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Friday 20 May 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi Introduction

 కణ్వాద మహర్షి పరిచయం

నేను ఒకసారి వృత్తిరిత్యా మొమ్బాసాలో (Mombasa) పని ముగించుకుని నైరోబి వెళుతూ చీకటి పడే సమయానికి మకిండు (Makindu)  అనే గురుద్వారాకి వెళ్ళడం జరిగింది. లోగడ నేను గురుద్వారా గురించి చెప్పడం జరిగింది. నేను అక్కడే రాత్రి బస చేద్దామని నిర్ణయించుకున్నాను. ఇక్కడ 24 గంటలు భోజన సదుపాయం ఉంటుంది. నేను కాలకృత్యాలు ముగించుకుని గురుద్వారా లోని ఉద్యానవనంలో నేను ఎప్పుడు కూర్చునే బెంచి మీద వెళ్లి కూర్చుని అక్కడ ఉన్న రకరకాల పూలమొక్కలని చూస్తూ సేద తీరుతున్నాను. రోజు గురుద్వారాలో పెద్దగా సంచారం లేదు. అక్కడ ఉన్న రకరకాల గులాబి మొక్కలని చూస్తూ " భగవంతుడి సృష్టి ఎంత విచిత్రమైనది, ఇంత అందమైన గులాబి మొక్కలకి ముళ్ళని కూడా ప్రసాదించాడు కదా" అని నేను ఆలోచిస్తుండగా నా ఎదురుగుండా

Friday 6 May 2016

Attitude of Gratitude

The Ego and its negative Effects (777)
An attitude of gratitude.(A story from the Upanishads)

Once upon a time the Aryavarta in India was ruled by a powerful emperor. The emperor was basically a good man but the only problem with him was he was highly egoistic. He always used to boast his greatness in each and everything and some of the good people were not happy with this negative quality of the emperor. Hence they all went to Yajnyavalkya Maharshi and requested him to reform their emperor.

 Accordingly Yajnyavalkya Maharshi had visited the court of this emperor and he was very well received by the emperor and he said, “Maharshi ! I am very happy to see you here in my court and I am sure you will be happy to notice the richness of this very big hall, golden throne and my people are very happy and comfortable. I request you to join me for lunch tomorrow.” After some time the Maharshi went back to rest and next day he visited the great emperor.

The emperor received the Maharshi and his followers and requested them to be seated. Then the emperor said, “Maharshi, I am very happy that you have personally come to visit my court and also my home (palace). You might have seen the seat on which you are sitting is made of pure gold and studded with costly diamonds and even my throne is also made up of pure gold and studded with diamonds which are very expensive.”
 Maharshi, “you also might have seen this big house of mine and see the pillars, they are also gold coated and studded with very precious stones. Now I invite you to have food with me.” Maharshi,  “Please sit on this golden seat, even my seat is also made up of pure gold and studded with precious stones.”