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Monday 14 October 2013

Spiritual Forgiveness

Forgiving others is forgiving yourself which gives you ultimate peace of mind. It takes a step nearer to spiritual enlightenment and liberating to the soul.       The lexigram of the word Forgiving itself has a deep spiritual meaning, the word FOR + GIVING = TO GIVE which means you GIVE yourself and others when you Forgive.

Stop blaming yourself: The fact is, you are angry with yourself because your actions resulted in what you perceive as failure.’’ I loved him so much that it hurts me’’, ‘’He betrayed me’’, ‘’I gave them lenience’’, ’Iwouldn’t have behaved like that’’, ‘’ I should have reacted in another way’’- stop feeling guilty by saying these statements. Don’t cling to you past. It’s time for you to excuse yourself.

Stop blaming others: saying that ‘’ He cheated me’’, ‘’He did not inform me properly’’, ‘’ the Doctor was careless’’, ‘’ they played politics against me’’- these statements appear to be perfect excuses. But people can get away with anything provided they are cunning and opportunist with negative attitude.

What we have to do is allow ourselves to release all the negative emotions associated with that person. As long as we hold on to the past pain, we are choosing to allow that person’s past actions to continue to hurt us.

By holding on to the hurt and by not able to forgive, you will suffer physically, emotionally, economically and spiritually. You can let go of the old hurts and look forward with positive attitude what life has to offer.

Does that mean to forget your painful past? Well NO… What’s wrong is still wrong.How can we forget the unforgettable? Learn from your past memories and experiences and pass the wise knowledge you gained to your future generations . Let the spirit of the youngsters fly high with positive energy and attitude. The lexigram of the word Forget itself has deepspiritual meaning, the word  FOR + GET = TO GET  that means you GET when you forget.

All souls must take the journey of forgiveness in order to fulfill our ultimate purpose of life - to reach the abode of Love, Peace and joy where nothing and no one can disturb us, and where hurt will not impose its smudgy footprints.

Adi guru avatars like Sri Dattatreya, Sri Paada Vallabha Prabhu and many spiritual masters teach and remind us that our natural state of life is eternal bliss and that we should liberate ourselves from this self-imposed imprisonment. For those who learn to love and forgive everybody, life again gets back to the right path, taking them on a unique and eternal journey of love and bliss.

..….. Niharika…….