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Tuesday 13 September 2016

Modulation of Voice and Inner Conviction

The next pre-requisite is the voice or the speech. Thoughts are very powerful because they create the very powerful thought waves which are magnetic in nature. When thoughts are expressed it comes out in the form of speech with different sounds. You can build up a very good relationship with the society and achieve your set goals very successfully provided your thoughts are pure, sincere and full of confidence. In short, when you translate your thoughts into the sound or speech you have to put behind these words energy of honesty, sincerity, conviction and confidence. Definitely, I assure you that the response from the people will be very positive.

Whenever you are giving a proposal to the people you should have complete knowledge what you are going to inform your customers or the people. If you lack knowledge in what you are going to present to the people, success is never guaranteed, on the other hand you will never be trusted and once the trust is lost, you have lost those people. Most of us do not spend sufficient time to update our knowledge on the pretext that you hardly get time to do so. Here the wants are dominating your needs. The desire or a want is emotional, whereas, a need is the necessity. You should differentiate between, the desire, want and the need. 

The highly successful people throughout the world follow these simple principles. They spend lot of time to update their knowledge before they present it to the people. For that they also do a lot of rehearsals at home. They play a double role of the presenter and then the prospect, or the other people asking and probing and waiting for answers. Hence, the knowledge of the topic or the knowledge is very important. The speech has to be with different modulations. If the speech or talk is monotonous and does not have any modulation like, sometimes you are using your voice language and sometimes you are using lower, the people will hardly pay any attention and there has to be modulation of your voice. 

I stress again and again about the modulation and to illustrate, I take a small example. If you are talking to a baby of hardly 3-4 months, how do you talk, because the baby does not understand the language? Here more than the language, the sounds are most important. If you address a small baby in a loving and in soothing tone, the baby responds by smiling or laughing at you, even though the baby does not understand the meaning of the sound.

On the other hand, if you are using the same words with hard note raising your voice, the baby starts crying. Hence, here the energy of sound, if it is pure you will get positive response. Hence, the modulation of voice is very important. That is how you can talk to birds, animals, and even the trees, I mean the plants.

Because the sounds are magnetic in nature, when you are putting the energy of love behind these words or sounds, the magnetic field of other persons becomes positive and responsive. 

On the other hand, the energy behind your words or sounds is impure; the response from the other persons will be negative. The other people sometimes express and sometimes they do not, they keep away from you. Hence, please remember if you want to be successful in your life, if you want name and fame, appreciation, the genuine appreciation from the society, from the people around you, be very sincere, honest and confident whenever you are talking to the people and practice modulation.

If you give the energy of love, you also receive energy of love, as you have discussed in the first chapter of title The Game of Life. What you give is that what you receive. Hence, please cultivate your voice it is called as voice culture, you can practice. I have done it so all 33 years of my service and I have got excellent results. 

There is one danger, when you are receiving a positive response from other people, because you had put self confidence and conviction behind your words sometimes you tend to be over confident, that is the dangerous point. You should know how much you should talk and at the same time when you should know when keep silent. Once you receive positive response from people, the best thing is to stop there, but if you overdo, you are tempt to get a negative response. So, I will give you a real example.


A medical Rep was promoting a cough syrup to a very famous doctor with whom he has got excellent and personal relationship. While introducing this cough syrup for the first time to the doctor, the doctor was very much impressed with that product and immediately has given an order for 1000 bottles, Then the medical Rep. was so much excited for having bagged a big order from that famous and reputed doctor. He opened the cap of the cough syrup bottle and requested the doctor to taste, telling that, it was very palatable. The doctor was very busy. He told it was OK with him because he trusted the medical Rep words. At least the medical Rep should have kept quite but insisted that the doctor should taste it. Reluctantly, the doctor tasted the syrup and his facial expressions changed. Immediately told the medical Rep, that the taste of cough syrup was not palatable at all and my patients would not like the taste, please cancel the order. 

Hence, we should know when to keep quiet, when to talk, how much we should talk, where to talk, all these things are very important. If a doctor is very friendly with you or if a person with whom you are going to meet is very busy at that time speak very politely, one should exit politely by taking next appointment.

So if your speech or talk is monotonous, there is every possibility that the doctor may not be attentive and his expression of boredom will also manifest in his facial expressions. You should be smart enough to discover this, and immediately change the topic. I am only touching the important points leaving smaller points. That is how the voice or speech becomes one of the most important things in the Game of Life. Please remember one more thing. You should never discuss politics and religion when you are meeting people for the first time, particularly with the strangers, even otherwise also politics and religion are kept away from your talks or discussions.