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Saturday 4 June 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 03

Kanvadah Maharshi – Human Genealogy

As informed earlier at micro-level there is vast empty space between the nucleus and electrons of an atom and this empty space is filled with the information. Within the cell there is also a smallest part called as ‘Gene’ which stores genetic information such as structural and functional properties of the plant, height of the plant, color of the flowers, leaves etc. Until and unless this information is changed, the rose plant continues to grow as before. There comes a master gardener with multi-dimensional knowledge and technology and systemically changes this information addressing the stem cells and the genes during the process of cell division. You can see the wonder of wonders. The color of the rose flower changes and the rose plant is born without thorns. In the same way, when a beautiful baby is born with congenital heart disease, (rose flower with thorns) the baby’s heart can be changed to a healthy and normal heart by changing the old information in the stem cells of the DNA systemically.

All the time I have been telling you the force, the energy is nothing but informational energy which is called as intelligence. You may call it as wisdom or, you may call it as anything else, but don’t say it is a miracle. Unfortunately, I am telling you that all these things what you believe as miracles, will never happen against the laws of nature. All the miracles are happening according to the nature’s rules only. The only problem with the human being is that most of them are in the 3rddimension, and the rest are either in  2nd  or in 1st dimension. Whatever they are not able to see or understand beyond their purview, perception, believe that is a miracle. And these ordinary people who go beyond the 3rd dimension and perform small miracles and attract people from lower dimensions like a flock of sheep. These people are regarded as great saints, Babas and sometimes God. This is the linear way of thinking and those who are thinking in a linear fashion, will never advance spiritually.

But I must tell you, Lahiri, the time has perished and the old energy is going to perish and those who are thinking in a linear way, those who are supporting linear energy, they will also perish. They will never progress spiritually because God is multi and inter dimensional. That is why, we have come and chosen the light workers like you to reveal the real facts. Light workers are those who are born with higher multi dimensional energy and are capable of replacing the old energies , belief systems with higher and new energy to unite the entire world with energy of love. Any way it will take some more time to explain these things step by step. And maybe there are lots of other people who are designated to review this energy, this knowledge from higher dimensions. Now, I want to inform you that in the recent past the scientists have confirmed that we can talk to the human cells specifically to the DNA portion of the human cells and we can change the old information.

Let me tell something about DNA. Out of many thousands of DNAs, the western scientists in a linear experiments, regarded and recognized only 5% as DNAs which are protein coded. Rest of the 95% is not DNAs and which are not protein-coded regarded as junk. According to them only 5% of the genes make-up the human system and they are called as engine of human body. To make you understand I need to teach  you both in a linear and esoteric way. You can talk to the DNA and the stem cells to change the information. This is what I said. Now, the structure of the DNA molecule is just like a loop and this single loop, the single strand contains 3 billion chemical parts.The person who discovered it first regarded it lengthy. He regarded it like a small strand, but after some time another Researcher discovered that it is not a strand but it is a loop. 

And he was awarded nobel prize. Here in my case, actually I, Kanvada Maharshi have discovered this long ago ie., some thousands of years back that this Janyu Kana (Gene cell) is not straight thread like structure but it is a fish like structure with small loop. (You can refer Sripada Sri Vallabha Charitamrutam).

 What Kanvada  Maharshi told me that DNA molecule is made up of 3 billion chemical parts was surprising. “Oh! My God !”, “It is unbelievable!”                                                                                                            …contd..