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Friday 16 September 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 14

Human Consciousness and Kundalini

After finishing my breakfast I just walked back to lawn and selected a corner bench sat there relaxing. But my mind was unstable like a water in the pond disturbed by a thrown pebble. I was thinking when  there would be universal peace and harmony?. People of one belief system,  killing people of different belief system, thus the divinity is not existing in the humanity. I was also thinking about the explanation given by Kanada Maharshi. I think I got connected to this energy and a brilliant light appeared in front of me “Lahiri! There is still lot of imbalance in between the male and female energies or Shiva and Parvathi. Shiva linga signifies a perfect balance of purusha and prakruthi energies. Shiva represents purusha i.e.,male and Parvathi represents prakruthi ie., female energies.These are the invisible energies.

The ancients of India had graphically or diagrammatically depicted  this powerful invisible energies in the form of Shiva linga. This also represents kundalini. Kundalini as I told you just now,  is the perfect union of  male and female energies.It responds to the collective human consciousness of the World. At the base of spine, these two energies - namely male and female  coil and wrap around the structure called as lingam. The base of shiva linga represents female energy which is responsible for strusthi i.e., creation. These two energies wrap around the lingam by 3 ½ wrappings facing each other in opposite direction. They look like two snakes,coiled and facing each other. When  positive , collective  human consciousness  of the World increases, this will effect  the unwrapping of the coil and it takes about approx 10 years per each unwrapping. It takes about 30 years of unwrapping of these three coils, and that is the time human beings will be balanced, i.e., the purusha and prakruthi energies will be balanced thus spreading universal peace and love. The most difficult part is the unwrapping of remaining ½ coil. . It is very difficult because it represents enlightenment. Only few people will experience the inner enlightenment. The normal human beings who are balanced are called light workers. The human beings who had experienced enlightenment are called powerhouses. Thus the total time to unwrap the 3 ½ coils will take 36 years.” I asked “Mahatma! Would you please further simplify the subject.” Maharshi in a very calm tone said “As long as their energies are wrapped around the lingam the male and female energies are blocked and they become imbalanced. The objective of human beings is to attain enlightenment. It means merging with light of divine consciousness and getting liberated from births and death cycles. In yogic terminology it is the spiritual journey travelling from Mooladhara chakra - the base of the spine and climbing upwards, passing through different chakras like Swadistana, Manipooraka, Anaahata, Vishudda, Agnaa and finally the Sahasrara Chakra, which is the entry point to the divine consciousness.  This is the personal objective of human being. These human beings as I told you just now are the power houses. Their energies are very pure and powerful and full of compassion and love. In order to create universal love and peace, all the human beings have to increase their positive polarities which represent positive energies and reduce their negative energies.

It is only when the positive and collective human consciousness increases,  it will also influence human negative consciousness in a positive way. To influence this,  and make it happen,  these power houses of enlightened souls shower their blessings on mother earth. That is how the positive collective human consciousness by a law of inductance influences the negative energy to bring about a perfect balance of the energy in the human beings. Only at that time there will be universal peace and love. There will not be boundaries among countries.” Then I asked  out of curiosity “Mahatma! When this Kundalini shakti will be activated?” Mahatma replied “It was already activated in year 1994, the spiritual centre of this world is Shambala. The holy place the DRONA GIRI  hills in the great Himalayas . This is the centre of the Kundalini. But Lahiri, the unwrapping of the coil year after year depends on positive human consciousness. Even our rishis can’t predict in what way the human consciousness take the direction. We can only predict the potentials and the possibilities. When the collective human consciousness is activated the negative collective consciousness increases by 1000 folds to fight and suppress the positive collective human consciousness, till the last second it fights and fights in many different ways. In short it is fight between positive and negative energies, and it is fight between good and bad, and it is fight between one belief system and another belief system. There will be a great turmoil around the world.  This is the most difficult transitory phase of the pole shifting. Unexplainable and unimaginable destruction of the nature and humanity will take place. On this side of the veil we  are all  very much disturbed and concerned as how best we could save this earth.” Maharshi kept very silent and I could feel his compassion for the earth and human beings. I asked him anxiously “Mahatma! Is it not possible to prevent this catastrophy?” Maharshi opened his eyes and said “Lahiri! Thousands of Maharshis , saints all over the world, in particular from Bharath varsha pouring out all our powers to earth by performing the various spiritual kriyas.  But our combined powers are not sufficient,  that is why some of us are identifying , inspiring,and motivating the light workers who can help us in our efforts to restore peace.  Lahiri,! through you I request all light workers who are compassionate and have a sense of responsibility to save this mother earth to come together. I appeal to you to spread the message. Form an association of lightworkers, I will guide you what to do. I might have  told you already, but I am repeating again and again as time is running out. I will be sending telepathic messages to humanity which  is  at the crossroads now, to decide about fate of mother earth now.” Then  I asked Mahatma - “What is the role of God? Do you think we are powerful than God? Will He not interfere? “ . Mahatma said “Dear Lahir! I will discuss this matter with you in our next meeting. Because the subject is profound and vast.  I will be giving the more information about the subject at right time, for now I shall take leave of you.” With these words Maharshi Kanada disappeared.