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Tuesday 5 January 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 04

More About DNA

Dear Lahiri, I would like to tell you some more interesting information about the DNA. As I told you each DNA is just like a loop not a straight strand or thread. In this loop, there are three billion chemical parts. Just remind you, as I had already informed you, the western scientists in their linear teachings and  experiments regarded only 5% of DNA which is protein encoded and rest of the DNA which is not protein encoded regarded as junk. But  esoteric  science will tell you that 5% of the DNA forms the human race car and rest of the 95% forms the engine of the human racecar. 

Actually DNA is nothing but the human consciousness. In this human consciousness a lot of mental and physical attributes are deposited which are carried from life after life and all the old belief systems. If the driver of the human race car has got the instructions which are carried from generations to generations that he should always turn the car only towards the right side throughout his life till the time of his death he will be turning the car only towards the right side even though he has got tremendous potential to travel straight. But unfortunately because of the old belief systems this information is deposited in the stem cells of the DNA, he will be going around and around without getting much progress in his life. His potentials will be limited or restricted because of this old information which is negative. If this information, the old belief system or the old energy is replaced by a new energy filled with positive information that the driver could also drive in a straight way and he has got all the freedom and  intelligence to drive  the human race car, all his potentials will be realized. Then I was really surprised. I could not understand what Kanvada Maharshi was telling. I was wondering how this could be possible?

Then reading my thoughts Maharshi smiled and said O K. I will give an example. Examine the starfish. Compare a starfish with a human being. Compared to human evolution, the evolution of star fish is very lower. It does not have intelligence as that of the human beings. But Lahiri, if the arm of the starfish is cutoff it can grow again that arm in a short time. If this small starfish which is much below the evolutionary ladder compared to the human beings could regenerate the injured arm or cutoff arm again then why not the human beings who evolved much higher and higher than any of the animals? If a nerve is severed in the spinal cord there is a belief, old belief system, old energy which says that nerves cannot be regenerated and this information is registered in the stem cells of human system. When the spinal cord is severed, an enzyme which is protein in nature rushes to the severed nerve or the injured part and blocks the regeneration of the injured nerve. This is happening because of the information stored in the stem cells that the nerves cannot be regenerated. But if this old information is replaced with positive information that the nerves can be regenerated then even if the nerve is severed in the spinal cord it will regenerate just as in the case of the starfish. What you need to believe is that you should address the portion of stem cells of DNA in a persuasive soft voice with a modulation in the voice and giving the command to change the negative information with positive information. The new energy flows in and the severed nerve regenerates thus restoring the normalcy in the human body. In the same way any deformity in the human system could be altered by changing the old information in the stem cells.

But, still I could not understand what  exactly Maharshi  was telling , because I never heard of this kind of logic. For me, it sounds to be a logic but at the same time I was a bit confused. Then the Maharshi with calm and quiet voice said, Lahiri, sound is very powerful.  When you are making a speech, the words are coming out of your mouth make some noise which we call as sound. When you are putting behind this sound or the thought your true intend energy of love, this will have a very positive impact on the stem cells.

O.K I understand that you are still unable to understand what I am trying to tell you. So, let me come down to your dimension and try to explain to you in a simple way. For example if you are walking into a dentist’s air conditioned clinic and comfortably sitting in a chair going through the magazines, as you know, most of the clinics of the dentists are air conditioned, very comfortable. You are at peace and reading an article in a magazine, suddenly you heard a noise from inside the chamber of a clinic. Then what happens? All along your entire body and hundred trillions of cells are at peace because the boss is at peace. The minute you heard this noise may be the patient sitting on the dentist’s chair inside the chamber is crying out of agony, it will transform the entire scenario in your body. At this sound suddenly you get scared a little bit because the adrenal is secreted within your system and all the cells react together with the energy of fear. 

This happens because you are the next to occupy the dentist’s chair and you may be having the similar experience. In a fraction of second all the cells of your body get this message from you and instantly this fear of energy or the beliefs of energy is transferred or this fear of energy is transmitted to every cell at the same time. Just by hearing the agonizing sound your mind has got negative signal that the patient is suffering and  you may be undergoing the same experience when you sit in that dentist’s chair. But before hearing the sound your entire mental state was extremely happy, at peace and all the hundred trillions of cells are enjoying the peace. But it changes in a fraction of seconds. I am telling you that “Thoughts are very powerful”. Hope with this example you might have understood what I was trying to tell you. I will explain in detail as we progress in my teachings. All your questions will be answered. For the time being you take your own time and try to analyze, whatever has been discussed and explained to you. With these words the Maharshi disappeared. 

After meeting  saint like person Kanvada Maharshi  and the discussions we had about the gene cells and the stem cells I started thinking day and night every day about the same issues. Then suddenly I remembered the incident described in the world famous book  titled “An Autobiography of a Yogi” written by Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda (Yogada Satsang Society) which was also translated into many languages subsequently.

A very interesting incident was described in the above mentioned book. In California, there was a spiritual scientist called Mr.Luther Burbank who was a master gardener as Kanvada Maharshi described. He had a very beautiful garden in which he has planted many varieties of cactus and rose plants and everyday he used to spend some time with these plants particularly the cactus and the rose plants and in a loving tone he used to address both the plants asking the plants to shed off  their thorns as he was there to give protection to the cactus as well as the rose plant. After few days a very interesting and surprising thing has happened. The off spring, the new plant of the cactus as well as the rose plants they were born without the thorns. It was a great surprise and a shock to the scientists of  entire world. As Kanvada Maharshi rightly said that “The thoughts are very powerful” and if our intension is very sincere, honest and strong , the energy of the thoughts will definitely change, influence the genes and the stem cells of the plants.  

It also applies to the human beings or the human plants. Luther Burbank was talking to the plants actually he was addressing the stem cells and the genes of the plants and as a result according to his instructions new plants were born without thorns. So, this is the effect of our thoughts.

I was indeed  surprised and happy as I have followed the instructions of Kanvada Maharshi. Most of us get the answers to our questions from the universe and I believe that we are all floating in the ocean of energy around us. And lot of informational energy is floating around us in the akash tatva in the cosmos. This I have come to know after remembering this incident vividly described in the book called “An Autobiography of a Yogi ”, and this book has become  world popular and some of the universities use as the text book particularly for the people who are interested in Para-psychology and occult science.