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Monday 26 September 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 16


               WHY WE NEED TO WORSHIP GOD  
Jinja is a very big commercial and Industrial town in Uganda. Madhwanis is a Gujarathi community is very famous and known as a very big Industrialists. Mayur Madhwani married a film actress Mumtaj. His ancesters migrated from Gujarat around 1900 A.D.There was a very big famine in Gujarath in around 1900. A very large contingent of Gujarati communities comprising of skilled and unskilled people took up an adventurous and desperate Voyage to East Africa. Mainly to reach Mombasa in Kenya. By that time they heard the Britishers ruling Kenya were recruiting various people in their Railway construction work particularly from Nairobi to Mombasa and other jobs in various Industries. Apart from Gujarat a lot of people from India predominantly the  the Sikh community and other Indian Nationals travelled by various means to East Africa mainly to Mombasa in Kenya on small and big boats. On their way a lot of people perished in the storms before reaching the coastal town Mombasa  in Kenya. 

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 15

Human Genealogy - 15

Concept of God

I was very much immersed with my official work as I had to launch a couple of new products. I really had to work for about a month to complete this event. I was very much tired and wanted to have a break from this routine work. Though my mind was preoccupied with these activities, a part of my mind was constantly thinking about my previous discussions with Kanada Maharshi. On one Saturday afternoon I engaged a driver Mr. Juma and went to visit and stay at Amani forest. This is in Tanzania, I used to travel as and when I required from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. I made my accommodation arrangements in advance at Muller lodge. Since Jumma was familiar with this place  I relaxed enjoying beautiful scenery.  

Friday 16 September 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 14

Human Consciousness and Kundalini

After finishing my breakfast I just walked back to lawn and selected a corner bench sat there relaxing. But my mind was unstable like a water in the pond disturbed by a thrown pebble. I was thinking when  there would be universal peace and harmony?. People of one belief system,  killing people of different belief system, thus the divinity is not existing in the humanity. I was also thinking about the explanation given by Kanada Maharshi. I think I got connected to this energy and a brilliant light appeared in front of me “Lahiri! There is still lot of imbalance in between the male and female energies or Shiva and Parvathi. Shiva linga signifies a perfect balance of purusha and prakruthi energies. Shiva represents purusha i.e.,male and Parvathi represents prakruthi ie., female energies.These are the invisible energies.

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Modulation of Voice and Inner Conviction

The next pre-requisite is the voice or the speech. Thoughts are very powerful because they create the very powerful thought waves which are magnetic in nature. When thoughts are expressed it comes out in the form of speech with different sounds. You can build up a very good relationship with the society and achieve your set goals very successfully provided your thoughts are pure, sincere and full of confidence. In short, when you translate your thoughts into the sound or speech you have to put behind these words energy of honesty, sincerity, conviction and confidence. Definitely, I assure you that the response from the people will be very positive.

Whenever you are giving a proposal to the people you should have complete knowledge what you are going to inform your customers or the people. If you lack knowledge in what you are going to present to the people, success is never guaranteed, on the other hand you will never be trusted and once the trust is lost, you have lost those people. Most of us do not spend sufficient time to update our knowledge on the pretext that you hardly get time to do so. Here the wants are dominating your needs. The desire or a want is emotional, whereas, a need is the necessity. You should differentiate between, the desire, want and the need.