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Thursday 7 January 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 07

I was thinking within my mind about various aspects of Maharshi's lecture, particularly on the topic Astrology. And when Maharshi paused briefly, I took the opportunity of asking him with great respect, “Mahatma, you have been talking a lot about magnetism and magnetic field. Why so much importance is given to this aspect of magnetism? Will you please elaborate?

Maharshi  listened to my question carefully and said, “Lahari..I am here to answer your doubts. There may be lot of people having the same doubts as you have. So let me clarify your doubts regarding magnetism. The creation of God is very beautiful and flawless and in order to function very efficiently and self-sufficiently in a multi-dimensional way without the least interference of any other external forces this wonderful world is created. And for the function of this wonderful world or the Universe and to see that it functions or work smoothly...the creator has introduced this magnetism which has lot of cosmic intelligence basically, for the purpose of communication. Without communication the entire evolutionary process stops, the entire universe will come to a standstill and there will not be any existence at all. Here this magnetism created by the nature or cosmos or you may call as God, is responsible for the existence of different objects living and non-living, because they are all interactive, multi-dimensional and inter- connected. You cannot separate them because there is a strong bondage between these objects of the nature because of the polarities. To make it very simple I will give you an example.

Take an ordinary Swiss watch. In olden days inside the Swiss watch there used to be thousands of  smaller and smallest  parts which were inter-connected, interactive and used to function with the help of spring mechanism ie., I am talking about the primitive watch. Just you have to wind the spring inside externally a nob was provided, you have to rewind to make the spring action starts. And this action facilitates the movement in one part which is attached to the next part and the next part is attached to the next part like this all the parts are inter-connected and movement at the smallest level causes the movement in the other parts, till the time the spring action is over. It is because of the constant movement of some thousands of parts in the Swiss watch. Externally when you look at the dial in the watch, the needles start moving indicating the hours, minutes and seconds. Now as the technology improved, instead of spring they started using batteries and now they have digitalized for which they have to use again a small cell which gives energy...but externally if you look at the watch it looks only as one unit ; one solid unit. But when you open the watch you will find some thousands of parts which are responsible for the functioning of the watch.

So here the movement is very important. Similarly, take an example of a human body; our human body is made up of trillions of cells. They form different organs. And we draw energy mainly from the Sun. And here similarly magnetism is also generated which we call it as bio-electro magnetic force. The greatest difference is that this bio-electro magnetism is having cosmic intelligence. It is not like a machine, it cannot be compared to that of a watch because that is made by hand of the human beings with lot of limitations. But here all the cells are very intelligent and they are multi-dimensional, also inter-active and inter-connected. If there is a small change at the micro level in a small cell it is immediately reflected in the trillions of cells, there are changes. Millions of chemical reactions will take place about which we are not aware of. And the human body works accordingly laughing, crying running, understand, listening...all these activities. And similarly this information is very important for those people who do not believe in predictive astrology, even the scientists who deny or the ones who prove that astrology is a science. This is a cosmic joke. The placements of the planets in the individual horoscope of a human being,  affects the other planets in the next home or in the opposite house, placed in different houses or may be in same houses their effect each other lives. Imagine for a second if the Sun does not exist what would happen? The entire world would vanish.
How can we say that the Sun and other planets would not influence our lives? Just like in a Swiss watch with thousands of parts inside looks like a single unit, similarly the human being is also a smallest part in the huge and a chain sized watch. You are a part of the creation and you are not separated from the creation, just as a small part in the Swiss watch can affect the changes, in the same way you can also effect changes may be the subtlest way in the nature.

You can influence the other parts and other human beings and similarly you can be influenced by others by law which is divine in nature. That is what I have been talking to about the independence the influence of the different magnetic fields on the one another I think with the small example may be your doubts are clarified.  Then I nodded my head in an agreement.  And as I told you to compartmentalize this knowledge and before I conclude this subject I would like to tell you one thing that there is a purpose for every object which is existing in the universe on the earth and their main objective is to balance the polarities both positive and negative.

The oceans or take water for example starting from the small tanks, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans and the huge mountains that trees, the earth, the big rocks all these objects play a very important role in balancing the polarities.

When the polarities are balanced automatically the human beings energy is also balanced, when the human beings are balanced, there is always peace on this earth. We love all the human beings, we Love you all very much and that is the reason we are coming to you and explaining this new knowledge. Actually the knowledge is not new but for you people this knowledge is forgotten. Hence it looks like a new knowledge. Our purpose is to see that you meld with the nature, so that you will realize that you are also a piece of God.

Lahari, for this time I will take leave from you mean while you can do your own analysis, which will also help lot of people to understand this knowledge in a logical and in a proper way, with these words gradually he disappeared. And as usual I kept quiet for some time and in a meditative state I was revising whatever he has told me in a slow mode .