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Sunday 1 November 2015

The story of Seetafal or the Custard apple

Recently when I visited  my sister’s place in Mumbai I saw custard apples in the  market and purchased  at Rs.30/-each and came home. When we started  enjoying them we remembered  our childhood days together we spent in our village. In  those days can anyone believe if I say that we used to get a basket full of  custard apples may be  more than a hundred just for 75 paise or one rupee? But it was a fact . We used to  finish all within no time. 

As we were refreshing our  memories suddenly I remembered  my mother telling about the benefits of eating the custard  apple  As  usual one day during the vacation we all (myself, my brothers, sisters and  all my cousins who came to our place to spend the vacation) gathered around my Mom entreating for  a story. Mother  said in a firm and yet in an informal tone, " look, children, just for a change today  I will tell you about the benefits of  eating fruits. She asked  us which fruit you are fond of? Of course ! Most of us named custard apple. 

The next question was what do we know about that fruit and  our answer was about  it’s sweetness and know nothing more. One of my cousin  said that it has lot of  benefits and it has varieties of vitamins. Then mother gave  the list of its  benefits. The other cousin asked whether it is  true that  this fruit is helpful to maintain good health?” Then my mother started  narrating in this  manner.:
Actually  this fruit’s  origin is South America. This  South America fruit  can be juiced or even enjoyed raw. Here are 10 reasons why you should include  in your daily diet.

1. Skin and Hair: Great  source of Vitamin A, an antioxidant that promotes shiny skin  and hair.
2. Healthy Eyes: Vitamin  A again to the rescue. This nutrient protects your cornea  and retina from  harmful radicals.
3. Helps Weight Gain: If  you’ve got a problem gaining weight and are unable to put on weight no  matter what you eat, then add a few custard apples to your everyday diet. They  don’t contain refined  sugars unlike most processed foods. 

We  interfered and asked  really is it good for our eyes and keeps the skin shiny for  which mother responded  positively and told not to interrupt and further told us if  we go on  interrupting in this manner she could not complete the story in the stipulated time as she had to attend the other household chores too. We shouted O k in chorus and remained quiet lest she may discontinue the story.

4. Eases Asthma: It  contains a lot of Vitamin B6, a nutrient known to reduce  inflammation of the  bronchial tube. Consuming custard apples regularly can  reduce the chances of  asthma attacks.
5.  Lowers the rate of Heart ailments: Contains  good amounts of magnesium, a mineral that helps relax  cardiac muscles and  reduces heart diseases.
6. Regulates Blood Pressure: They  contain rich amounts of potassium, a mineral that helps  relax blood vessel  walls and normalizes blood pressure.
7.  Reduces Cholesterol: Custard  apples contain niacin and fiber, where one boosts good  cholesterol levels and  the other flushes out bad cholesterol from the  system.
8.  Prevents Anemia: It  is rich in iron and boosts red blood cell production to  prevent anemia.
9.  Great Source of Energy: Contains  thiamine, which helps convert food into energy. This  improves you energy levels  in general.
10.  Strengthens Bones: Magnesium  helps activate Vitamin D in the system, a nutrient that is  vital for calcium  absorption and bone health.  

By  hearing all this we  were surprised to know about the benefits of this custard  apple. We spent an  hour in our discussions and finally went into deep sleep obeying the command of our Mom. Some  times I wonder  whether any other mother can narrate the stories as skillfully as my mother? Perhaps every child feels the same about his mother. Any way my mother is  the greatest  person in the world.

Nobody can beat her in narrating  stories !

Author: Mrs. Lalasa