of the forest politely invited the fussy and fatty caterpillar to visit her home which is at very top and promised to show the nature, beautiful valleys, the flowers, tall trees, plenty of breeze , greenery everywhere and plenty of foliage to eat. But the lazy caterpillar said, “No! No!”, “I cannot take the risk of leaving this cozy and comfortable place which is my home, and you know, I am supposed to eat all the time. I cannot go up the hill to visit your house. I am sorry.” Thus saying the caterpillar refused the invitation of the spirit of the forest.

Then the leader of the caterpillars demanded the spirit of the forest, “I understand  that , you have promised lot of miracles to my fellow caterpillars. What was it? “Yes”, replied the spirit of the forest. If you are willing to listen to my advice you can be changed into a beautiful pink creature with wings of multi-colors and you can fly  high into the sky, you can climb the tree tops and you can also taste nectar from the flowers and you will be very beautiful. Your beauty will be appreciated by one and all explained the spirit of the forest. The caterpillar said to the spirit of the forest I am not able to see your face. I would like to see your face while I am talking to you.  The  spirit of the forest  requested her to climb a little upwards and lift the face in order to see her. But the caterpillar was very busy in eating the foliage  it refused to look up and it also protested that it will be very difficult for her to move an inch to see the spirit of the forest. One set of caterpillars was demanding the spirit of the forest it seems you have promised us to transform into beautiful multi-colored winged creatures. Why only with the caterpillars? Why not with the ants or the other insects?” Why are you telling fairy tales? And you want us to believe your fairy tales. We don’t trust all these things because this never happened before. The spirit of the forest politely explained patiently. You have wonderful gift from the nature to become very beautiful , multi colored creature and you can climb up , fly up in the sky and you can sit on the branch of tall trees and watch out the nature and you can also have plenty of nectar from the flowers. But the fussy and fatty cater pillar said, “No!” “Don’t tell the lies. Don’t try to deceive my fellows! How is it possible?”

Then the spirit of the forest explained the process of Metamorphosis cycle and told that if you are able to stop eating for some time and stay in a very dark room called cocoon for some days you will be transformed into beautiful , colorful creatures. This is my promise. For this, you have to travel a little bit up and stop eating food for few days. “Ha.. ha…ha……a…. laughed the caterpillar giving break for a fraction of second for eating the foliage which was tasty. Now don’t tell me stories. We are all supposed to eat day and night. That is our tradition. That is our law. Hence starving for so many days and staying in a dark room is highly impossible and we can’t do that and we are not supposed to see the sun light. I cannot move from my place even by one centimeter because the sun hurts me. I just can’t walk. I cannot take the strain of going away from this place. So please go away. Without any hard feeling the spirit of the forest explained with lot of love and gave lot of assurance to the fussy and fatty caterpillar. “Yes, I am telling you the truth. You can become very beautiful, multi-colored winged creature and you can meet lot of beautiful friends like you and you can also have plenty of food and people will love your beauty and they will appreciate and enjoy. This is my promise.” “All you need to do is that be little bit away from this place  stop eating for few days and stay in the dark room and then this miracle will happen. Sarcastically the caterpillar laughed and said ,”Don’t tell me the lies.” Flying caterpillars!” What nonsense you are talking? Oh! If that is true then show  me the flying caterpillars. Then I will believe.

“Ya” I can show you lot of beautiful flying caterpillars. They are beautiful. All you need to do is just climb up to the hill-top and from there in the sunshine you can see plenty of caterpillars with beautiful wings flying everywhere, enjoying the nature. Please follow my advice. You can be changed into very beautiful, attractive winged creature. “Please do come up!”, encouraged the spirit of the forest. The caterpillar heard the name of the sun and said, “Oh, my God!” “The sunshine!” Don’t you know that the caterpillars cannot bear the sunshine? It will burn and damage our hair. More over a caterpillar cannot stay in the dark room, starving for so many days. It is impossible. No…No.. No! You please go away, said the caterpillar. Without losing patience the spirit of the forest persuaded the caterpillar. I am promising you. Actually the sunshine will enhance your beauty. Once you change yourself into a beautiful winged creature you can forget about your old place where you are living, where people will not look at you and they hate your appearance. But everything changes. Your life will change. You will get an appreciation and applaud from all the people around you. The entire nature will be happy. The flowers, the trees, even the people who are watching you feel very happy and you will find lot of happiness between your old way of living and the new way. Please listen to me. Believe me.

So the fussy and fatty caterpillar told  the Spirit of the Forest in order to change my appearance you want me to leave my comfortable place and stop eating and come out of my cozy place, expose my body to the sun leaving such an important job I am doing now. No.. .. No….. This is not possible. The Spirit of the forest said if you want to see the beautiful flying caterpillars   with multi-colored wings you need to come up. You need to walk a little and you yourself can watch the wonder. “How beautiful your life will be after the metamorphosis!” The Spirit of the forest tried to persuade the caterpillar.

I am not interested to do in what you are saying. I don’t believe something called the metamorphosis and you are telling in that we need to sit in a dark room called as cocoon, stop eating for some time and our own biology changes and this biological change will transform me into a beautiful winged creature with multi colors and I will fly away. What are you talking? Don’t tell me jokes. Don’t try to crack jokes on me. I have seen the world. Please go away”, said the caterpillar. The spirit of the forest paused for one second and again tried to persuade. “If you want to change your old ways, old energies and if you want to enjoy, look at the beautiful world, the nature, taste the varieties of fruits then you need to do a little bit sacrifice as I told you just now. Please remember without sacrifice your life cannot be transformed. To enjoy this new life this is the gift given by the nature even sitting on the tree in your place and this miracle can happen. You don’t require any of my help. Since I am the spirit of the forest I am telling you there are changes in the weather cycles and in a short time there are going to be heavy rains, heavy down pour and this is going to damage the whole colony and that is the reason I have come here to inform you that to move away from this place an go to a little higher place and undertake this metamorphosis and then see how your life changes. Listen to me, please”. Once again The Spirit of the Forest told the caterpillar with lot of love and patience.

The caterpillar (part-2 continued)

Then the leader of the caterpillar thought for a moment and told the Spirit of the Forest, “You are dismissed! Please go away”. The next day the fussy and the fatty caterpillar called a meeting and entire community of caterpillars gathered there. They wanted to listen to their leader and wanted to know about their future. The leader was addressing the caterpillars. I met the Spirit of The Forest. No good spirit will tell the caterpillars not to eat for months together and stay in a dark room for months together, then automatically it seems that our biology changes and we will become flying caterpillars. What nonsense this evil Spirit of Forest is telling all of you! No good advisor will advise like this because all the spirits know that the caterpillars have to eat day and night without taking any rest. This evil Spirit of the Forest is promising some of you    nature    god. Don’t follow his advice. The evil Spirit of Forest    and then all the caterpillars clapped and    fussy and fatty caterpillar. The meeting ended. There were few caterpillars which belong to new generation and they heard the advice of the Spirit of the Forest that the atmosphere is going to change drastically this time and there will be thunderstorms, heavy downpour from the sky and cautioned the caterpillars to move away to higher and safe place which the Spirit of the Forest is willing to show them. The small group of caterpillars was unable to rebel openly. So, they followed the advice of the Spirit of the Forest secretly and slowly moved upwards to the safe place shown by the Spirit of the Forest with plenty of food to eat.

These caterpillars belong to the new generation. New energy followed the advice of the Spirit of the forest, sacrificed and all of them were transformed into beautiful, multi-colored winged creatures and they were all excited, extremely happy, their bodies were light and they were looking very beautiful.

They also met lot of other flying caterpillars now called as butterflies and there is plenty of food, green fields, tall mountains, trees and beautiful flowers. They have really enjoyed this new change and they also felt very sad. As predicted by the Spirit of the Forest there were torrential rains, and their friends including their leader, the Fussy and Fatty caterpillar all were washed away in the rains and died. They thanked the Spirit of The forest, sang songs, and danced together enjoying this new freedom, rejoicing this new life. This is the story of the caterpillars.

The Spirit of The Forest was extremely happy and was enjoying having changed the lives of few caterpillars that belonged to the new generation, new energy, new beliefs in the new life and who believed the change of cycles and followed the advice of the Spirit of the Forest and they all flew away to another caterpillar’s colony.

The story of the caterpillars, metamorphosed butterflies has got a deep meaning and the human beings have to learn a lot from this small story. There are lots of messages for us.

Take an example of caterpillar. From childhood onwards we are seeing the caterpillars with too many legs and lot of hair, fussy and fatty. With little sacrifice, with little change, these fussy creatures have transformed into beautiful, multi-coloured winged flying creatures called as butterflies. What a difference! When you look at the caterpillar and butterfly see what a strange change! These caterpillars were very happy to look at their too many legs, too much hair and fatty to look at and we don’t feel like to go near the caterpillars. But see, what happened by little bit sacrifice and staying in the dark room for some time and they have become flying creatures, the beautiful butterflies with so many different colours. The caterpillars are not welcome, but the same caterpillars when they are changed into beautiful butterflies are most welcome. We allow them to come near us, sit on our nose, our head and really we enjoy looking at the beautiful winged creature. We enjoy seeing the reflection of sunlight in different colours. We enjoy, we welcome, what a change!

But from this story of Caterpillars we come to know that there are few caterpillars who stick to the old traditions , old energy, old way of life. Even they neglected the warning of the Spirit of the Forest that there will be change in the weather cycles and due to these climatic changes there will be torrential rains. Still they wanted to  stick to their old energy, old way of life and beliefs and refused to accept the new energy and new ways because they always fear for anything which is new and they are always accustomed to old way of life, belief systems, old energy and believe in comforts and they don’t want to take any risk ,even though they find that the surroundings are changing and are becoming unfavorable for us and if we stay there for longer time our very existence may in these parts may be questionable but still they do not like to take any risks we do not wish to leave the cozy bedroom with plenty of comforts available there from that time by not accepting the new energies, new way of life., ultimately we perish but whereas the people who have got open minds who are having little bit of commonsense of exactly what is going to happening around you and if they believe their intuitions and also take the advice of wise persons and they take a little bit of sacrifice and their entire life is changed from the stage of caterpillar to beautiful looking butterfly. Just as in this case, the caterpillar was propagating false information, accusing the good Spirit of the Forest as a bad one or an evil one. Being the leader-cum-politicians it has polarized the situation and those who trusted the leader all perished. But those who trusted the good Spirit of the Forest though could not openly agree, disagreed openly the Fussy and Fatty caterpillar they moved to safe place and followed the instructions of the Spirit of the Forest they have transformed their lives by adopting to the new ways of life and enjoying the new energy. Here it is true when we are habituated to do certain practices to do the same thing since so many centuries as practiced by our ancestors we find it is very difficult to accept the new way of life, new energy. But we need to be flexible. We need to be practical. We need to trust our intuitions which are very important. 

Unfortunately we always see the old energy as holy and sacred while the new energy, the new ways of life they look to be unsafe and unholy and we turn them as evil. In the case of this caterpillar story if we analyze further it is human nature, we are habituated on the security to try the new ways and new energy and take a little bit of risk and also to scarify a little in order to be something becomes very difficult. This is because of the fear of the consequences of negative thinking and insecurity. The sad part in the caterpillar story is that the leader was very  much afraid of the new ways, not willing to sacrifice , not ready to give up the comforts and always believing that the old ways of living , old energy is the best and in this process he has really spoiled the lives of many caterpillars and prevented them to see the beautiful sunlight, prevented them from becoming beautiful winged and lovely creatures called as butterflies. The good part of this story is that the new generation of caterpillars trusted their intuitions, kept their minds open, they were willing to sacrifice, they were willing to try new energy, new way of life showed by the Spirit of the Forest and followed her advice and their life has changed.

To make the long story short always trust your intuitions. Keep always open. Be flexible. Be ready of taking little calculated risk. Take chance and assume that you will enjoy the life like the beautiful metamorphosed butterflies. All the caterpillars had determined their potentials to become the butterflies, fly away from the danger, fly away from the torrential rains, and take shelter on the top of the mountains or tall trees instead of perishing in the torrential rains, unfavorable weather. There are two kinds of leaders in the society. One type of leader will be living in old traditions and will refuse to change. They stick to the old ways of life. They don’t accept the new energy, new ways of life. The people who believe such a leader will also perish the same way as the caterpillars in the story. The another type of leader is the one who inspires the people, motivates them and explaining the advantages of adopting the new ways of life, adopting the new energy and he can change the lives of his home mates like the Spirit of the Forest who changed the lives of ugly multi-legged lady caterpillars into beautiful, flying creatures called as butterflies.

The moral of the story is that while sticking to the old views, old belief systems, use your own analysis, your own wisdom. Use and trust your own intuitions and follow the intuitions and also keep your mind open and allow the new energy, new ways of life to go into you. 

The earth’s magnetic crate has changed in 1987. The old energies, the old belief systems are slowly dying away.  But before they die they give a very big fight, a very tough fight. They don’t give away just like that. But at the end of the day, the new energy reveal upon the old energy and gets transformed like an ugly multi-legged caterpillars transformed into a beautiful living and flying multicolored butterflies. Trust your intuitions and your own analysis and have belief in yourself. You can change the life. There is no doubt.