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Monday 26 September 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 15

Human Genealogy - 15

Concept of God

I was very much immersed with my official work as I had to launch a couple of new products. I really had to work for about a month to complete this event. I was very much tired and wanted to have a break from this routine work. Though my mind was preoccupied with these activities, a part of my mind was constantly thinking about my previous discussions with Kanada Maharshi. On one Saturday afternoon I engaged a driver Mr. Juma and went to visit and stay at Amani forest. This is in Tanzania, I used to travel as and when I required from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. I made my accommodation arrangements in advance at Muller lodge. Since Jumma was familiar with this place  I relaxed enjoying beautiful scenery.  

The journey was very pleasant. Some part of journey which goes through the thick jungles and small hills. You will never feel tired when you are surrounded by the nature full of tall trees, lakes, hills, mountains and waterfalls. If you are lucky you will also be seeing the wildlife on both sides of the roads which makes your eyes wide open with  surprise and excitement. Entire  east Africa is a very beautiful land in the creation of supreme being, whose spirit and soul manifests in this wonderful nature. Only thing is you should be sensitive to enjoy and appreciate this wonderful creation. Finally we reached the destination which is on top of a hill.  The green lawns are very well maintained and there were many apples and pears trees full of hanging fruits which you can pluck without any effort as they are within your reach. I entered the lodge. The lodge is maintained  by a German couple . Already there were some foreign visitors. Most of the Indians carry their own food as they do not get any vegetarian food. The beef meat is  very common since most of the people there, eat beef meat. For drivers they arrange a seperate accommodation.  The room was very compact and neat.

I refreshed myself and went outside.  I casually went to inspect the surroundings. This is a small part of Amani forest. The landscape was very beautiful and we were allowed to pluck the fruits and eat as much as we could. I plucked one pears, washed and sat on the ground. The fruit was very delicious, different from those we eat in the city. I think it depends on the soil. I just went for a stroll. After walking for a half a mile I selected a secluded place. My mind was at peace after the hard work for about one month. I was tired physically and mentally. But for now in the middle of the nature my entire body and mind enjoying this relaxation. Now in my relaxed mind I was thinking about concept of the God. Then I was deeply thinking about Maharshi Kanada, requesting him to explain this concept. Instantly his form of light appeared in front of me. Ripples of joy spread all over  my body and mind. At once I felt at peace. I said “Maharshi! I am very happy and excited to see you and to hear from you the concept of God”.

Maharshi said ”Lahiri! I am also happy to see you. Let us discuss about the human beings’ concept of God. The human beings perceive God in different forms and shapes. Imagine a  saint or a sadhu addressing one thousand people giving discourse on Lord Krishna. These thousand people will depict Lord  Shri Krishna in thousand forms in their minds. But in reality Lord Shri Krishna is only in one form when he has assumed the human body. Similarly the devotees of Lord Shri Krishna might have painted his picture in countless forms and the human beings reduced the form of their deity into different sizes in the form of various metals like silver, copper, bronze and gold etc  in their pooja rooms. If it is in temples the size will be bigger with lot of decoration and they offer different kinds of foods, kneel down and offer prayers giving these idols the list of desires to be granted by these deities. These people have limited all pervading, omnipotent energy of light into limited form of materialistic object. Which do not have inner sight. This happens because of they being in second or third dimension. Unless the power of God is limited to a smaller space they would not understand what is God and they also perform various poojas, vratas etc. The purpose of all these kriyas is only to ask for boons to satisfy their materialistic wants which would not help them to progress in their spiritual path. Unfortunately these people’s consciousness includes only their family members. Their consciousness is so gross and selfish that they would not dream of including the fellow human beings.  As you know Lahiri, God is nameless, formless and all pervading and his energy is in quantum state.  We call him as Bhagwan. As I told you earlier, Bha means in Sanskrit the light thus the Bhagwan means a brilliant light which is associated with knowledge. Bhagwan giving the light of knowledge dispels the darkness of the ignorance in the human beings. The object of human beings is to get liberation from birth and death cycles.  When Bhagawan is capable of liberating the human beings from the birth and death cycles the ignorant human beings are asking for materialistic pleasures which would not give them the permanent happiness. They will be taking millions and millions of births in the form of insects, animals, trees, rocks etc, undergoing various forms and finally take the birth of human form maybe after billions of years. Hence  the concept of God in the minds of human beings is very superior to them. He is in the form of photographs, idols which were the imagination of the painters who had never seen the God.  Lahiri! as you know all the painting, idols and the scriptures are written by the human beings. The Maharshis who did the penance for thousands of years,  they had the darshan of that particular upasana of the God or Goddess and they wrote down this knowledge and experiences, and it was passed on  to their disciples by word of mouth, that is Shruthi. These disciples went on spreading this knowledge to people around. After many years,a lot of mis interpretation have occurred, thus  resulting in many distortions. This has created a great confusion among the people as puranas are contradicting one another. What one scholar once tells you is opposed by the another scholar. Thus the people have been reciting the same matter like a parrot with so many distortions without understanding the deeper meaning. Thereafter when the Hoonas and Mlechas those who oppose vedas have invaded Bharath varsha and further distorted our scriptures by force and bribery to the scholars of the modern India. Lahiri !you asked me the question that why the God is not interfering and rectifying the situation. Bhagwan was given a spark of his own light in every human being and this spark of light caution, corrects and guides the human beings consciousness but it will never interferes in his actions.  A small child of 6 years, when steals some eatables, he knows that it was a mistake. That discretion between the good and bad is existing in the human consciousness. God only cautions,  but he never interferes in their actions.  In various games the human beings play, learn all the rules and regulations of the game and they also practice.There is also a dress code according to the game they play. There are always two opponents in the game . In order to see the players follow the rules and regulations and see that a fair game is played. A judge or an umpire or  a referee is appointed. These people are well versed with the games and are neutral. They will simply observe and when require they give cautions. In the same way in the game of life a spark of light from Bhagwan plays a role of neutral umpire within human beings. If you want to study a particular course the teacher will impart the necessary knowledge and give their guidance, but they never write the examinations for the students. I hope these examples suffice to clear your doubts. The humans believe that Brahma the God is the creator. This is confirmed by the most of the realized souls. That a piece of God resides within you. Tell me Lahiri! when did you worship your father, mother, brothers or sisters by kneeling down and offering various presentations and food? ”
I was surprised and replied “I never worshipped my family members, but I love and respect them.” The Maharshi said “Then do you agree that the God is your father and also your family member? Is it necessary to worship Him instead of loving Him as your biological father? The upanishads are saying ‘Aham Brahmosmi - I am the brahma’, ‘Tatvam Asi - I am that’. Even vedanta upadeshika was very clearly says that ‘Ekameva Dviteeyam-There is only energy of Brahma’. There is no second one existing.” Then I questioned Mahatma “It is very difficult to understand this new information. If it so,  why the great scholars preaching about worshipping the God and Goddesses? ” Maharshi replied “They belong to old energy, they fear to change the old ways instead of preaching the real truth as explained in the vedas and upanishads. They stick onto various puranas, but the real knowledge is the vedas and upanishads. Whenever people have problems they look up to the sky thinking that God is there above while in reality God is inside. They never see the God inside, that is the problem. To make it simple I will give you one more example. In Game of Chess when there is only one player playing on both sides. He will make a move from one side and he will go to other side and makes necessary moves. After sometime he wins the game from one side and simultaneously loses the game from other side. In the same way you are worshipping the God one side, in other words you are worshipping yourself. You are asking for the boons and you yourself giving the boons. Dear Lahiri! The realized souls did not worship the God, they loved Him like the way you love your biological father. Just as you carry your father’s genes and intelligence,  in the  same way you also carry God’s genes and intelligence. There is a great potential existing in you but you are ignorant of this power. The people in the old energy will criticize you because they believe in having grand ceremonies with great pomp in worshipping the limited form of the creator.  In the new age these ceremonies will not exist in the coming years. The God is treated as father and he is loved and respected like a family member. There is no need for you to kneel down and worship.  This happens when human consciousness expands breaking all the limitations and merges with the cosmic consciousness. The people who are born after 1985, they carry His higher knowledge as explained in the vedas and upanishads and change the world. This is a new age energy, because of the higher vibratory levels of the earth due to the change in the magnetic grid, the people will be elevated to the higher dimensions with a little effort. We should elevate that which needs to be elevated. But not the one which should not be elevated. ”
I asked Mahatma “What is the difference between worshipping and loving?”. Mahatma replied “When you go to your guru you keep a little distance from him and you stand with  folded hands, can’t be free when talking to him .  Most of the time you can not ask questions with fear and hesitation. You feel there is always an unseen barrier in between. Because you feel your guru is very superior and you are inferior. But when you love your guru who is very affectionate like your father there is a bondage between both of you which is full of love and respect for each other. Your spiritual progress will be faster. There is no fear and hesitation at all. Your self confidence grows and you will be in a position to spread the light of knowledge to others. In short you will become a lightworker. There will not be any barriers between you and your guru, thus this will not make any great difference dear Lahiri?” I noded my head in agreement.
“Lahiri, the teaching should be followed by some evidence. This is what you have been doing. Follow the same procedure. The great scholars need not  be  realized souls. An ordinary human being who is not a scholar can be a realized soul. The  new age children will not agree with the people who are in the old age energy and demand their elders to explain in a logical and scientific way. Lahiri, the old ways no longer exists in coming future. Think deeply about what has been discussed now and substantiate this knowledge.” With these words Maharshi said goodbye to me. For myself this knowledge is new and I was able to understand this new age information. I remembered the story of bhakt Namdev.

Story of Bhakt Namdev

When Namdev was a  child he lost his parents. His maternal uncle brought him up in  a small village. He was a priest in Balakrishna temple. The family was highly devoted and belonged to an orthodox family. When Namdev was a boy it so happened, his uncle had to visit a neighbouring village on an important work. Since nobody was there to look after the temple affairs, he entrusted the job to look after the Balakrishna mandir. Namdev was instructed to clean the temple floor sanctum and the sanctorium, offer naivedya and cow’s milk. The innocent boy asked whether the Balakrishna would come , eat and drink the milk. Uncle said he would do so. The following day Namdev brought prasad and milk and kept at the altar of Balakrishna. The idol of Balakrishna was nicely decorated and he was looking very beautiful. Namdev sat in front of the idol and admiring the beauty of the idol of little krishna. It was lunch time, Namdev was waiting for little Krishna to come and enjoy the lunch but He did not come. The lunch time was over, Namdev was very anxiously waiting for Krishna to come for his lunch. Namdev was very much scared if Krishna did not accept his prasad then his maternal uncle would come and punish him. He started crying and pleading Krishna to come and eat prasad and drink milk. The boy’s heart was filled with compassion, love and devotion which manifested in the form of tears. Even the boy was hungry. He believed that Krishna would eat the food, drink the milk and play with him. He continuously pleaded the lord.

His innocent love and devotion touched the lord Sri Krishna and He came out of the idol, wiped off his tears and consoled Namdev. With touch of the lord the entire body and mind of Namdev was filled with heavenly bliss. They ate together and played many games running around the temple. At the time of dusk little Krishna consoled Namdev and bid goodnight. Due to some reasons his uncle had to stay back for a few more days. Everyday Namdev and little Krishna used to have lunch together, play together till late evening. Namdev treated his lord as his playmate and little Krishna also behaved the same. One fine day his uncle returned back. He enquired Namdev whether the boy carried out the instructions. Namdev narrated the whole story. At first uncle did not believe, but he noticed a definite change in the face of Namdev and his entire behavior. The maternal uncle wept out of joy in front of Balakrishna. Thereafter Namdev was called as Bhakt Namdev. Lord Krishna had given him darshan for many number of times. This story proves that love and devotion for God is more powerful than the worship of God. I heard Bhakt Namdev’s keerthan ‘Doodh piyo, Doodh piyo mere pyare lal! ’ first time in gurudwara in Kampala. His keerthans are included in holy book of Guru Grandh Sahib. Even at Makindu Gurudwara I often used to request gyaniji to sing this keerthan for me.

Story of Kushal Bhatt

In Gujarat, in a small village Bhatt was pujari in beautiful temple of Balakrishna. Pujari had a son named Kushal Bhatt. He used to visit Shyamlal mandir along with the father daily. At that age he heard a lot of stories from his parents about many leelas performed by little Krishna. He used to treat little Krishna as his friend and used to invite him to play with him. Kushal Bhatt’s innocent and pure love for little Krishna made little Krishna to manifest in the form of a little boy of Kushal Bhatt’s age. Little Krishna was so beautiful, they used to run around by the side of small lake in the village away from the temple. Daily in the evening little Krishna used to meet Kushal Bhatt waiting for him and play with him till late evenings. Little krishna used to play the flute and run around wearing silver anklets making rhythmic sound. In this case also, even though Kushal Bhatt had seen elders worshipping the little Krishna he still treated the lord as his friend with great  love and admiration without any barriers and inhibitions.

Shri Swaminarayan, who was the incarnation of Maha Vishnu was once invited by his devotee Santa ba.. She had also invited a lot of brahmins and offered bhiksha.  Shri Swami Narayan,  who was given a special seat in a special room, was asked to have food. But Swaminarayan asked Santa ba to invite Kushal Bhatt who was sitting outside along with other brahmins. Then Santa ba  was not willing to do so.  Swaminarayan refused to eat until Kushal Bhatt was also invited inside.Khushal bhat came inside. Swaminarayan with great affection and respect made him to sit besides him. Shri Swaminarayan narrated the above story to Santa ba.

Even though Kanada Maharshi’s statement, i.e, instead of worshipping the God,  one should love and respect him initially baffled me. But he proved to be right. Even gopika Radha and bhakta Meera Bai had the grace of lord by offering their pure love and also treated Him as their close friend. There are so many instances where bhagawan’s energy responded to such pure love and devotion for Him. We all know the story of little boy Dhruva who received the grace of Lord Vishnu and gave boy the father’s love. So the best way as Maharshi said is, to love the God who is inside of us. But unfortunately we look for the God outside. We can’t experience anything outside of us. Everything generates within us. We experience everything inside but definitely not from the outside. Bhagawan becomes a slave of the devotees who offer pure love.

I am already feeling the influence of new age energy. A lot of my friends and young boys ask a lot of questions concerning the authenticity of our puranas. A lot of spiritual discourses were being organised in the temples. One saint giving lectures on Shiva purana declares that Shiva was the best God. Following this another Sadhu giving lectures on Vishnu Puran claims that Vishnu is superior to all. The same contradiction exists in other puranas. This was causing lot of confusion among young boys. The same confusion still existing even now also among the youngsters. These young people feel that there is too much of exaggeration in the puranas and no one is able to clarify their doubts. I am sure these new age boys will be more enlightened than the present scholars. I sat there for some more time then got up and walked back towards Muller’s lodge. I felt an inner peace and joy.