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Monday 26 September 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 16


               WHY WE NEED TO WORSHIP GOD  
Jinja is a very big commercial and Industrial town in Uganda. Madhwanis is a Gujarathi community is very famous and known as a very big Industrialists. Mayur Madhwani married a film actress Mumtaj. His ancesters migrated from Gujarat around 1900 A.D.There was a very big famine in Gujarath in around 1900. A very large contingent of Gujarati communities comprising of skilled and unskilled people took up an adventurous and desperate Voyage to East Africa. Mainly to reach Mombasa in Kenya. By that time they heard the Britishers ruling Kenya were recruiting various people in their Railway construction work particularly from Nairobi to Mombasa and other jobs in various Industries. Apart from Gujarat a lot of people from India predominantly the  the Sikh community and other Indian Nationals travelled by various means to East Africa mainly to Mombasa in Kenya on small and big boats. On their way a lot of people perished in the storms before reaching the coastal town Mombasa  in Kenya. 

The people reached  Mombasa after undergoing many ordeals on the way. These workers most of them uneducated, started doing small jobs. A lot of people used to stay in a small room and work as labourers, some of them who were educated got some jobs in various capacities. Around 1900, the Britishers who were ruling Kenya wanted some skilled workforce to help in the  construction of Railway tracks. They also recruited lot of people from India to work as accountants, supervisors and other skilled force to work in various departments and Industries.

                            Madhwanis migrated to Uganda. This Gujarati community settled in remote areas of Uganda and learnt SWAHILI the language of Ugandans. The ancestors of Madhwanis settled in a very remote village called “KAKIRA”They used to give bicycles on hire to the natives to earn money. Natives who were very fond of eating jaggery and other sweet meats used to buy from them. Within a short span of time they earned a lot of money and bought vast lands suitable to grow Sugar cane crops. Thus gradually they started manufacturing even the sugar also. Their empire expanded. The soil of Kakira is  ideal to grow sugar cane. The Madhwanis who had  primitive engineering skills, prepared a crude mechanical device to process sugar cane juice into jaggery and other byproducts of sugarcane. They invested a small amount of money for this purpose and use to sell the Jaggery to the locals and slowly started many other small, medium, and big Industries and made JINJA town as their head office.This is the story of many other people from Gujarathi communities.The SIKH community developed many construction companies, automobile shops and other related enterprises.They mingle very closely with the natives and were  very fluent in speaking SWAHILI the local language.Thus the Indian National from all over India developed the entire East Africa economy and were instrumental in the growth of East Africa. There the currency was common in entire East Africa i.e Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. One US dollar was equivalent to one shilling. Initially the rupees were in circulation. Later on it was slowly replaced by the shilling.
                 On one holiday I visited the source of NILE in JINJA.The water was flowing with tremendous force. I selected a secluded place, sat on a bench and relaxing. In my mind I was thinking about my previous meeting with Kanada Maharshi.
Kanada Maharshi manifested and said "Dear Lahiri! Your intense desire to meet me has once again brought me here". I asked “Mahatma! I am a bit confused. Whether we should  worship Gods or not.” Maharshi replied “Yes, you need to worship GOD. There are many ways to receive the grace of our creator. It is very difficult for majority of human race to get connected to the formless energy of GOD. They will not be able to concentrate on the energy of God which is in the form of Brilliant Light. Unless they create images, idols of God and worship them, they will not be having any inner conviction and belief. The Maharshis of ancient India are great Psychologists. They realized that it would be very difficult  for the common human race to reach the higher dimensions at once.It would also be very difficult for the people to reach the higher dimensions , without the use of sequential steps.For example, if you want to reach 10th floor of the building, you need to climb the steps one after the other in order to reach the final destination. Hence they introduced different ways like Pujas, Vratas, Homas and other spiritual practices, which would ultimately take them from lower dimension to higher dimensions. , It helps the society to have discipline, unity  and inculcate good habits and samskaras. The relationship among the people would increase. Fear and Respect for the God discourages them from doing wrong things. This is one of the ways to reach God.
              In the education system the children start writing the alphabets on a slate. They byheart different shapes of  alphabets. As they progress in their education, they remember the alphabets and never use the slate again. This is the first step in their education system. Worshiping of God can be  compared to this primary stage , in  the spiritual education". Then I asked “Mahatma! What are the benefits of these pujas, Vrathas,etc?” Maharshi replied "These practices will take you to higher dimensions and other heavenly pleasures after your demise. But will not prevent you from the birth and death cycle".Then I asked “Mahatma! What is that which liberates us from the cycle of birth and death?” Maharshi replied. “Lahiri! Only attaining Aathma Gnana you will be liberated from the cycle of birth and deaths. You should reach the higher dimension of Singularity, coming out of  shell of Duality. In Duality you separate the God from you, who is in fact existing within you. Hence worshiping of God has its own benefits in promoting various Samskaras among the people. Without this practice people would  be  very lazy. There will not be any interpersonal relationship and understanding among the people. Lastly whatever our ancients had prescribed, various rules, regulations, Do’s and Don’t’s, we have to follow them and respect our Swadharma. When you protect Swadharma, it will protect you. Lahiri! I hope you understood the importance of following these two practices i.e,  worship of God and loving God as your father. We have to start the journey from Duality (Dwaitham) to Singularity (Adwaitham).
With these words Maharshi disappeared. I sat for some time brooding on various aspects of our discussions. I realized, there is also a great science in worshiping the God. A person who reaches the top of the mountain will realize that there are many and different ways to reach the highest peak of any mountain. Because his perception expands to greater dimension. He can see the  different pathways with more clarity. Thus the human beings have the freedom of choice to select their own path and start the journey to reach higher dimension.