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Saturday 2 January 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 02

About Akash Tatva

As we were talking suddenly Mahatma went into deep trance. The entire atmosphere around him has already changed. I could feel the vibrations and warmth and his voice changed to a very soothing deep voice as if he was speaking in trance. Dear Lahirikant, the entire universe is filled with tremendous force. Even your western scientists have agreed that the universe is filled with tremendous force. In fact all of you are floating in the ocean of energy and this force is also called as energy. If you understand the nature of energy you will become very powerful. You can have a control on the nature.

You can meld with the nature when you love the nature, when you devote energy of love, when you become one with the nature and the tremendous power will be yours. That is  Akash tatva. That is the reason in ancient days the divine beings were trying to control this tremendous force, this energy which is pervading, entirely spreading in the universe in the Akash tatva.

Now, the time has come for you, the human beings, you can maneuver and you can also master this energy in order to do good things for the entire universe, provided you understand this energy which is very powerful. All is yours . This tremendous force, energy is in the form of information and that is the reason the modern scientists they have given the name appropriately like Information Technology about which our ancients have spoken a long time ago. Unfortunately the human beings were not explained the concepts about this, about the inner knowledge, about this tremendous force which has spread all over the akash. ie., the space ie., the sky. The concepts were misunderstood also to some extent.

The problem is the human mind and his perception is very much limited. Hence anything which is beyond his purview, beyond his understanding it is very difficult for him to understand that which he was unable to feel, unable to explain because human beings always think in a linear thinking only. Once their perceptional field expands and when they go beyond the third dimension and when they start thinking out of the box and that is the time only they will understand. They will be able to understand and those who are keeping their minds open, then the energy from the Akash flows and the energy is full of scientific information. The energy you use, the energy you want at any cost to use for good purpose. And once your mind is closed and whatever teachings you have been reading in your text books which were taught by the professors in the university , in the High School, in the Primary Schools and if you stick to those old ideas and you do not want to explore, experience yourself then this knowledge will never come to you and your thinking will always be linear and your mind will be closed. Hence this new energy will not come to you.

The new energy has already started opening up in the year 1985 and this is progressing. In 1987 this force has come up now slowly the world is progressing. It is only because of the human beings who have open mind, they are able to understand that the energy from higher dimensions and they are inventing newer and the modern devices to measure the energy, to understand the energy, to master the energy and to come out with modern devices related to the energy and that is the reason suddenly all the nations in the world are focusing their attention on the sky because the sky is having full information. This is called cosmic intelligence. This cosmic intelligence is biased. It is biased towards good things like love, compassion, and understanding of the human beings. This cosmic energy is divine’s plan and is offered to the human beings who have open minds to understand and receive this force, this tremendous information, knowledge and wisdom from the Akash, from the space, from the sky that is how benevolently the cosmic biased towards humanity and the universe. When this kind of  bias  I have come to you dear Lahiri, to inform you and through you to the entire humanity. You can be very powerful on the positive side if you understand and you feel energy around you a cosmic wisdom, a wisdom from Akash. You are unrevealing the Akashik record and you can master not only for yourself but also you can help the universe, the humanity as a whole.

Now let us think about the micro level possible. There is lot of space between the electrons. There is tremendous space in the nucleus and electron hase of an atom and this is already confirmed and declared by the physicists. In fact all the human beings are full of emptiness, vast emptiness between one cell and other cells. The physicists say that there is lot of space between the nucleus and the electron hase. Hence, for reality even though the physicists say that the human beings are made of nothing but emptiness which is called as energy. In this energy, there is lot of wisdom in the form of energy which is in the form of information. In short, you have an informational energy between the nucleus and electrons and nothing is empty. Everything seems to be empty. The sky seems to be empty. But, in this emptiness, there is vast amount of energy which cannot be measured. Most of the energy is in the form of information, wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom is nothing but information. Knowledge is nothing but information. So the entire Akaash is full of this informational energy.

Now, let us come back to the example of rose. There is a brilliant, bright white rose. May be you did not like its color and top of that there are thorns which you might not have liked it. You are disappointed when you wanted a daisy you got a white rose. May be you wanted a bright yellow rose or a red rose you got a white rose. If you go back to its origin may be past more than a thousand years white rose which is given by white rose plant is always giving white roses along with the thorns. Even after thousands of years the seeds are germinating only white roses along with the thorns. This is in our linear thinking. What we think is from generation to generations this process will continue and it will be difficult to change. Even in your dream, you will not think the possibility of changing its natural process. Even if you feel the consensus, the majority of the world they say that the rose plant has to give rose flowers only nothing more nothing less. This is our linear thinking.

On the other hand the master gardener who has come from multi dimensional thinking and energy systemically by applying special procedure can change the negative information in the stem cells to the positive. And lo! In no time the rose plant germinates and a new plant comes out. There are no thorns and even the color of the rose flower changes perhaps. Now tell me , what do you think about this? The human being always think about this to be a miracle. Anything which they do not understand which goes beyond their purview of understanding, beyond their perceptional levels, they always think that it is a miracle. But nothing is miracle. Miracles always take place according to nature’s law not otherwise.

Energy is always multi-dimensional and those who are in higher dimensions are the ones who can understand that this energy is multi-dimensional and it has tremendous power to change the things according to your wish. Of course! Your wish has to be positive and it has to be good and it should be useful for the society. And those, who are in old energy and they don’t come out of their box and are in the third dimension , they will never understand this newer energy  and the old energy perishes. On the contrary, those who are open-minded, research-oriented and who has got some intuition, they will definitely think that the energy is multi-dimensional and energy can be at many places at the same time, and energy has got lot of different properties and if you know how to manipulate, how to use it, the scientist will be in a position to help the entire universe and help the humanity in this process.