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Saturday 7 November 2015

Human Genealogy - Spiritual Healing

East Africa is famous for its natural beauty, for its wild life sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries. On a holiday, I had gone to Naivasha. Naivasha is on the way to Nakuru County, Kenya of East Africa and is a very beautiful place, particularly, when the flamingos migrate in flocks, to Naivasha Lake; I was looking at the fascinating scenery in front of me, the entire Naivasha lake was lit up with pink and reddish flames forming a cosmic halo. With a tinge of divinity serenity. I felt as if my consciousness was expanding gradually. I paid my respects to the beautiful birds with their long pinkish beaks changing and filling the entire surroundings with divine fragrance. There appeared Shri Kanaada Maharshi and I was really thrilled to see him again at this beautiful spot. I paid reverence and homage to the seer.

 Addressing me cheerfully the seer said, “Lahiri, last time I promised that I shall give you more interesting information on healing. Since you are also a healer you will find this information very useful and resourceful.”

Without even waiting for my answer, he straight away started the subject, on ‘healing’ this time.
“There are 72,000 Naadis (Nerves), 36,000 on the front side of the human body and 36,000 on the backside of the human body.  Naadis (Nerves) are nothing but a series of nonphysical energy conduits, like electrical wires which we normally see in our houses. These Naadis (Nerves) connect the Chakras and reach out to and energize the entire body. These 72,000 Naadis (Nerves) are subdivided to form some millions of Upa Naadis (Nerves) which are further divided into Sookshma Naadis(Nerves). All these Naadis (Nerves) are connected to all the cells of the human body. Just like in the electrical system in which different wires carry positive, negative and neutral current and create electrical energy, similarly, different Naadis (Nerves) carry positive, negative and neutral energies in the human system. Here also the energies are divided into two polarities one carrying the positive and the other carrying the negative. Divine electricity i.e. the divine energy is involved in the human system, in the Naadi system or the nervous system. Neuron is the structural and functional unit of the nervous system or the Naadi system.

All the trillions of the cells receive the signals and the information in the form of different kinds of vibrations or pulsations or sensations and accordingly they react and respond. All the trillion cells of the human body have to work together to carry out even the simplest task. Then only the activity will be completed. And the communication takes place instantly because all the trillion cells of the human body are multi dimensional, inter active and inter connected. They understand the language of different sensations or vibrations and no speech is involved or required for this process. 

In 3D teachings of the Human Genealogy, the Scientists have recognized hardly 3 to 5 % genes as protein encoded and the rest of the genes are regarded as Junk as they are not protein encoded. They have identified around 45,000 genes; the medicines discovered in the allopathic system are derived basing on these 45,000 genes or 3 to 5 % of genes which are protein encoded. Even with the minor percentage some of the medicines proved wonderful elixirs. They have introduced chemicals in the form of medicines to change the chemistry of the human body.  Had they recognized the rest of the 90 to 95 % of the genes, though they are not protein encoded, they would have invented many more useful medicines that would have created miracles. But, anyway, this is a linear teaching. These 72,000 Naadis (Nerves) carry an attribute of Divine Praana, or Life Force, or vital force or vital energy; it is called with different names. And as long as these energies are flowing in proper directions without any obstructions in the nervous path, the health is balanced, the energy between the positive and the negative is perfectly balanced. Then the human beings maintain very good and normal health. But, whenever there is any disturbance in this nervous system and the flow of energy gets diverted or disturbed, then the energy between the positive and the negative becomes imbalanced; the immune system becomes very weak, health of the person gets affected and he experiences discomfort.

 This is how we explained disease in esoteric terms as the imbalance between the two polarities. This can be explained in the homeopathy system. Very minute quantity of tincture is used and this tincture, which is almost invisible in its quantity, knows exactly what to do. It gives instructions to the cells of the body which are diseased at quantum state and then the cells respond and react in a very positive way and restore the lost balance once again. Homeopathy system works at quantum state and cures at micro level.

Esoteric healing or spiritual healing. How does a human system fail to recognize the ailing body when it is being attacked by the bacteria or virus? When a very small primitive creature like Star Fish could regenerate the injured part why can’t a human being? When the human body cells yell out at the entry of foreign body like bacteria or virus, how come, the human system is not able to read or hear the signals and act immediately? Even the Scientists fail to answer these simple questions.

In the modern era, with your advanced science you keep running in and around the laboratories even for a small ailment, isn’t it Lahiri ?  They take your blood or urine samples; detect the infection and at times carry out some more research work. Even for a small sickness you have to undergo elaborate diagnostic examinations of various organs of the body and rush from one specialist to other.  In contrast, your ancestors of yester years were well equipped with this knowledge. Whenever they are infected, they immediately recognized the symptoms and then without taking even the medicines, they got rid of their sickness, discomfort. But, unfortunately that knowledge is lost.  What method did they adapt as remedial measure?  They simply used to change the magnetic field /polarity of the human system.

Lahiri, as I have already discussed with you, each and every unit and the cell of the human body is a small magnetic unit. The genes too are magnets and hence they have magnetic fields. When a virus enters discretely into the human system, it exactly adapts itself in such a way that the virus acquires the same magnetic field of the human cells; because even the virus is also magnetic in nature and intelligent to some extent, and because it possessed the same magnetic field, the rest of the cells accept the virus cell when it approaches the human cells. By the time the human cell realizes that it is struck by virus it is too late. The virus grabs the receptors; the receptor is just like a lock and key. The virus manufactures the key which exactly fits into the hole of the lock. And then it grabs and the proliferation starts. By the time, the human cells send warning signals to the WBC which form the defensive mechanism of the body, they are already outnumbered by the proliferation of the virus. That is how the human immune system is also affected very much and the person becomes deceased. This is one side of the coin.  What exactly happens in the esoteric way of healing? Having tricked once, the instructions are given to the trillions of body cells to be alert to the entry of any harmful foreign body.

In this case what happens when the virus enters silently mimicking the magnetic field of the human cells, the human cells now turn intelligent  detect the presence of the foreign body and immediately change their magnetic field. All the trillions of cells of the human body and human system instantly change the magnetic field and the shape and the size of the receptor. So when the virus approaches once again it fails to enter because it has only one type of key which does not fit into the lock. In medical terms, it is called as a receptor. To make it very simple for you, imagine the gloves of a Wicket Keeper in Cricket. The cricket ball exactly fits in the grip of the gloves and this glove can be compared to a receptor. What happens when the size and shape of the glove change, the ball cannot fit into the glove? The same thing happens here. The human cells that have become very intelligent now change their magnetic field in such a way that, the virus cannot hold onto the receptor. Immediately the entire human cells start yelling for WBC which is the defensive force of the human system and within no time, the bacteria or virus gets killed. Once again the balance between the male and female energies is restored and the person maintains perfect health without any damage being done. This is how healing takes place in the spiritual science. How to change the magnetic field? It’s very simple, by giving verbal instructions aloud or mental instructions silently; both the ways work wonders. 
I hope Lahiri, you must have understood how this Spiritual Healing works. Now, once again I will revise about the DNA layer 9 and 1 to make it more clear to you. Then I nodded my head and gave my approval.

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