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Saturday 7 November 2015

Human Genealogy - Spiritual Healing

East Africa is famous for its natural beauty, for its wild life sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries. On a holiday, I had gone to Naivasha. Naivasha is on the way to Nakuru County, Kenya of East Africa and is a very beautiful place, particularly, when the flamingos migrate in flocks, to Naivasha Lake; I was looking at the fascinating scenery in front of me, the entire Naivasha lake was lit up with pink and reddish flames forming a cosmic halo. With a tinge of divinity serenity. I felt as if my consciousness was expanding gradually. I paid my respects to the beautiful birds with their long pinkish beaks changing and filling the entire surroundings with divine fragrance. There appeared Shri Kanaada Maharshi and I was really thrilled to see him again at this beautiful spot. I paid reverence and homage to the seer.

 Addressing me cheerfully the seer said, “Lahiri, last time I promised that I shall give you more interesting information on healing. Since you are also a healer you will find this information very useful and resourceful.”

Sunday 1 November 2015

The story of Seetafal or the Custard apple

Recently when I visited  my sister’s place in Mumbai I saw custard apples in the  market and purchased  at Rs.30/-each and came home. When we started  enjoying them we remembered  our childhood days together we spent in our village. In  those days can anyone believe if I say that we used to get a basket full of  custard apples may be  more than a hundred just for 75 paise or one rupee? But it was a fact . We used to  finish all within no time. 

As we were refreshing our  memories suddenly I remembered  my mother telling about the benefits of eating the custard  apple  As  usual one day during the vacation we all (myself, my brothers, sisters and  all my cousins who came to our place to spend the vacation) gathered around my Mom entreating for  a story. Mother  said in a firm and yet in an informal tone, " look, children, just for a change today  I will tell you about the benefits of  eating fruits. She asked  us which fruit you are fond of? Of course ! Most of us named custard apple.