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Tuesday 2 August 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 12

One day after completing my work in Mombasa I returned to the beach hotel where I was staying. Mombasa is full of beach hotels and it is a very attractive place for tourism. After refreshing myself I went out of my room, outside of the rooms they built round shaped huts providing a center table and some chairs where the inmates can sit, relax and can have cup of tea or  coffee, or walk on the soft sand looking at the vast seashores and  listening to the roaring waves. It was a full moon day. I was just relaxing and enjoying the cool breeze. At the same time ruminating on  various discussions I had with Maharshi Kanvadah and particularly the discussion I had seemingly mysterious place at Kaloleni. Slowly  I was going into a trance and I was not sure whether I was in a trance  or peaceful slumber. Suddenly I had a very peculiar sensation. 

On opening my eyes I could see Kanvadah Maharshi as usual with very peaceful countenance smiling at me affectionately. “Lahiri, there are, a lot of mysterious places on this planet earth. They are mysterious because most of the  human beings are in third dimension. 

You have been thinking about strange experiences you had witnessed at Kaloleni. I am very happy that you could solve this mystery as you had rightly analyzed that there were huge deposits of iron and other elements at Kaloleni, which are responsible for creating a very powerful and vast magnetic field to a larger extent. There are so many such places particularly in the high rocky mountains and  thick jungles with huge trees where the destructive hands of human beings have not yet touched them. The minute the greedy human hands touch anything in the nature which is very pure and responsible for maintaining a balanced energies are instantly destroyed. Such is the greed of human beings and they are so foolish and greedy like a stupid human being, who was cutting  the branch of a tree on which he was sitting without knowing that, along with the branch he would also fall down. 

The amount of destruction the human being caused on this planet earth is unimaginable. As I told you, in one of my discussions with you, that the God’s plan is very perfect and impeccable. The mother earth, jungles, rocky mountains and the deep oceans are all responsible for maintaining a very balanced and harmonious energies in the planet. These energies in turn would have maintained balanced and harmonious energies in the human beings, had they not destroyed the nature. Thus the nature and the human beings are interdependent on each other i.e if you protect the nature the nature protects you. If you love the nature the nature loves you. If you destroy the nature the nature will destroys you.

Thus the massive destruction of the mountains, jungles, mining the earth  and other various destructive activities have caused a very negative imbalance in the nature. In addition to this the collective thought pollution of the human beings is causing unexplainable damage not only to the planet earth but also the other galaxies. That is the reason the entire humanity is suffering. The imbalance in the ecosystem, tsunamis, earthquakes, severe sickness, needless wars among the nations are all the consequences of destruction of the natural resources. 

As long as the natural resources were maintained, the human beings had enjoyed the natural health, happiness peace and harmony. Thus nature and human beings are interdependent on each other.. The mountains , jungles ,air and the oceans are all magnetic in nature with touch of the divine hand. The strange phenomenon which you had witnessed at Kaloleni where the objects were moving against gravitational law this could be compared to the principle of Osmosis which was explained in biological sciences. Magnetics are involved in these two cases. 

Imagine a  huge and tall trees like Banyan or coconut, the water with nutrients from the roots underneath the soil is supplied even to the leaves on top of the tallest branch against gravitational law. If you pluck out a leaf you will see the water oozing out of it. Huge banyan tree which is about approx  100 ft or even maybe more than that, how can the water is pumped up against gravitational law? It is nothing but all the trillion cells of the tree are highly magnetic in nature. The cellular sap contains a magnetic force and each cell is a factory at a micro level. In Osmosis there is a movement of molecules from a lower density to a higher density through the semipermeable cell membranes.  The top layers of cellular sap  is highly concentrated due to the accumulation of various nutrients which are electrically charged, carrying positive and negative polarities.They are called as Ions. Because of this the cellular sap becomes highly magnetic in nature thus it pulls the cellular sap from the bottom layers of the cellular sap which is less in density through their cell membranes Thus there is a magnetic push and pull causing this upward movement. Similarly the air is also magnetic in nature.

As I have already explained, your thoughts are also magnetic in nature and these thoughts are carried by the air which serves as the vehicle.Thus the breath of the human beings  is also magnetic. In case of trees and animals you can see the process of Osmosis with the help of microscope, whereas in the case of air you can not see the movement of Ions from one place to the other as  they are invisible. Just as the magnetic push and pull causing the upward movement in the  cellular sap, in case of the air also the same principle of  osmosis  applies, only thing is we are not able to see this breath, which carries the energy of your thoughts, which are magnetic in nature,  and they also travel at a tremendous speed and reach the targeted objective. When Maharshi paused for a while, I ventured to ask him “Mahathma! I understood the principle of Osmosis in Biological sciences. But I could not understand what you were trying to tell me when the breath is concerned? 

Maharshi smiled at me and said Lahiri! In case of Osmosis in the tall trees, the targeted objective was to supply the water with the nutrients from a lower level to the higher levels, from bottom to the top. 

Similarly if your target or objective is to receive the grace of a particular deity you will be sending thoughts which are filled with great intensity. Just like the cellular sap, high in density containing various electrolytes with positive and negative polarities, the same way the energy of your thought contains millions of  microscopic electro magnetic atoms. If your Intent is very strong these Atoms travel at a lightning speed creating a very powerful magnetic field. In the Akash and depending on your Sadhana the Nature, Cosmos or the Deity will  grant your wish. These things are beyond your perception. Because certain  things are tangible for your five senses and certain things are not. The things that are not tangible you need to touch them using your extra sensory perceptions. They are beyond experience of the 5 senses. Underneath the microscope you can see the cellular sap and human protoplasm and various components  but when  the question comes about air or breath which is also magnetic in nature, which also carries positive and negative atoms together are invisible and can’t be seen through the microscope. I am trying to give you little more deeper knowledge to reveal the scientific basis in performing various yagnas, chantings and mantras or affirmations. 

Your thought when it is expressed outside, create a sound, these sound waves made up of millions of tiny particles, millions of tiny magnetic fragments carrying both positive and negative polarities and they travel at a greater speed compared to the movements in the cellular sap of the trees. I was giving rapt attention to whatever maharshi was explaining and my thoughts were also traveling at a greater speed.The repetition about the thought gave me more clarity. Maharshi nodded his head in approval of what I was thinking within myself. After gathering my thoughts coming out of a very brief spell of silence finally I asked maharshi “During our various meetings and discussions we had, I forget to ask u some of my doubts which I am remembering now. You mentioned about the co-creation, would you be kind enough to explain me what is co-creation and what way it is helpful for us?”  Maharshi replied, Lahiri! this is a very powerful gift given to the human beings. Lahiri! For every thousand earth years there will be a minor shift in the magnetic field of the earth. This change will affect the human consciousness. It means the thinking process will change. The old waves give a way to the newer ideologies .The people will think out of the box. There will be a conflict between the old and New energies. And for every 5000 years there will be a major shift in the magnetic grid of the earth. This is also called as the major shifting of the poles. In this Kaliyuga  5000 years have already elapsed in the year 1987.This major shift will impact the entire human consciousness in different ways. 

Initially there will be a series of  Natural Disasters mostly caused by the human beings resulting in tsunamis, earthquakes, blood shed, great wars and other unimaginable calamities.This would last for a period of 25 to 30 years starting from 1987. Of Course once again it depends on what the collective human consciousness decides. After these years peace will be restored on the earth. This period can be called as transitional phase. For another 5000 years there will not be any major calamities.This time can also be termed as Kaliyuga/Sathya yuga. After another 5000 years, that time can be termed as Kaliyuga/Threthayuga…and it continues….There is an entity called Indra who is the Magnetic Master. The job of this entity is to measure  the polarities of the earth once in every 25 years. When he came to measure the polarity in 1962, the situation was very negative.The collective human consciousness had gone negative. This great imbalance in the polarities had also impacted the other living planets.The Aliens wanted to destroy the earth. There was a tremendous thought pollution which has disturbed these living planets in the Galaxy. There was a harmonic convergence in 1962 and there was a meeting attended by the Maharshis, Aliens from different Stars and the Indra.These Maharshis were full of compassion towards the human beings.They pleaded Lord Indra  and others not to destroy this Earth.They assured the magnetic Master that they would send the energy of love , compassion and the blessings to  increase the positive polarity by influencing the human consciousness. The Aliens who came to the Earth for the first time was also compassionate towards the Earth. Lord Indra was satisfied and  because of the intervention of Maharshis the planet Earth was saved. And there was a second harmonic convergence in 1987 at Shambala in the Himalayas. Again the polarities were measured and there was a positive change. Because of the efforts of Maharshis a great spiritual movement started in 1987, in a very subtle way. Actually the seeds were sown in 1985. Bharath has taken a very big lead in  and role to change the human consciousness towards positive side.

The Maharshis blessed various  saints, sadhus, spiritual leaders to bring about the positive changes in different ways.The consciousness of Yajnavalkya Maharshi inspired some of the evolved souls in performing various Yagnas for the well being of the entire  Humanity. Similarly the consciousness of Vishwamitra Maharshi inspired some of the evolved souls to chant Gayathri Manthra followed by Gayathri Yagnas. Maharshi Jamadagni consciousness inspired some to start once again the Gurukula  vidya thus teaching the forgotten Swadharma along with the materialistic education. Consciousness of Dhanwanthari and Charaka inspired some to revive the forgotten wisdom of Ayurveda and the other forms of traditional healing practices. The consciousness of Parasurama inspired some evolved souls to change the human consciousness from negative to positive by killing their negativity. The  consciousness of Maharshi Patanjali inspired majority of the evolved souls to practice the Ashtanga Yoga to change  the majority of the human consciousness to bring about the peace and harmony in the World. The consciousness of Buddha has also inspired majority of the evolved souls to practice Dhyana (meditation) to attain inner peace in order to spread peace among the people. 

The consciousness of Maharshi Pippalada and MySelf (that is Kanada) have inspired many people to revive the ancient wisdom of Sanathana Dharma to maintain a perfect balance between the body, mind and soul by following a healthy diet. Various techniques of conversing with the Janyu Kanas (genes and stem cells) You have a healthy span of life.Thus along with us there are so many other evolved souls trying to create harmony and peace on the Earth. Thus Bharath is spreading the light of Wisdom. The name Bhagawan is wrongly interpreted as God. Bhagawan means the souI, which spreads the wisdom of life which dispels the darkness of ignorance. Bh in Sanskrit means the light. The light signifies Gnana(Wisdom)The people of old energy have misguided and mis interpreted this meaning. Thus creating a lot of confusion conflicts and chaos. The formless light was given a form in the form of Paintings and Idols which have so many limitations. The people have formed their own false realities by using skillful Tharka and caused heavy damage to our Swadharma/Sanathana Dharma. Lahiri! there is a deeper meaning in the name  Bharath. BH means light. RATH means to get immersed. It means the people in this Bharath always are immersed in this bright light of Gnana (wisdom) . It means the people of Bharath always are fully engrossed in drinking the nectar  of Wisdom and basking in the light of Gnana, the spiritual Wisdom. All these words like Bharath, Bhagawan, Bharathi they give out the actual meaning of the GOD. Hence, Lahiri! We should be very proud to be born in the land of light.
Dear Lahiri! I have been trying to tell you about the light workers who play an important and significant role in changing the negative human consciousness to the positive. More or less I have described and defined the role of the Light Workers. While the Maharshis are the Light Houses throwing their light in the dark and vast oceans to guide the lost ships searching in darkness to see their light and find their way toward the Light House. Each and every Bharatiya(the Indian) who adopts and revives the forgotten Sanathan Dharma can be named as the Light Worker. In this Kali Yuga even our collective consciousness of Maharshis is not enough to change the negative Human Consciousness. We need millions of Light Workers to bring the peace and Harmony. We are also very sensitive and sometimes shed tears urging more and more  people of Bharath to become the Light Workers. We need more and more Patriots but not the pictures on the silver screen who are more powerful than us. Dear Lahiri! I want to give a task. Enlist a more and more people who are willing to be the Light Workers, through your website. Don’t be surprised that I am using the modern terminology. For us it is very Primitive. But at the same time we also appreciate the Human intelligence, if it is used for the good purpose. 

We have advanced far ahead of you and it will take you thousands of years to reach our level of Wisdom. Because we have understood the inner mechanism and achieved a quantum state. Which would take millions of years for you people. Lahiri! we need people of action not the words and the photographs. In future I want you to start your own website for the Light Workers. We will help you, tell your readers ,inspire and motivate them to have a sense of Patriotism to acquire the Knowledge of Light of Swadharma and Justify the name of BHARATIYA. Lahiri! There is a lot to tell you about the co creation  in our next meeting. with these words he melted away slowly. I was spell bound with the revelations of the Maharshi. In India most of the people think that the Job of Maharshis, sadhus and sanyasis is only to do meditation and speak about the God. But in reality in our sanatana Dharma all the emperors and the kings were guided by the Maharshis who care for the mankind and spend all of their powers acquired after undergoing difficult and spiritual sadhanas spanning over many years. Hence they are the real PATRIOTS.This is the essential components of our Swadharma.The emperors, Kings and Maharshis have followed and established Swadharma of the land which only spreads the light of Wisdom all over the World. Unfortunately our present leaders are not true Bharatiyas. Because they adopted and propagated and following the Para Dharma for so many years. As a result not only India but other countries are also suffering. I felt proud to be a Bharatiya (nagarika) I only pray that atleast now a true Bharatiya knowing his Swadharma should be the leader of our great Nation. With some kind of emotion I said Bharath Matha Ki Jai.Thanking the  Maharshi  and went off to sleep.