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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Post analysis of Human Genealogy - DNA and Astrology

This is the post analysis about the Astrological relationship between human DNA, Astrology and a bit of Numerology.  After regular meetings and discussions with Shri Kanada Maharashi, I have become very silent always thinking, analyzing various discussions of various subjects discussed by the Maharshi. As I was meditating, I found very interesting information about the relationship between the astrology and the human DNA  connecting these two topics. The human DNA has 12 layers or divisions or can be called as 12 energies.  I am also trying to compartmentalize this knowledge, so that most of us who think still in the third dimension level would find it very easy to understand. Similarly, the natal chart ie.,Rashi Chakra astrology also has got 12 divisions or 12 houses. So, firstly, let me share my information about the DNA. Our spiritual journey starts with the first step or we start our journey from our house and then visit different places from our house, if we wish to call that way, so our journey starts from the house, i.e. from the first layer as far as the DNA is concerned.

The lane number 1 describes about the self the physical and mental attributes. In the same way; in astrology also we state that the journey starts from the first house.  We should discuss about the physical and mental characters of the individual.  What is the object of human’s life? Why again and again we are taking birth to accomplish our final objective about which most of us are ignorant. We do not know why we are taking birth, where we are going and we are also not sure whether we have reached our destination, because we ourselves do not know what our destination is. Philosophically, the spiritual masters explain the purpose of life, which is to realize the God resides in the self. In order to realize, Atma gynana i.e. our sole objective, so that we are liberated from the  cycle of birth and death, and attain eternal moksha which is to mingle with the higher self which we call as the supreme God, supreme power, supreme light etc.
Out of the 12 layers, we will discuss about the most important layers, as it would be humanly impossible to describe the entire 12 layers of the DNA of the human beings. So then, we will jump to the layer no.4.  In the DNA. Layer No. 4 and 5 are the energy layers, as we have already discussed. They look similar in structure. There will not be any difference between the 4th and 5th layers of the human DNA. The 4th layer is called as the personal layer. In spiritual language it can be called as ‘jeevatma’. And the layer no. 5 is called as universal layer’. In ‘adhyathmic’ language, it called as ‘Paramatma’.  It is called by other names like over self or higher self. Though the structure and appearance of 4th and 5th layers are the same, but there is a slight difference. There is an invisible layer of maya or illusion between the 4th and 5th layers of human DNA. The layer no. 4 i.e. jeevathma, is under the influence of maya or illusion and that is why it creates its own imaginary yet powerful limitations. Though this layer has got tremendous potential in all aspects, because of the influence of maya or illusion it always depends and believes on the power of others. This jeevathma also forgets that it is a piece of God created by the Almighty God and has got immense powers. And this jeevatma because of its limitations it will not allow its human consciousness to expand and include the entire creation of God in its consciousness. It is always restricted to the self like myself, my house, my people, my wife and my property etc. That is how its consciousness is very restricted to very small area. Whereas, the layer no. 5 of the human DNA which is called as universal layer, its consciousness is divine and endless it encompasses all the creation of the supreme power whom we call as the God.  Its power is unlimited. Not only its own people, the surrounding society, its country, the continents all the people, all the creatures, like animals, plants, insects and stars, sun, the moon and the consciousness expands beyond our imagination. And this consciousness will see its own reflections in all the creatures, of small and big in size. When you reach this stage, in other words, when this limited restricted human consciousness slowly expands because of the guidance of the spiritual leaders or the good books, or their own experiences, goes on expanding and expanding till such time that it meets the divine consciousness then these two energies mingle with each other and become single energy. The thin layer of maya or illusion will not exist anymore. So, 4th and 5th layer they become one energy and one layer.  Numerologically when you combine four and five, i.e. when you add four and five it becomes nine. So, in the DNA, the ninth layer also occupies a very important place. Layer no.9 is called as the cosmic flame of expansion.
As discussed just now, when the human consciousness goes on expanding including everything like little Vamanavathara, whose energy occupies the entire creation of God and this consciousness expands like a powerful flame of fire and that is the reason the no. 9 layer of human DNA is called the cosmic flame of expansion.  And that is the sole objective of our life. Our journey begins with the layer no. 1 and then, when we erase of the layer of maya or illusion the personal layer, the universal layer i.e. jeevathma and paramahma they become one. To attain or to reach the layer no. 9 which is called as cosmic flame of expansion. To emphasize, the personal layer and universal layer i.e. jeevathma and paramathma then they merge with each other to attain eternal moksha. Our journey begins with the layer no. 1 and then we struggle at the layer no. 4 and with the help of the spiritual masters and the guide we attain self realization and then reach the layer of no. 9 in order to liberate ourselves.  So we have discussed the most important layers in our DNA. The layer no 9 of DNA is called the layer of healing. When we reach this layer no. 9, we cannot be hurt because the Atma is eternal, it cannot be burnt, it cannot be sunk, it cannot be moved as described in the Upanishads.
In numerology, as in case of Astrology and DNA no. 1 represents the beginning. And no. 9 is a completion of a mission or a task.  The journey has begun with no. 1 and it ended when you reach no. 9 which is the completion of your objective.
Now let us discuss about Astrology. All of you must know the basic Astrology, that the natal chart has got 12 houses. The life of human being in these 12 houses; each house is having 30 degrees. Like in DNA let us also discuss about  very important houses in astrology. No. 1 is the beginning; it will be the first step of a journey and let us go to the house no. 4. In the natural zodiac system, the first one starts from the Aries, thus the 4th house is the Karkataka or the Cancer which is ruled by the Moon.
This can be compared to the jeevathma. And the 5th layer which is the Simha or the Leo is ruled by the Sun who is Athmakaraka. Ravi imparts Athma Gynana. While Cancer or Karkataka represent the female energy, the 5th house which compared as Paramathma represents the male energy. In between these two, Jeevathma and Paramathma, ie., the 4th and 5th house, again a very thin layer of maya or illusion exists which is invisible. In Astrology, the other Planets except Rahu and Ketu, rest have dual energies one is positive and other is negative energies.  Planets like Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Venus, they all have two houses. These two houses can be differentiated as two energies of male and female energies like positive or negative energies, but, where as the Sun or the Ravi they have got one polarity, i.e. positive energy, or father energy. And similarly Chandra or Moon represents the other polarity i.e. the female energy.  Actually, one in way both the energies are the same, because the Moon gets the energy from the Sun. and one cannot exist without the other. In case of Jeevatma it is always   under the influence of maya or illusion that is why his mind is always wavering and is never constant to any opinion or idea similar to the waning and waxing of the Moon.
As we told that Moon is matikaraka which means he controls the mind.  That is why these two houses namely Cancer and Leo can be called as Jeevathma and Paramathma respectively.  And after doing lot of spiritual sadhanas under the guidance of the Gurus and spiritual masters, when this thin layer of mayas between Cancer and Leo disappears when these two energies mingle with one ie., when 4 plus 5 becomes 9, your journey is completed and you realize that you are not anymore Jeevathma and you have become Paramathma, only one energy.  Gurus consciousness is endless. Beyond anything which is visible and invisible without any boundaries, that is how we reach the house no. 9 and the house represents the higher education and Gurusthana. In olden days when these degrees were not there, only adhyathmika knowledge athma gynanna is regarded as higher education.
Thus, there is very close relationship between human DNA layers and then also Astrology. And of course in between, there is numerology. So in short if you want to represent in the form of a formula 1 = 4 + 5 = 9 = 1.  And that time you will realize that you are a piece of God and the second one is not existing and is only the one. Just like in Gurucharithra in the beginning the God is only one and he manifested in different forms one kind of illusion was created. In Astrology Moon is called Matikaraka that he influences the mind. On full Moon day the famous poets they become very romantic and they wrote romantic prose and poetry or stories and lot of people do meditation and japa and they observe fasting taking only liquid food. There is a relationship between full Moon light and the water. That is the reason on full Moon Day the tidal waves will be very high in the sea. Specially those who do not believe Astrology, it is very difficult to explain them what is very famously known as Full Moon Syndrome. On full Moon Day particularly throughout the world, more police force is enlisted because on this full moon day number of accidents, suicidal deaths were registered.  This is officially reported.
Cosmic flame of expansion and the human consciousness is also expanding and changing the pruthvi tatva or travelling from pruthvi tatva to the akash tatva. It can be described this way also. In the solid state i.e. in the pruthvi tatva you have boundaries and limitations and the molecules are very close and you occupy less space and your consciousness is very limited. As you expand the space between the molecules increase and you start including the things around you and when you reach vayu tatva your consciousness expands until you reach akash tatwa which is limitless and boundless. That is how we can also explain the entire phenomenon. I really wondered when you start thinking in a logical way a lot of required information transcends on you.  With these thoughts slowly I went into sleep.