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Monday 4 May 2015

Power of Thoughts - English

This story was told by Sadguru Sri Jaggi Vasudev. Once a traveller lost his way and entered a desert Very soon he realized that he had lost his way as he was seeing sand dunes everywhere. There was nothing but only sand. After some time when the sun had reached the mid-point in the sky he was feeling very hot and there was too much heat and his entire body was burning because of the heat of the sun and also he started perspiring, his whole body had become dry even his throat and the tongue and he was very desperate and started praying to the God very hard and sincerely. He had asked for a cool shade and also cool breeze around him and to his surprise he had seen a very big tree nearby. He gathered all his strength and reached under the tree.

The tree was very huge and it has provided a very cool shade and surprisingly the wind was also very cool. It was soothing. He was extremely happy and sat down on the sand which was cool and he thanked the God. After some time, then he thought of some cool water or sharbat (cold drinks) as he was very much thirsty and to his surprise that very moment there appeared cool water and also (cold drinks) sharbat in beautiful glasses. He enjoyed the cool water and also the cold drinks or sherbet without any thought and he was extremely happy After his thirst was quenched he had become very hungry then he thought of very delicious food and different varieties of eatables and once again, “Lo! There appeared in golden plates a variety of delicious dishes and the aroma was very pleasing then to the palate.” With a great happiness he started eating and as soon as he finished eating his food everything vanished.

Now he was very much satisfied. There was cool breeze, cool shade, cool drinks, thirst was quenched he had also eaten delicious food and then what? Then he was feeling very sleepy and he wished for a cot with a comfortable mattress to lie down. And immediately there appeared a very beautiful cot with a very soft mattress and very soon he lied on the cot and soon fell asleep and woke up after 3 or 4 hours. Now his body and mind was at peace. Then suddenly he started thinking as he was very suspicious. Whatever he wished it was happening in that lonely desert. Then he thought, “Oh my God! Whatever I was asking it got materialized. Now is it the magic of a devil or what? What happens if the devil comes and eats me up?”  When he started thinking in that way, in a suspicious manner, there appeared a very big demon and devoured him.

What is the moral in this story? Our Guruji was trying to tell us. “The thoughts are very powerful because they create a very powerful magnetic field and when we intend, our wishes are strong and sincere this energy will be transformed into the matter because according to the physics matter can be converted into energy and vice versa. That is the reason we should all remember that our thinking should be always very very positive.

If you ask somebody how he was? Most of the people would answer that they were  Not bad. “Not” is negative, “Bad” is also negative. These two negatives are used to make one positive. Instead of that when any one is asking you about your welfare, you could always state that you were fine, you were super. Something like that. From now on wards let us cultivate the habit of thinking positive. Let us create a positive field around us.

Author : Nanduri Sri Sairam