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Sunday 6 September 2015

Quantum Onion

On invitation during Easter holidays, I had gone to Subati Estates from Nairobi (Kenya) East Africa, and the Subati Estates are experts in floriculture, particularly of rose plants. They bought expertise from the Israelis. Each rose flower will be costing around one US dollar. All the Rose flowers are exported from Kenya to Holland which is the world market for the flowers.

From Naiwasha I had to cross to Nakuru and then reach Subati Estate, a little deeper inside from the national highway nearby the Equator. The Subati Estate has specialized in the growth of special rose flowers which stay fresh even for about 15 days after cutting it, from the rose plant. It is a very beautiful place with full of natural valleys, green lawns and huge trees and the temperature will be less than zero degrees Celsius.

A close friend of mine was in charge of the estate. I had gone there to stay with him. One day after having my early break-fast, I went for a walk within the estate. After walking for about 30 minutes, I found very big rock which was very neat, I climbed and sat comfortably enjoying the serene silence of the nature. I was at peace and then there appeared Kanvada Maharshi with a smiling face with folded arms. I got up and I offered my Pranaams. Dear Lahiri, 'I have come to give you some more information about the DNA’. Thus he came to the subject directly without wasting any time.

The human being is a quantum but he is not using the quantum energy. It lies as a potential energy in most of the human beings. Some of the human beings feel this quantum energy which is unexplainable. What happens, when the truth is revealed? It is just like the veil is taken off and the truth is realized. Most of the human beings feel now and then this quantum energy and they will have this confirmation and reconfirmation when the truth is revealed which happens when the veil is lifted off. Every human being will have this potential in hidden form but, now and then, it comes out and that is the time the human being will have a confirmation that there is something a powerful and pervading energy which he comes to know as quantum energy later on when the truth is revealed in different form. In the past you read some information, some subjects you memorize them and later you use this information, as and when it is required. But, this method is changing. The class room teachings we have been learning in the 3D teachings are changing.


Imagine an Onion. It is surrounded by many layers and inside there is the truth. It means the truth in the Onion is surrounded by many layers. The Onion wants to know about itself. It wants to find out the truth which is inside the Onion. But it is surrounded by many layers of ignorance and it will not be able to know anything about the truth which is surrounded by many layers of illusions or Maya. These countless layers in the onion represent positive and negative attributes of the personality of that onion.

Personality attributes like ego, anger, anxiety, ambition, hatred, jealousy and some of the positive attributes like compassion, love and a little bit of understanding but, by and large, mostly covered by the gross negative energies. Hence, they find it very difficult to remove the layers to find out the real identity of their own personality and if you speak in higher spiritual terminology it’s all like “Atma”. But nevertheless, is in search of truth and not like rest of the onions which are not even bothered to know about the truth and they always enjoy the Maya or the illusion. They always prefer to be in the cycle of birth and death and taking lot of incarnations, but their progress is always stand still.

Now this onion goes to another onion which is in quantum state. This quantum onion stands up and gives instructions to the onion as to how to peel of the layers of ignorance and all the negative attributes. As per the instructions, the other onion sheds out its layers one by one gradually. As the layers of ignorance are getting peeled off one by one, the truth comes out, they realize profound truth that always exist inside the onions. This is the quantum meeting between the two onions.

But, the majority of human beings who are in the 3rd dimensional state always have disbelief about this whole process. As long as they have this belief they will be sitting just like an onion on this continent surrounded by countless number of layers of ignorance, disbelief, mistrust and all other attributes of illusions or Maya. On the other hand, the onions that followed the instructions of quantum onion, find out the real truth and also know about the previous incarnations and having profound knowledge of the cells finally they achieve self realization.

Then Kanvada Maharshi advised me to analyze the whole discussion and disappeared.