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Friday 11 September 2015

Post analysis of Quantum Onion.

After narrating the story of the Quantum Onion, Maharshi with a resplendent smile looked at me and said, “Lahiri, make a post analysis for the benefit of those people, who could not understand the deeper meaning of this story.” His radiant form disappeared slowly with these parting words. I was indeed surprised and was happy after listening to the story of the Onions. The enlightened Seer  explained such a complex matter in a simple way.  But yet, I do want to elucidate the deeper meaning of the story for the benefit of those who did not comprehend the essence of it. 

Most of the human beings, who are still in the 3rd dimension, never try to evolve spiritually. For them, the purpose of life is earning money and to enjoy all the materialistic pleasures and luxuries of this world like possessing beautiful houses, farm houses, having wet parties regularly  engrossing in sensual pleasures etc.,. But outwardly, they pretend, as if they are highly devotional and spiritual. In this process they visit Temples regularly, donate huge amounts of money to the Temples and the deities and perform ostensible spiritual rites.

People may think of them highly, carried away by their so called pretentious spirituality, but in reality, they earn money in wrong ways- cheating the public and the Government, robbing the money from the poor and the weak people and then spend huge amounts to perform various religious activities.  Nevertheless, there are few people who contemplate on the purpose of their life differently and always look for a Guru who can steer them to evolve to higher dimensions of consciousness and help them in ethereal elevation. Indeed these people tend to have the spiritual urge of self-realization i.e. to know about themselves, from the very birth itself.

But, unfortunately, they are encompassed by thousands of layers of delusions just like an Onion and at the center of these multiple layers exists the truth, the only truth i.e., the higher self. These people try very hard to climb up the ladder of higher dimension, but slip and fall down time and again because of the maya, the delusion or the other conflicting forces that constantly try to pull them down.

 Unfortunately, in the present day world, one can hardly find a genuine spiritual preceptor in quantum state. All the so called Gurus and Sadgurus, of course the titles conferred by their neophyte disciples, are in fact covered by thousands of layers of ignorance, desires, ego, anger, false prestige, and a host of other negative energies. If you are fortunate enough to be associated with the company of a genuine Sadguru who can be compared to an Onion in the quantum state, he definitely shall help you to shed off these layers that encircled the truth in you.  And this truth is nothing but the Higher Self, the Atman or the Paramatman. 

This Higher Self is referred to by various names by the great seers and spiritual Masters.  In our quest to find a real Sadguru we shouldn't be misled, rather carefully choose our Guru, the Sadguru who leads us into the righteous path.If you are craving for materialistic gratification, then you can never find a Sadguru; because you keep imploring Him to give a mantra or perform some tantra for you to get a promotion, to have a palatial building or to get a green card for your son, so on and so forth. Thus chasing a golden deer or running after a mirage you end up with nothing both at mundane and at the spiritual levels as well and will find none you are seeking for, as there is very little chance of a Guru in the quantum state willing 
to help you satiate your mundane desires. Remember the Guru in the quantum state is an epitome of righteousness, trillions of his bodily cells are charged with purity and his consciousness eternally remains coalesced with the cosmic consciousness. 

He is one with everyone and everyone is in himself. He is replete with love and compassion for all, thus representing the Divine in human form. He is above & beyond Arishadvargas -the six passions like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego and jealousy.  He alone can guide you to overcome the delusions that envelope the truth and help you to come safely out of the labyrinth of these multiple layers of ignorance and other negative energies. 

Kanvadha Maharshi also warns us to be careful while choosing the Gurus or masters who are in the quantum state. In Tripura Rahasya, Lord Dattatreya says to his disciple Parasuram that the Guru who 
evades answering the simple questions of his disciples or who cannot clear their doubts is not worthy to be called a Guru. 

No matter how silly the questions may sound the Guru must patiently answer the disciples and try to make them understand adapting from normal to the simplest methods of explanation.  There's no hard and fast rule regarding the number of Gurus one should have; it may vary from one to many. Adi Guru, the primordial preceptor Lord Dattatreya had many Gurus who had imparted different kinds of knowledge to him. 

In the modern era, we should be very scientific and logical while selecting a Guru and there is nothing wrong to test whether he is really a Sadhguru or not. This is the essence of the story of Onion and quantum Onion as explained by Kanvadha Maharshi. 

With these thoughts running across my mind I got up mechanically and walked back towards my home.