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Tuesday 18 April 2017

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 18


That evening after having a cup of tea, the hotel management had arranged a short Safari inside the park. Our trainer being a German lady, our management made special arrangements for this special trip. All of us boarded a mini bus with windows covered with the tarpaulins cloth. These served as window curtains and our exciting journey began. The driver was a Masai (an African tribe) He made a circular trip and all our pupils widened as we saw different kinds of animals and birds. It is not exactly a park but a dense  jungle. We saw a wild rabbits, Jackals, fox, Hyena and Baboons etc. Our trainer was very much excited. Then our bus went near by a lake and there, to our excitement we saw a herd of elephants taking bath in the water. We saw a couple of baby elephants playing with each other, spraying water using their trunk like small kids. The leader of the herd was standing on the ground like a security person looking for any danger. We all became very quiet as our driver gave instructions to be silent. The distance must be about 1000 yards. After watching about 15 to 20 minutes,  we slowly moved away. The other drivers were also going around with the visitors and communicating one another, giving locations of different animals, particularly the Lions. Our trip ended in an hour. After reaching the lodge we went back to our rooms. 

The entire day for me was very much  exciting. All my cells were at peace. After having dinner we played some interesting games organized by our trainer. We all felt at home. Had a feeling that we belonged to one family. That night I slept peacefully. The following morning, I woke up with a fresh body and mind. Made some tea for myself and went out to enjoy the morning breeze. The sun was just rising  in the east and it was a beautiful sight to watch. I walked to the same spot where I met Kanada Maharshi. There are security guards who normally give instructions to us where to go and where not to go. He approved the selection of my spot.

As soon as I assumed my seat, as if waiting for me, Maharshi appeared. I offered my pranams. “Dear Lahiri! You look very fresh and receptive now because the energies here in this nature are pure. People who are sensitive to these energies attain a Quantum state. So let us resume our discussions. When you take care of the nature, nature takes care of you. When you take care of Dharma, it will take care of you. The creator has given human beings all the knowledge and intelligence and hence his responsibility is to protect the nature. There should be always an exchange of pure and loving energies between the nature and the human beings. All these plants and trees are giving you oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide from you. Without these trees you will not exist not even for a second. Just as these plants and trees are foundation for your existence, the same way balanced human plants establish a balanced society with full of love and compassion. There will not be any wars, boundaries between the nations. Hence it is very essential that the parent should take care of their human plants when they are in the seeding stage. Knowing this basic truth our Maharshis of ancient Bharat gave the technology to bring up the human seeds. It was because of these Maharshis, Bharath spread the universal  love and brotherhood “.
Then I asked humbly “Mahatma! Kindly elaborate.” Maharshi replied “As you know the all-round wellbeing of a family  members depends on the head of the family, because his decisions and behaviour influence his family members in many aspects. The Maharshi realized that a very well balanced ruler of the country takes care of his people with love and care. That is why the great kings and emperors use to send their pregnant wives to their guru’s ashrams. All the emperors of Bharath used to take the advice and guidance of their Maharshi Gurus who were very much balanced. The pregnant Maharaanis used to spend their time in the ashram surrounded by the nature, friendly animals & birds. This pure and serene atmosphere used to have a very positive influence on the pregnant mother. They used to follow timetable listing various activities to tender their human seed growing in the womb of a pregnant mother. Early in the morning they used to chant certain vedic slokas and special mantras and various other spiritual practices which would nourish the growing human seed with full of positive and harmonious energies. When the baby is in the womb the gene carrying the DNA is very health, pure and receptive. For about 240 days i.e., around 8 months are the most important period.  As the DNA of the baby is in the Quantum state all the spiritual practices like vedic chants, santhi mantras (Mantras for peace), Homas etc form the highest technology as they contain quantum instructions to the growing baby. Until the time of delivery, Maharshis used to give a very special diet and prescribe yoga and certain positive affirmations. The pregnant mother was taught various means of talking to the growing baby. The mother was kept in a very harmonious environment. As Maharshis realized the environmental influence plays a vital role on the consciousness of the DNA of the baby. Dear Lahiri, The western scientists rejected this knowledge. But now they are forced to agree the Maharshi’s theory. The modern  physicists came out with a law in physics termed as the law of entanglement. It says when two atoms or particles in the same time and space oppose each other, there is a teleportation of  attributes from one particle (atom) to the other. They have done the experiments on the micro level in the labs but not on the living ones. Whereas, our Maharshis who are the most advanced scientists had done their experiments on the pregnant mothers. In this case the mother and the foetus (embryo) they exist in the same time and space. The foetus which is the target human , and the mother both are entangled in the same time and space. Hence by applying this law of entanglement, there will be a teleportation of energy in the form of Quantum instructions to the DNA of the developing embriyo. Hence the pregnant mothers are taken care of in all the aspects , which would result ultimately in the emergence  of a very balanced human being, born with pure, and higher , consciousness and his DNA (Janyu Kana i.e., gene) being activated by 100%. Normally the DNA of the new born baby when inhales the first breath is activated 30-45% only. We can enhance the consciousness by following various instructions given by our Maharshis. Added to these factors the overall environment in and around the ashram enhances the all round development of the baby in all dimensions i.e., physical, mental and spiritual. Their samskaras are always be very strong, balanced and positive. All the spiritual practices as explained to you, form tools of this technology to address the Janyu Kana (gene). The magnetic field in and around the ashram will be infinite. Whoever comes in the circle of magnetic field will be influenced positively. That is how the ashrams of Maharshis played a very significant role in shaping the would be rulers of Bahrath. But unfortunately in modern Bharath the people have a very strong and negative ideas about saints.”
Then I humbly asked “Mahatma! Why things have changed?” Maharshi replied “The planet earth is the only one having the free choice among various galaxies. Here on this earth the human consciousness plays an important role. Good and bad they exist together. Since 2000 years the collective human consciousness is growing on the negative side. Which I described as evil force. The people with low consciousness are full of hatred and fear. Yet they are powerful as I have explained to you earlier. The light is always followed by the darkness. Light signifies knowledge. Darkness means absence of life. And the people with low consciousness fear the knowledge, they hate this knowledge. That is why they were opposing the vedic knowledge. The present human beings think that they are highly evolved people. But Lahiri! I tell you, the most advanced civilizations whose knowledge was more powerful by many folds than yours had perished because they used their knowledge not to enhance the wellbeing of the people, but destroyed one another. Because no doubt they have advanced in their physical and mental strength but never evolved spiritually. Those people were highly egoistic, power mongers with full of hatred towards each other. Their minds were imbalanced, they exploited the lower emotions of the common people and unfortunately the innocent and ignorant common men fought  with one another to protect their imbalanced, cruel leaders and politicians. As I told you Lahiri! This would certainly change. The seeds are already sown in India. When you sow a seed which is very healthy and nourished it properly a beautiful plant emerges out, grown into a huge tree, giving thousands of delicious fruits. In the same way when good thoughts with full of pure intentions can be compared to the seeds of the plants. Which these thoughts are spread in the fertile soil of Aakash then in turn spread million rays of light. Which can be compared to fruits. This wisdom is existing only in  Bharath. After every spiritual practices like Homas, Japas and Bhajans we recite shanti mantras and bless the entire world. This is the technology of planting the seed of thoughts. When these thoughts touch the sensitive hearts of the people, beautiful plants of light will emerge out again showering the seeds of light to other human beings. Lahiri! This subject is vast, you analyse and spread the message of love and peace to others. Now you get ready to attend your 3rd dimensional class room training.” Saying this, slowly Maharshi disappeared into the thin air and mingled with the nature, leaving behind the fragrance of knowledge and love.
I was in the trance for about 10 minutes, absorbing this divine knowledge and walked back to my lodge and my Monkey  friends gave a warm reception when I entered the lounge.