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Monday 23 September 2013

The Power of Vibrations

The entire world, the above and below are made up of Vibrations. It makes me glad to see the believers in this fact are increasing slowly but steadily. Some Vibrations are above our understanding and few facts are more than a mystery. 'Soul' is what i am talking about. Allow me to share about my recent thought (it’s in a crude form though).

Nothing happens out of the blue, there is a plan and a purpose for anything and everything. As humans we can only see and understand few. Same way no person enters our life or crosses our path without the Divine plan. Every soul has a vibration unique but can get influenced or influence others in its own way. Such vibrations are given as family. Mother, Father, Family, Guru's and Ancestors are given according to the Divine plan. To talk in terms of feelings, they are vibrations too; some make us feel good and some bad. Good feelings are vibrations that are of the same frequency and they can get along well. Bad are the otherwise. But what happens once our people leave their bodies??? It is always above our understanding level. But when our loved ones leave us there is immense sorrow or pain - no doubt. When they pass away, the talents or good qualities they have should not go away; we can keep the good alive by their vibrations.

Here the thought that I want to put forward is that if a person who admires/adores/respects the other person and feels that there was a greater talent or quality in that person and keeps their thought and talent related things and think about them, there is a greater chance of that talent/qualities vibrations be received by the person who wants to preserve them. He in turn can be blessed with that talent.

It is just like 'Japam' the chanting creates the refinement of our basic vibrations. The repetition of concentration refines the basic talent that we already have. The vibrations follow the path we create towards us and the souls will bless us with their talents. Let the good always remain in this world 'Trust' takes the main seat though. Along with trust if we join our concentration, anything can be possible. Step by step we need to develop our self to that level of refinement and receive the Divine blessings. May God Bless Us All.


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