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Friday 8 January 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 06-1

Dear Lahiri, as I told you the DNA is very grand and very beautiful. In the same way both the DNA and the astrology are dynamic, grand and magnetic in nature with a divine intelligence and there is a very close relationship between the energies of the DNA and those of the planets in astrology. So, let us examine first of all about the DNA. Now listen carefully. Now what I am going to teach you is esoteric. May be presently the scientist may not agree but definitely in the coming years they will agree because the truth always exists. In order to make you understand my teachings which are in esoteric and which are in higher dimensions I need to compartmentalize this knowledge and I am beginning to do so by dividing the DNA into 12 parts.

Actually they are not 12 parts not 12 divisions or 12 houses or 12 layers. They are nothing but 12 kinds of energies (for teaching purpose). Once again I am reminding you it is only to make you understand I am compartmentalizing this knowledge, otherwise in reality  there are not 12 houses. All these 12 energies they are just like a soup. In soup we cannot make out the ingredients, they all act together. But I do not have any option than to teach you in this way though this is not correct.  It is only to make you understand I have to come down to your level and then explain so that you will understand in a better way.

The DNA has got twelve layers similarly in horoscope in natal chart we have naturally  got 12 houses in our horoscope. In numerology if you take out the number 1 it represents the beginning. It also represents "you" taking the first step and the journey has to start with the first step and this one can be defined as yourself. 

And what is life? Life is to know about yourself and life is a journey and you need to reach the destination, you should also know the objective of your life. Why you have come down to the earth? Where you are supposed to go, how you are supposed to go, where and why? 

Having made twelve layers or twelve divisions of the DNA there is one special feature about the layer that is 4 and 5 they are exactly the same, their structure are similar. It is very difficult to tell about the functions but their structure is exactly the same. 4 and 5 layers or the divisions in another words 4th layer and the 5th layer are the same and they are always connected. And the 4th layer is called as personal layer. In spiritual language it can be called as Jeevatma or the self. The 5th layer or the 5th energy of the DNA can be called as Universal. In the spiritual term it can be called as paramatma or higher self or over self.

Actually there is not much of difference between these two layers but only thing is the energy of 4th is covered with illusion what we call in Sanskrit is Maya and the energy in the DNA is called as the flame of expansion. What does it mean? It is the expansion of the human consciousness. When the human consciousness expands, expands and expands subsequently it will merges with the divine consciousness or the nature’s consciousness. The human consciousness becomes divine consciousness and they is a meld. There is a confluence of energy and one becomes the other and the two energies become one and you become one with the nature that (which) means you become the nature and the nature becomes you. 

There is no difference between both the energies. Since the human beings and the all the creatures are the parts of the energy. Your energy it means also meld with the energies of all the creations. That is how you conquer time and space when you reach the stage the flame of expansion, there is no time and space you have gone to the highest dimension. That is the reason some of the Yogis , Siddha Purushas  who have attained the stage they go beyond the time and space. That is how Shirdi Sai Baba, the great yogi and Siddha Purusha by extending his hand in the space he pulled out a small child which was about to fall in the fire of the kiln when mother was not attentive and he pulled out the child.

The people who are in 3rd dimension the time and the space were huge. Sai Baba was in Shirdi and this was happening somewhere else very far off place. These people have conquered time and space and they have become one with the space and time, it does not matter for them. Coming to very small atom which is in the quantum state and for most of the human beings who are in 3rd dimension they believe everything. But lahiri, once again I am telling you the nature always follows the nature’s laws. But for the human beings everything seems to be chaos but not for the people who have become one with the nature. Even though nature comes to the rescue just like in the case of Sri Lahiri Mahashaya. One arrogant fellow was urinating on the Compound wall of Lahiri Mahashaya and Sri Lahiri Mahashaya told him not to do so, but that fellow who was arrogant and continued to do and ridiculed Lahiri Mahashaya. Even though Lahiri Mahashaya did not curse him or did not say anything to him. The nature did not  keep quiet  and the other fellows were punished with severe sickness. That is how the nature protects the human beings who have become one with the nature because all the trillions of the cells 100% pure, particularly in their thoughts. Even a smallest intent which is not uttered outside by these siddha purushas instantly things will happen and materialize as there is nothing new about this.
If you read an "Autobiography of a Yogi" all your doubts of others will be answered. Now coming back to the DNA they look similar 100%. Now in the layers I am only touching only the important layers. As I told you the layer number 9 in numerology is completion.
There is nothing after 9 and again it starts from 1 and the persons in their journey of life in their sadhanas with sincere devotion, determination, pure indented love towards God which is nothing but brilliant light. They will not only realize that they will conquer these illusions or Maya which formed the dust on the layer number 4 that is Jeevatma and when realize that the the energy of layer number 4 will merge with the energy of layer number 5 thus Nara  becomes Narayan. Nara represents the fourth energy layer that is Jeevatma while the 5th layer represents Narayana means Paramatma and those after realizing this the layer number 4 will meld with 5th layer and they become 1 that is how they reach the flame of expansion because when 4 combines with 5 it becomes 9 and 9 means completion in  numerology just now as I told you is nothing but flame of expansion and they become liberated souls and there will not be any rebirth unless the brilliant light of God orders to go back to the Mother earth in order to  reform the people and help the sincere devotees or the seekers of the God.
Coming back to the astrology house no 1 indicates yourself because the journey starts from the first house. It tells about your physical features. When you have started your life and become spiritual after sadhanas when you have realized that the fourth and the fifth house are the same because the fourth house if you take the  natural zodiac chakra starting from Aries the fourth house is Karkataka which is ruled by Chandra, the moon and the moon represents mother that is feminine energy and also just like the moon waxing and wanning of the moon which is not constant always you will be in the state of illusion. You will be reaching the doors of the God but still be haunted by illusions around you. And the 5th house represents the Male energy i.e. the Father energy ruled by "Ravi" and it also gives u the Atma gyana and here the 4th house can be called as the Jeevatma it can be compared to the 4th layer of the DNA, and the 5th house which is "Simha" can be compared to the 5th layer of the DNA. 

When you understand that the male and female energies are the same of one coin, if you do not have any sexual differentiation and if you go beyond this 3rd dimensional definition of female energy or male energy, that is the time all your illusions will go away. Even if you see a lady in her prime age, you will only see the divinity in her.