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Saturday 20 February 2016

The Universal Principle of Exchange of Energy

Author: Nanduri Sri Sairam

The Universe is full of exchange of energies. There is a standard and universal principle in the nature and there is always exchange of energies. When we say exchange, this exchange takes place between two or more number of people. We are living in the society and we are not alone in the society. All of us are contributing something to the society and hence there is always exchange of energies. This is the guiding principle in the famous proverb which says “What you sow so shall you reap.” To make it very simple if you sow the seed of love, in return or in exchange you will get many folds of energy of love.
Just as when you are sowing a seed, when you are offering water, when you are preparing the salt  and you are taking care that the plant is receiving proper sunlight if you nurture the seed regularly it means that you are spending some energy of love, care. And as a result of spending the energy a small sapling comes out and grows into a plant or tree and against one seed you will get plenty of fruits, vegetables, flowers, fruits and also oxygen. A plant takes carbon-di-oxide and gives out Oxygen. Therefore you cannot expect anything  in return without giving anything from your side.

There is a deepest urge in all the human beings to get appreciation, attention, recognition and feeling of importance, honor etc. If you want people to appreciate, in return you need to appreciate others, if you want attention from the other people or the society, you need to give attention to the people or the society. If you want to get name and fame you also have to give name and fame to others. Like this we can give plenty of examples.
On the contrary if you are giving the negative energy, you will get or you will receive negative energy only in many folds just like if you are planting a seed of thorny plant which gives a plant or a tree only with thorns.  If you are doing a misdeed or harm and this misdeed or harm will manifest by many folds in the form of thorns and poisonous seeds. Hence we need to remember that there is always an exchange of energies. If you are giving out the negative energy, in return you will receive the negative energy by many folds as we have illustrated in the above example. This is how the nature awards us.

If you want to be successful in your life, if you want to be well acceptable by the society first of all, you have to learn to give out something useful for the society. Even if you do not expect also you will be rewarded. Most of the people complain that they were not rewarded properly in spite of the fact that they have put forth lot of hard work. But this is not true. Nature is never biased. Everything is guarded by the standard well set rules by the nature. Nature does not have any discrimination. Hence we need to be very careful in what we say and in what we do.  
In most of the spiritual books the wise men have confirmed that the most powerful energy is the energy of the love. This energy of love can change the atmosphere around you. And only thing is this energy has to be pure without any selfish desires. This is how the nature responds and awards. Hence whatever you want from the society because it is the society first gives you. You need to give the same kind of energy to the society unconditionally.
Now let us examine the pre-requisites of a successful and a happy human being who is very well accepted by the society. First let us discuss about the physical appearance. As a person you need to interact with the other person or persons in your day-to-day activities.  The people will not see your personality and most of the people they misunderstand by the word personality. They think that physical characters or the physical attitudes are the personality. But personality is nothing but the sum of physical and mental attitudes. More so, the mental attitudes as they reflect in the physical attitudes. Mental attitudes cannot be seen. When you are meeting any person or persons in your life for the first time may be if you are attending the interview, playing a game or any sports, attending a social function for the first time the people will not see your inner personality, your mental attitudes. What they see is your physical appearance. Hence the physical appearance is very important when you are meeting the people on different occasions.
The dress code is very important. If you are attending an interview wearing  sober colored dress, polished shoes and properly trimmed hair cut with a smiling face, the interviewer will be impressed and will give a positive response. Neat dress need not be costly one but simple one light colored and neatly pressed without any folds as wise people long time back told that “The first appearance is the best appearance”. Hence we need to give definitely a lot of importance to our physical appearance. Then why only these sober colors why not dark colors? The Light colors have a very soothing effect on the other person as colors have their own vibratory levels. They have their own vibrations and these vibrations are very magnetic. These vibrations are the manifestation of your inner personality which is your mental attitude. 
This magnetic field around you will affect the other person in a positive way. When you are alert, disciplined, self confident, thorough in the subject and you know how to behave will be reflected through your physical attributes. Therefore the dress code is very important.  If you are wearing dark colors definitely these dark colors distract the attention of the other person and you will not get a positive response in most of the cases. A lot of research has been done on the effect of colors and many giant organizations pay huge amount of money to the experts.  Experts have done lot of research on the colors. Even though you are highly educated, a very knowledgeable person, but your dress code is not proper and imagine you are facing the interview for the first time there are chances that the interviewer will not be having a positive impression about you. Once an impression is made it is very difficult for him to change the impression on you. Hence the physical and the mental attitudes they have to match perfectly.

Then most of the time even the odor or the smell of the sweat also disturbs the other person. And hence If you have the tendency of too much perspiration you can spray mild perfume which will give out pleasant response from the other people. 

In the next issue we will discuss an interesting case study on colors.