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Friday 16 May 2014

Mother Tell Me A Story - Satya Mahima

Dear readers of our website

You will be happy to know that we are starting a new series/serial "Mother Tell Me A Story" by Smt. Nathavajhula Srilalitha.

In our childhood days, we the children, particularly during summer holidays after having dinner, surround our mother's, grandmother's, grandfather's and other elders and pester them to tell stories. The stories told by them were not only interesting but also educative with a lot of morals. 

There is a child in all of us irrespective of our age, and this child is always hungry to listen to the stories which had great influence in understanding our culture, social responsibilities and molding our character.

Particularly in our elders like mother's, grandmother's, grandfather's in joint families have played a very important  role in inculcating human values to build up a very positive and harmonious world around us.

We would like to bring back such an atmosphere in our families where elders should take little time to spend with our children and tell stories.
We appreciate Smt. Nathavajhula Srilalitha, for taking up this project and play a role of lovely mother to tell the stories.

Here is her brief profile:

Nathavajhula Srilalitha - After completing her post-graduation from Govt P.G. College, Secunderabad in English Literature; she did her PGCTE (Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching English) from English and Foreign Language University (EFLU)

She is working as English Lecturer in DBPM College (Keys Management Society). She is presently pursuing her PGDTE from the same University. 

Her hobbies include reading books, listening and singing carnatic music, trying new recipes and baking cakes for her children. She is very fond of her mother tongue (telugu) and is trying to find time to complete her Masters in Telugu language from 'Potti Sree Ramulu Telugu University' through distance mode (which she started in 2013). Her inspiration is her mother and continuous support team includes her husband, children and father.

The present attempt of simplifying "Jataka Tales" is to make children easily understand its importance and also a small way of thanking "Mr. Nanduri Sairam" who is a father figure to her and a teacher, guide and philosopher.

She would like to thank "Mr. Nanduri Sairam Garu" for all the encouragement given to her.
Hope all of you will enjoy and appreciate her efforts.