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Monday 13 March 2017

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 17


One day when I was in Tanzania, I received a letter from my head office from Nairobi that I should attend a training program in Nairobi. The training program is about a new molecule called Tramadol, which is very powerful analgesic The original name is Tramol from a german company called Grunenthal Gmbh. Actually I had already launched Tramadol in Tanzania with a great success. Accordingly I made my plans and landed in Nairobi. The training  batch consisted of around 8 members from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. We had gone to the Wilson Airport, which normally flies helicopters and small flights. The training programme was in the heart of a very well known Ambozili national park with plenty of wildlife. I was very much excited as I love the nature. We landed in the thick forest. The Aga Khan group constructed a very beautiful lodge with all modern amenities. We were received by the hotel staff and we reached this hotel which is in the midst of a very thick jungle. A group of very special species of monkeys gave us warm welcome. I never saw such a beautiful species of monkeys. 

The lodge was very modern. After having a hot cup of tea I felt refreshed, at the same time I was also enjoying the pranks of the monkeys who looked magnificent. The monkeys were not afraid of tourists and they were trying to scare us to grab things from us, like binoculars, cameras and small bags etc. They are very good psychologists. They pretend as if they are going to jump on us making threatening noises and showing their teeth thus testing our guts. It was only a pretension. Their real intention is not to attack us. Some of us got scared. Seeing their drama the hotel staff members came to our rescue and all the monkeys vanished in no time. I checked-into my room. Had a shower and had a look at my room. The room was very neat built with rocky stones. There was a big window by the side of my bed. The nature looked very beautiful when I saw through the window. There was also a lake that enhanced the beauty of the jungle. Normally our training programs are always arranged in jungles or beach hotels because our minds will be more relaxed and absorb the teachings properly. We reached the lodge in the afternoon, had a very light lunch mostly in the form of natural juices. Most common juice being Passion fruit, plenty of salads, soups etc. All my colleagues went back to their rooms. On an impulse, I decided to go for a stroll nearby the lodge. The security person cautioned me not to go too far. He showed me the way into the garden maintained by the hotel. I entered the garden, various kinds of beautiful flowers waved their heads as if welcoming me. I selected a swing, settled down to relax. The entire atmosphere was very beautiful, refreshing and serene. That time I was thinking as to how the nature communicates. Because as soon as walking into a place like this entire body and mind enjoys an inner peace. I was also reviving the teachings of Maharshi Kanada. Instantly I was connected to his energy. Maharshi appeared beaming at me with a broad smile. “Dear Lahiri! I am also happy to see you at this lovely place. Here the energies are pure and in higher dimensions. Yes, plants and trees communicate with human beings who are sensitive to their energies”.


“Lahiri! I understand your question, even though you have not asked them verbally” Maharshi smiled. Let me explain the process. The human consciousness is so complicated and it is difficult to explain in linear way. The formation and expansion of human consciousness depends on the various communication systems. I already defined the human  consciousness. By listening to lectures, class room teachings, reading the books, exposure to different kinds of domestic and external  environment, we measure them with our own perceptions, concepts and experiences. All these are different forms of communications which form the ingredients of human consciousness. This communication becomes an important tool to accelerate the evolutionary process including the spiritual one. The communications are of two types. One is linear and other one is multidimensional (Non-linear)”.  Then I asked Maharshi “Would you please simplify this subject as I find it very difficult to digest.” Maharshi replied “As I told you, it is a complicated subject for the people whose consciousness do not go beyond 3rd dimension. Ok! I will give you an example. In the language of human beings, when they speak verbally the words flow out one after the other in a sequence, the same way when you are using the typewriter the letters appear one after the other to form words. Both the verbal and written form of the language carry certain energy. Imagine, after typing the few letters, suddenly the typewriter got stuck. Even though if you continue to type, all the letters lie at the same spot without any movement. With the result all the letters are printed on top of the other. Thus it forms a big smudge. All the letters are there one on top of the other. In linear way, you can not read them, but a person expert in nonlinear consciousness can read all the letters. This is nothing to do anything with his brain. In non-linear communication, multidimensional, interactive and inter-connected intuitive energies are involved. They can see and read all these letters in the smudge. In the linear communication the logic blocks the multi dimensional energy. It already predetermines that it was impossible to read the letters in the smudge. Even the physicists are unable to explain nonl-inear communication”.

Then I asked Maharshi that it is still not clear to me. How do we get connected multi dimensional, interactive, interconnected energies?. Then Maharshi replied “Every human being has both linear and nonlinear energies. If you want to build your muscles, you need to exercise everyday. So that one day you develop muscles. Similarly you have to exercise your mind by practising different spiritual techniques. As I told you, all the information is available in the Aakashik record. When you are speaking or writing, these energies are stored in the Aakashik record. By addressing this Aakash, which is within your DNA, you get connected to these higher energies and all the letters in this smudge appear to you, as if they are printed on the paper. I also told you the entire Aakash was with in you. You need to ask the Aakash repeatedly to reveal the information. After 1987 due to the change in the magnetic grid of the earth, the revelation energy of Aakash library is wide open. In the Vedas and Upanishads, this technology is introduced in the form of various mantras. By repeating these mantras you get connected to your own Aakashik record and universal Aakashik record. You need to practise on daily basis. Ask the Aakashik record to reveal this knowledge. This is also called as intuitive logic, intuitive communication. Depending upon your sincere practice, you can increase your consciousness and reach higher dimensions and be able to communicate with the Aakash.”

Then I asked “Maharshi, How do I know that I am on the right path to get connected  to these higher energies?” Maharshi replied “Most of the human beings love animals. Some of them have them as their pets. Try to speak to these animals. Give them small instructions. Speak to them in a soothing voice which sounds like whispering. When the animals start responding,  a communication is established between two of you. If you are able to respond to its thoughts, it is an indication that you are ready to get connected to the Aakashik energy. It may not happen immediately. Keep on trying and you will be communicating with your own Aakash, which is in the DNA. This process is also called releasing DNA. Some people try to communicate with the God. They increase their intuitive logic and powers and be able to communicate with the higher energies. Actually they are releasing the energies of their own DNA. The DNA holds a lot of secrets in their Aakashik record. In the intuition there is no logic. Intuition is nothing but a free flow of energy. But when you apply the logic in the linear way, your own mind blocks this free flow of energy. It discourages by creating negative mental blocks. And thus you will not even attempt to think of this higher energies. That is why, when you are in dilemma and in certain life situations you follow your own intuition, do not listen to your logic. Most of the animals by birth inherit this intuitive logic (energy) and sense the dangers. Immediately after their birth, they stand on their feet and be alert to the dangers around them.  Dear Lahiri! As I told you, there were many other ways of communicating with the cosmos in the ancient Bharath. Maharshis who were the best scientists did a lot of research and gave the technology to communicate with others at far off places without using any mechanical devices. They discovered a process which is called as mining the Aakash. The Upanishads are the first scientific authenticate research books, on the power of mind. The first and foremost tool that they discovered was meditation. The creation of God is perfect and self sustaining. The energy of Aakash, which is the encyclopedia written by the ancient Maharshis of Bharath, they discovered that their Aakashik record is existing in the DNA of the human beings, which is in quantum state. It means, what is that existing in the Aakashik record the replica of the same is also existing in the DNA . Hence you need not to look up at the sky, just look for it within you. All the knowledge and secrets of everything is existing within us. Just you need to give instructions to the DNA to release the energy. If your intent is pure, your instructions become multidimensional and your DNA responds. Your DNA and all the trillion cells of your body assume a quantum state and receive these instructions, respond accordingly. For example if you are giving instructions addressing your DNA with a soothing and confident way repeatedly that ‘I am happy and healthy’ instantly this message is understood by the trillions of body cells and they create a perfect balance of energies. You can frame your own words in a positive way and address the DNA of any organ which is imbalanced. Each of your body cell contains enormous space and accommodates the information accumulated since thousands of generations. Some experiences may be  positive or negative. Perceptions neither right or wrong, by addressing the DNA you can give Quantum instructions to erase of all the negative energies and replace with the positive.

The Maharshis also discovered that by activating various Grandhis (Endocrinal glands) like Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra grandhis, one could get connected to the higher knowledge, energies and dimensions. Now the modern scientists are calling them as Pineal and Pituitary glands. The knowledge of the ancient Bharath is very vast. The existence of a peaceful world depends on the existence of Bharath. Which spreads universal love and peace. Lahiri! Some more information next time. Now it is time for us to leave. ” Maharshi disappeared in a flash. I also got up and walked towards the lodge.