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Wednesday 2 September 2015

Post Analysis on Human Genealogy

Human Genealogy by  Kanvadah  Maharishi :

Whenever I found some time away from my routine work. I always used to think and analyse the recent discussion I had with the Kanvada Maharishi about the astrology, solar system, about the predictions and most importantly about the magnetism and cosmic  magnetism and slowly I started understanding one by one.  When we keep our mind open and when we think and when we ask questions we will be definitely getting the answers from the cosmos, because cosmos  which is Akash, it keeps the records called as Akashik records  in the spiritual science and it is  just like encyclopedia and whatever you ask sincerely and if your intent is very strong , and if your interest is  deep and sincere, the energy of the information flows in, from the encyclopedia of the Akash .This is how I have been able to  solve the big conundrums  by asking questions and getting the answers.

First of all I thought about the Magnetism. Basically the cosmic magnetism is designed for the communication, that’s what Maharishi told me, and it is very true. Whatever knowledge we gather out of our own experiences or from the books, from the lectures, from any other different sources, or some times by intuition.

Everything is recorded in our memory in the Aakasha tatva  which Kanvadah Maharishi had already discussed about the empty spaces between the nucleus, protons and the electrons is filled with the energy of information. If you revise that you will understand that all the information is stored as data  in the Akashik record which is again magnetic in nature and it remains in  the Akashik record in the form of light. It is also in the form of thought.  

When we try to explain there will be movement in this energy, the information which is filled in the Akashik Tatva opens up and then it comes out in the form of sound. It follows the sequence, Paraa (transcendental consciousness), Pashyanti (intellectual), Madhyama  (mental consciousness) and the Vaikhari (physical consciousness) and finally vaikhari  is vaakk. (Our ability to experience different levels depends upon the elevation of our consciousness .(Refer sripada srivallabha charitaamrutam by Prasanna kumara chapter 41 in Telugu and English) Vaakk  is the manifestation of our thought of sound. when the sound is organized in different ways then it forms a language that is how many languages have come into  existence.

Then I realized that even the words are  magnetic in nature. Just as  a “thought is magnetic in nature”.  Whether you speak out or you don’t speak out still it is in the form of  thought which is not expressed out wardly. Still inductance takes place. Words are magnetic and when we address there will be reactions in the listeners.  That is how communication is very important. If the communication is not there the evolutionary process will not exists at all and the communication is always two way process .When my words are influencing the other human being’s magnetic field, they react either positively or negatively.

In olden days our ancients used to have intangible devices like telepathy. They used to sit somewhere and they used to send waves of thoughts addressing a person and the person used to get the message, and used to follow the instructions. That knowledge was in the higher dimension and now the man has invented the electrical devices, electronic devices like computers, cell phones, like other  equipment and they get information from  the Akashik record and then they communicate with either with a single person or at the same time  he can communicate with the lakhs of people. Hence I have to agree that the magnetism plays an important role in the evolution of the human beings, entire world and entire universe .The stronger the magnetic field of the human being influences effectively and instantly a much less stronger field of another human being.

To illustrate this in the form of the story, I have to refer to the “An autobiography of Yogi”. Where Yukteswar Giri the guru of Paramahamsa Yogananda  had an ashram in Puri.

One evening he went out for a short walk along with his disciples and one of them was  Paramahamsa  Yogananda himself  was called as Mukunda when he was still a student of Yukteswar Giri. After walking some distance Yukteswar Giri asked very casually “Mukunda, did you close the kitchen door ? Because it was the responsibility of Mukunda to take care of the kitchen. Mukunda replied "Sir I have not closed the door". Then Master asked him "Why you didn’t close the door?  Is it not your responsibility to do so ?", then Mukund replied, “Sir,  our ashram is situated in the remote place and what would be there in the for the people to come and steal and that is the reason, I have not closed the door. Further God is there he will look after. Yukteswar Giri did not say anything, he smiled and after sometime, he addressed the group of disciples  and said,“Look at that man”.

When they looked at that man who looked like a villager was going perhaps to his home in a different direction other than the ashram. While all the disciples were watching  that human being  attentively he suddenly stopped  as he woke up from a deep sleep, he was undecided for a fraction of second and changed his direction  and started walking towards the ashram of Yukteswar Giri and slowly he became invisible  After some time when they saw him, with cauliflowers  in his hand and he walked away. He entered the kitchen from the back door of the ashram and stole the cauliflowers.  By seeing this, the disciples were surprised and amazed at this incident .Then Yukteswar Swamy  smilingly and effectively  addressed "Mukunda, Mukunda ! Did you see what happened now? What you are supposed to do, whatever is your responsibility you need to do it. Don’t hand over your responsibilities like even taking care of the kitchen door to almighty God. Don’t increase his burden”.

From this what I would conclude that master Yukteshwar Giri's magnetic field must be very much stronger and he might have  sent his thoughts in the form of electrical wave or electronic magnetic wave addressing that farmer who received the instructions and the suggestions and accordingly he followed the instructions. So once again here the magnetic  fields are involved i.e. .. even from a long distance also. The people who have concurred the time and space, can influence the magnetic field of the other human beings. And of course ! I had also given some information regarding this, some experiments done with the help of Kirlins camera which I have written in “The Spiritual Soup” of this web-site. Those who are interested can refer to the spiritual soup .

Then I went on thinking deeply then I realized even the air, the breeze is also a kind of magnetic force and that is the reason when the little children are injured immediately very soothingly we talk to the child and we start breathing passing out the breath passing our warm breath at the injured part saying mentally and verbally “Baby, you will be alright and your pain will go away” and there Is the science behind this. What I am trying to do is that, when the baby is injured the magnetic field around the injured part is affected. May be there is a leak and the energy is going out from the injured place. When I started applying my warm breath the vital force which is nothing but bio-electro-magnetic force and also verbally giving suggestions to the child, definitely the healing will take place. And if it is not out of place to mention, this is my personal experience, as a healer.

 As a healer I will give real life experience how the magnetic fields are effected or the magnetic force of one persons acts on the other person. While I was at Dar-e-Salem, Capital city of Tanzania, one day at midnight my friend Mr Dilip came to my home holding the hand of his daughter Ajitha, aged about 8 years weeping and crying and she was in lot of agony and pain. when I inquired what had happened, then Dilip narrated. They came from a party at night and while closing the back door of the car, his wife has not noticed Ajitha’s hand in the space between the doors. And suddenly the door was closed with a bang. By doing so, Ajitha got hurt her first finger. Ajitha was in great pain and was crying. There was lot of swelling. I made her sit and was speaking to her in soothing voice and assuring her that everything would be alright. I just started, with my fingers as if I was taking her pain out and I was talking to her with a positive mind and advising her to be cool. I spent around 45 minutes and they left. While going back, Ajitha stopped crying and the next day morning Mr. Dilip informed me that everything was alright. 

I had personally gone and seen that the blackish color on her thumb finger had disappeared and Ajitha was not crying and was perfectly alright. This way we can quote lot of examples. That is how the thoughts and words are very powerful.

Then I also remembered that in “Sripada Sri Vallaba Charithartham” which is also very close to the spiritual science cautions the human beings to be very careful when we are using the vaakk, the speech or the words. In that there was a character Narsavadhanulu who was born as a plant with  lot of thorns because in his previous birth, he used to criticize people with his harsh language and words. Hence, we should be very careful while speaking, the way we use the words and dealing with people or creatures.

Then, about the Astrology also I was very much surprised, because, I also learnt Astrology but I have not taken it as a profession and not studied the Astrology deeply  but was having some primitive knowledge about the subject.  I  really wondered about the relationship between the Astrology and the DNA of the human beings and the patterning on the Sun  and lot of other very interesting things, I heard for the first time and they sound very logical. I also realized why predictions are failing.  May be some other day I have to ask him about the human consciousness which Maharshi always speaks about. I once again thought, it is not only for me but for anybody who is asking questions, the cosmic intelligence will answer and clarifies all such questions and doubts. Then I was anxiously looking forward to meet the Maharshi once again who has transformed my life and my life style and my way of thinking. “Oh Maharshi !  Thank you very much. 

With these thoughts I slept peacefully.