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Saturday 7 November 2015

Human Genealogy - Spiritual Healing

East Africa is famous for its natural beauty, for its wild life sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries. On a holiday, I had gone to Naivasha. Naivasha is on the way to Nakuru County, Kenya of East Africa and is a very beautiful place, particularly, when the flamingos migrate in flocks, to Naivasha Lake; I was looking at the fascinating scenery in front of me, the entire Naivasha lake was lit up with pink and reddish flames forming a cosmic halo. With a tinge of divinity serenity. I felt as if my consciousness was expanding gradually. I paid my respects to the beautiful birds with their long pinkish beaks changing and filling the entire surroundings with divine fragrance. There appeared Shri Kanaada Maharshi and I was really thrilled to see him again at this beautiful spot. I paid reverence and homage to the seer.

 Addressing me cheerfully the seer said, “Lahiri, last time I promised that I shall give you more interesting information on healing. Since you are also a healer you will find this information very useful and resourceful.”

Sunday 1 November 2015

The story of Seetafal or the Custard apple

Recently when I visited  my sister’s place in Mumbai I saw custard apples in the  market and purchased  at Rs.30/-each and came home. When we started  enjoying them we remembered  our childhood days together we spent in our village. In  those days can anyone believe if I say that we used to get a basket full of  custard apples may be  more than a hundred just for 75 paise or one rupee? But it was a fact . We used to  finish all within no time. 

As we were refreshing our  memories suddenly I remembered  my mother telling about the benefits of eating the custard  apple  As  usual one day during the vacation we all (myself, my brothers, sisters and  all my cousins who came to our place to spend the vacation) gathered around my Mom entreating for  a story. Mother  said in a firm and yet in an informal tone, " look, children, just for a change today  I will tell you about the benefits of  eating fruits. She asked  us which fruit you are fond of? Of course ! Most of us named custard apple. 

Monday 19 October 2015

లక్ష్మీ దేవి మరియూ జ్యేష్టా దేవి కథ

ఇదివరకే నేను  మీకు చెప్పాను కదా ! సెలవులు కనుక వస్తే మా ఇల్లంతా బంధువులతో నిండిపోయి చాలా హడావుడిగా, గొడవ గొడవగా ఉంటుందని. ఇలాగే ఒక రోజు మేమందరం మా నాన్నగారు తెప్పించిన icecream తిని , ఆయన దవాఖానాకి (dispensary) వెళ్ళిపోగానే సావిత్రి బాగుంటు౦దని, జమున బాగుంటుందని వారు వారు నటించిన సినిమా పేర్లు చెప్పుతూ వాదనలోకి దిగి పోయాం. మాలో కొందరికి సావిత్రి అంటే కొందరికి జమున అంటే ఇష్టం. “మై గుడ్ నెస్ !” (My goodness!) “సావిత్రి, జమున అంటే  కొంప దీసి ఎవరో అనుకునేరు!” వాళ్ళెవరో కాదు. మా చిన్నప్పటి పేరు మోసిన ప్రఖ్యాతి నటీమణులు అంటే అందరి అభిమాన  సినిమా తారలు. మా వాదనలు తారాస్థాయిని చేరుకోగానే పాపం ! వంట ఇంట్లో పనిలో మునిగి ఉన్న మా అమ్మ “ఏమిట్రా ఈ గొడవలు , అరుపులు?” అంటూ పరిగెత్తుకుని వచ్చింది. 

Friday 11 September 2015

Post analysis of Quantum Onion.

After narrating the story of the Quantum Onion, Maharshi with a resplendent smile looked at me and said, “Lahiri, make a post analysis for the benefit of those people, who could not understand the deeper meaning of this story.” His radiant form disappeared slowly with these parting words. I was indeed surprised and was happy after listening to the story of the Onions. The enlightened Seer  explained such a complex matter in a simple way.  But yet, I do want to elucidate the deeper meaning of the story for the benefit of those who did not comprehend the essence of it. 

Most of the human beings, who are still in the 3rd dimension, never try to evolve spiritually. For them, the purpose of life is earning money and to enjoy all the materialistic pleasures and luxuries of this world like possessing beautiful houses, farm houses, having wet parties regularly  engrossing in sensual pleasures etc.,. But outwardly, they pretend, as if they are highly devotional and spiritual. In this process they visit Temples regularly, donate huge amounts of money to the Temples and the deities and perform ostensible spiritual rites.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Post analysis of Human Genealogy - DNA and Astrology

This is the post analysis about the Astrological relationship between human DNA, Astrology and a bit of Numerology.  After regular meetings and discussions with Shri Kanada Maharashi, I have become very silent always thinking, analyzing various discussions of various subjects discussed by the Maharshi. As I was meditating, I found very interesting information about the relationship between the astrology and the human DNA  connecting these two topics. The human DNA has 12 layers or divisions or can be called as 12 energies.  I am also trying to compartmentalize this knowledge, so that most of us who think still in the third dimension level would find it very easy to understand. Similarly, the natal chart ie.,Rashi Chakra astrology also has got 12 divisions or 12 houses. So, firstly, let me share my information about the DNA. Our spiritual journey starts with the first step or we start our journey from our house and then visit different places from our house, if we wish to call that way, so our journey starts from the house, i.e. from the first layer as far as the DNA is concerned.

Sunday 6 September 2015

Quantum Onion

On invitation during Easter holidays, I had gone to Subati Estates from Nairobi (Kenya) East Africa, and the Subati Estates are experts in floriculture, particularly of rose plants. They bought expertise from the Israelis. Each rose flower will be costing around one US dollar. All the Rose flowers are exported from Kenya to Holland which is the world market for the flowers.

From Naiwasha I had to cross to Nakuru and then reach Subati Estate, a little deeper inside from the national highway nearby the Equator. The Subati Estate has specialized in the growth of special rose flowers which stay fresh even for about 15 days after cutting it, from the rose plant. It is a very beautiful place with full of natural valleys, green lawns and huge trees and the temperature will be less than zero degrees Celsius.

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Post Analysis on Human Genealogy

Human Genealogy by  Kanvadah  Maharishi :

Whenever I found some time away from my routine work. I always used to think and analyse the recent discussion I had with the Kanvada Maharishi about the astrology, solar system, about the predictions and most importantly about the magnetism and cosmic  magnetism and slowly I started understanding one by one.  When we keep our mind open and when we think and when we ask questions we will be definitely getting the answers from the cosmos, because cosmos  which is Akash, it keeps the records called as Akashik records  in the spiritual science and it is  just like encyclopedia and whatever you ask sincerely and if your intent is very strong , and if your interest is  deep and sincere, the energy of the information flows in, from the encyclopedia of the Akash .This is how I have been able to  solve the big conundrums  by asking questions and getting the answers.

First of all I thought about the Magnetism. Basically the cosmic magnetism is designed for the communication, that’s what Maharishi told me, and it is very true. Whatever knowledge we gather out of our own experiences or from the books, from the lectures, from any other different sources, or some times by intuition.

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Mother, Tell me a story

అది వేసవి కాలం. పరిక్షలు అయిపోయి స్కూళ్ళకి సెలవులు ఇవ్వడంతో మా మామయ్య పిల్లలు, మా ముగ్గురు పిన్నుల పిల్లలు అందరూ కూడా యథాప్రకారంగా మా ఇంటికి వచ్చారు. మేమందరం ఈ ఎండాకాలం సెలవుల కోసం ఎదురు చూస్తుండే వాళ్ళం. అందరం కలిసి ఆటలేమిటీ, పాటలేమిటీ, నానా రకాల అల్లర్లు చేస్తు౦డేవాళ్ళం. రాత్రిపూట ఆరు బయట మా అమ్మ చుట్టూ కూర్చుని కథలు వినడం మా అందరికీ చాలా ఇష్టంగా ఉండేది. ఎన్నో రక రకాల కథలు చెప్తుండేది. మా అమ్మ కథలు చెప్పడ౦లో నేర్పరి. చాలా ఆసక్తికరంగా చెప్తుండేది. మేమంతా ఎదురు చూస్తున్న రాత్రి వచ్చింది. మేమందరం యథాప్రకారంగా ఆరుబయట వేప చెట్టునుండి వీచే చల్లటి గాలిని ఆహ్లాదిస్తూ  “అమ్మా ! ఒక కథ చెప్పు” అంటూ చుట్టూ చేరాం. “ఎన్నికథలు చెప్పాల్రా మీకు? నాకు రావు పొండి ! హాయిగా పడుకోండి” అని అంది. అమ్మా, అత్తయ్యా , పెద్దమ్మాకథ చెప్పు  అంటూ అందరం  గొడవ చేస్తే. “ఎగ దీస్తే బ్రహ్మ హత్య, దిగ దీస్తే గోహత్య”  అని అంది. అమ్మా ! ఏమిటది చెప్పవా అంటూ అందరం వెంట పడడంతో ఈ కథ చెప్పడం మొదలుపెట్టింది. 

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Datta's appearance

Details as follows:

On the above mentioned day we had a small gathering to release  the book  "Anaghasthami Vratha Kalpam". This book is different from other similar books available in the market, because it was narrated by "Sripada Sri Vallabha Swamy" at Panchadev Pahaad. 

The details are available in the 54th Chapter on our website - www.sridatta.info - in the audio version of "Sripada Sri Vallabha Sampoorna Charitamrutham"

The program started at 10 am exactly in front of "Sri Datta, Sripada", "Sri Nrusimha Saraswathy Swamy " temple, within the compound of "Siddhi Vinayaka Temple".

Had bhajan for 20 mins and followed by Satsang on "Late Sri Malladi Govinda Deekshitulu Garu".

As one of the devotees was taking video, at 10:30am a brilliant light appeared and lo there appeared "Lord Sri Dattatreya" with his "3 heads and Abhaya Mudra", and all of us felt a divine fragrance and thus Lord Dattatreya blessed this holy book. We bought 50 disposable plates and glasses and surprisingly the same number of people participated the event. The function was a grand success.

On 9th August, 2015 - "Samuhika (group)  Anaghastami Vratham" will be performed. All are invited to participate in this holy event and receive blessings from the lord. 

For details contact - Pujari G Subramanya Sharma - 94405 46238

Jai Guru Datta

Sunday 28 June 2015

The significance of Adhika Maas



The lunar calendar adds one extra month every third year. This extra month is known by various names: Adhik Maas, Mal Maas, Purushottam Maas. This is the thirteenth month of the lunar calendar. Sankranti means transition. When the sun transits from one Raashi to (Zodia Sign) another Raashi that day is called Sankranti. Since the Sun passes through 12 Raashis (Signs) every year, there are 12 Sankrantis every year – one Sankranti every month. Whenever Sankranti does not  fall within one month then the Adhik  Maas (extra month) occurs.

It is a fact that the solar year is made up of 365 days and about 06 minutes and the lunar year is made up of 354 days. Thus the solar and the lunar years have gaps of 11 days, 1 hour, 31 minuites and 12 seconds. As the gap increases each year, it approximates in three years to one month. Vasishtha Siddhanta ( the treatise of Vasishtha) mention that Adhik Mass or the extra lunar month occurs after every 32 months, 16 days and 8 Ghadis (a Ghadi is a period of 24 minutes and 60 Ghadis equal 24 hours).

Religious significance of Adhik Mass

There is a nice story about Purushottam Maas. According to the lunar year, there were only 12 months. Each of the 12 months was assigned to 12 Gods. So that the lunar and the solar years do not get out of step with days and seasons, the far sighted Rishi- Munis calculated and facilitated Adhik Maas (extra month) and shown its importance. But one problem  still remained. Each of the 12 months was assigned to 12 different Gods. But the 13th extra month was not assigned to any God. Adhik Maas ( Mal Mass) felt sad and approached Lord Krishna and said that no God was assigned to him (Adhik Maas) and for that reason he was called Mal Maas. Adhik Maas further spoke to Lord Krishna: ‘I am filled with anxiety and I have therefore come to seek your refuge and help.’

Monday 1 June 2015


ఆధ్యాత్మిక విశేషాలు అనుభవాలు
ఇది ఉపనిషత్తు లోని ఒక చిన్న కథ. పూర్వం ఆర్యావర్తదేశాన్ని ఒక చక్రవర్తిగారు పరిపాలిస్తూ ఉండేవాడు. అతను చాలా మంచి వాడు కాని ఒకటే ఒక దుర్గుణం ఉండేది. అదే అహంభావం ఉండేది. అన్నీ “నావి”,”నావి” అనే భ్రాంతిలో ఉండేవాడు. అంటే ఈ రాజ్యమంతా నాది, ఈ ప్రజలంతా నా వాళ్ళు , ఈ గో సంపద అంతా నాదే, ఈ ఇల్లు (భవనం) నాదే, ఇలా ప్రతీది “నాది”, “నాది” అనే ఒక భావంలో ఉంటూ ఉండే వాడు. సజ్జనులందరికీ ఆ చక్రవర్తి అంటే ఇష్టం ఉన్నాఆయనలో ఉన్నఈ ఒక్క దుర్గుణం వాళ్ళను కలత పెడ్తూ ఉండేది. అందుకని వాళ్ళందరూ కలిసి ఒక సారి  యాజ్ఞవల్క్య మహర్షి దగ్గరకి వెళ్లి , ఓ మహర్షి! మా చక్రవర్తిగారు ఎంతో మంచి వాడు కాని అతనిలో చాలా అహంభావం ఉన్నది. ఆ ఒక్క దుర్గుణం కనక నిర్మూలించగలిగితే ఆయన ఉద్ధరింప బడతాడు. ఈ కార్యానికి మీరే పూనుకోవాలి అని ప్రాధేయ పడ్డారు.

Monday 4 May 2015

Power of Thoughts - English

This story was told by Sadguru Sri Jaggi Vasudev. Once a traveller lost his way and entered a desert Very soon he realized that he had lost his way as he was seeing sand dunes everywhere. There was nothing but only sand. After some time when the sun had reached the mid-point in the sky he was feeling very hot and there was too much heat and his entire body was burning because of the heat of the sun and also he started perspiring, his whole body had become dry even his throat and the tongue and he was very desperate and started praying to the God very hard and sincerely. He had asked for a cool shade and also cool breeze around him and to his surprise he had seen a very big tree nearby. He gathered all his strength and reached under the tree.

Sunday 12 April 2015

Power of Thoughts - Telugu

ఆలోచనలకు గల అద్భుతమైన శక్తి ( Power of Thoughts)

ఒక సారి ఒక బాటసారి దారి తప్పి ఒక ఎడారిలో వెళ్ళాడు. అతను ఎంత నడిచినా కూడా అక్కడ కనుచూపు మేరలో ఇసుక తిన్నెలు తప్ప ఏమీ కనిపించడం లేదు. మెల్ల మెల్లగా ఎండ ఎక్కువ కాసాగింది. ఎక్కడైనా కాసేపు కూర్చుందాము అని అనుకుంటే ఎక్కడా నీడ అన్నమాట లేదు. గత్యంతరం లేక అతను అలాగే ముందుకి వెళ్ళసాగాడు. కనుచూపు మేరలో అతనికి ఒక గ్రామం కాని జలాశయం కాని కనిపించ లేదు. తానూ దారి తప్పి ఎడారిలో ప్రవేశించానని అప్పుడు అతనికి అర్థం అయింది. ఎండ అతన్ని బాధించ సాగింది. చెమటలు పడ్తుండాలి. ఒళ్ళంతా మండ సాగింది. పాదాలు మండుతున్నాయి, గొంతు ఎండుకు పోయింది, నాలుక పిడుచుకుకట్టుకు పోయింది.

Sunday 1 February 2015

Caterpillar to Butterfly

Once a very big fussy and fatty cater pillar was ruling over a large community of caterpillars in a beautiful forest with full of greenery and plenty of food to eat day and night. It’s job was to see that the entire community keeps up the traditions, old beliefs of living and follows the laws of the land laid down by the ancestors. One day it was addressing the community group who assembled to listen to her lecture. “I understand that the spirit of this forest is meeting our people and offering lot of group deals. Hence I have decided to meet that spirit of forest and talk to her exactly what she wants from us. One of the caterpillars asked the leader, “Fine! But how are you going to meet her?”