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Saturday 9 January 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 06-2



On the relationship between Astrology and the Human DNA

Shri Kanvadah Maharshi with a smiling face addressed me.  Let us now discuss about the Astrology, because Astrology plays a very important role in the life of human beings and there is a close relationship between the Astrology and the human DNA. The Centre of the solar system is the Sun. (Your)The Sun is patterned magnetically every second of the day and night. There is a very close relationship between the gravitational and the magnetic forces.

They are the two sides of the same coin and they cannot be separated.  And here the light is also involved because it is inter-dimensional, which means, the light can be at two different places at the same time. And the Sun is subjected to tremendous gravitational force push and pull from the planets moving around the sun in their own orbits.  And thus, the center of the Sun is subjected to have different patterns every fraction of a nano second.  And because of this, there is always a constant change of attributes at the center of the Sun. 

Thus, the Jupiter, the Venus, the Mars, the Mercury and the Saturn, all these Planets will be pulling and pushing with tremendous gravitational force affecting the center of the Sun, leaving different kinds of patterns which are magnetic and also inter- dimensional and interactive. It means these gravitational forces the push and the pull of different kinds of different Planets, will change and affect the attributes of other planet or other planets.  This gravitational force the  push and pull also causes reprobate of the planets which are very well known to the Astrologers. 

Further, this tremendous gravitational force, the push and pull and the turn from the different  planets affecting the centre of the solar system causes solar dust. In turn, the Sun blasts, this solar wind with the tremendous speed at the earth . And plainly  I will make you understand in a simple manner about these changing patterns at the centre of the sun.  You can imagine how a kaleidoscope works. As you rotate a kaleidoscope when you  are seeing through a mirror, you will see different patterns one differing from the other. That is how, at the center of the sun, different kinds of patterns which are magnetic inter-dimensional and inter-active will be forming and changing their attributes in a fraction of a nano second.
Thus the earth’s magnetic grid is affected by the solar wind which is blasted by the sun every fraction of second thus changing the attributes of the magnetic  grid. And all these patterns are transmitted to the magnetic grid of the earth. Thus, the information in the form of magnetism is transmitted from the solar system to the magnetic grid of the earth with changing attributes.

And Lahiri, this information is again transmitted through inductance to your DNA which is also magnetic in nature. These various patterns in the Sun are transmitted to the earths magnetic grid. At this information or these patterns or in turn transmitted to the human DNA at the time of birth through law of inductance. To make it simple these patterns carried from the Sun or various placements of differnt planets in the natal birth chart in the horoscope of an individual.Thus every human being will be having different kinds of patterns one different from the other, and in astrology it is called as horoscope.

And astrologers they calculate, the different alignments or placements of the planets in your solar system in your natal chart.  These patterns are retained in the  DNA of the human beings as a life force. Lahiri, if you think a bit deeply, you will wonder at the cosmic intelligence why basically magnetism is given so much of importance. It is just to facilitate the communication, exchange of information and that is the main purpose of this magnetic field, inductance etc.

All these Planets which are there in their alignments at the time of your birth or retaining at DNA will be telling you a lot about your life. Is it not interesting?  I nodded my head in agreement. And Lahiri from that time on wards, when these patterns are retained in human DNA you are susceptible to the changes taking place in your life by the placements of different planets calculated by the astrologers at your time of birth in your  natal chart. And this science is called as Astrology. Thus the planets will affect the life of human beings.

Even the gravitational force from the sun without the solar wind will still affect the human beings. And those who do not believe in what we are saying how do they explain the full moon syndrome and why on the full moon day throughout the world lot of accidents are taking place and suicides are reported.? This one example is sufficient to confirm the truth that, the planets will affect the life of human beings. Since the moon is so close to you, its gravity will affect the life of human beings even if here no solar bit is coming from the moon.

Hence, astrology is science. Not only that, astrology is grand, simply grand.  The so called, the shift in the earth at magnetic grid has begun in the year 1987 and by 2012; it has shifted by three degrees. And Astrologers please make note that you have to take note of this shift in the magnetic grid of the earth which influences the horoscope the natal chart of your customers. And this influence is not on the one house or on specific houses but all the twelve houses need corrections by about three degrees.

These corrections are required to be made at the opening and the closing of the house on the  natal chart. And you can rectify your customer’s natal chart and examine once again your previous predictions and the predictions after you have made the corrections and in each and every house of the  natal chart of your customers.

World class Astrologers know about these facts. Hence, Astrology is definitely a great science. But, Astrologers need to know they have to have deeper knowledge about the Astronomy and also develop intuition.

Then mostly, their predictions will come true. Magnetic fields are involved even in this Astrology, whenever there is a change in the magnetic grid of the earth and also shift of the energy. This will have a tremendous influence on each and every house in the horoscope of the human beings. These things Astrologers have to study and make corrections accordingly in the opening and also closing of each and every house in the natal charts of their clients.