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Wednesday 6 January 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 05

After having conversation with Kanvada Maharshi about human genealogy I was more interested to know about the DNA or the Janyukanas. On one Sunday I had gone to the Botanical gardens in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. This is a very beautiful garden and the most interesting thing is that there is very old Rudrakshi tree which I had seen for the first time in my life.
I had gone to the same spot which is rather secluded and sat on a very huge fallen trunk and was thinking about the DNA. While I was engrossed in the thoughts, there appeared Kanvada Maharshi and without any preamble he said, “Dear Lahiri, as I promised, I have come back to you to give you more information which is totally esoteric in nature about the DNA. 

I know you have been thinking a lot and seeking for the proof which you got in the form of Luther Burbank’s story published in the Book “An autobiography of a yogi”. I appreciate your inquiring mind and your logical thinking.
Lahiri, this day will be a very important day in your life as I am giving you very  interesting information about the DNA which is very beautiful  and interesting and also divine in nature. Lot of people may not believe it because my teaching is spiritual or esoteric but scientists on the other hand are finding out the truths about the DNA which is confirming what we had been explaining or teaching the people. By the time I finish my teachings you will be a changed person. 

You will slowly understand the DNA and its powers because you have a scientific background and logical mind to analyze. Like a small child I take your hand with me and slowly  lead you to the right path. Please relax, calm down yourself and listen to what I am about to teach you. Those readers who are going to read the transcriptions of our discussions in your web site will be astonished to see that there is a confluence of  energies between the esoteric teachings on DNA and the scientific truths which will be gradually unfolded. They will see a very close relationship between the ancient wisdom which is also called spiritual or esoteric teaching of the DNA and the Modern Physics. All these fine ideas or information from the higher dimensions will be translated into the form of words in your website. And those who are truly interested in this subject will appreciate that the information given by me has turned out to be the true which is confirmed by the modern physicists. Your DNA is very beautiful though it is very complicated. The trillions of chemical parts in the DNA have definitely some purpose, nothing is junk. These beautiful strands of DNA, the loops of DNA have many useful parts and nothing is waste. For  modern scientists there seems to be chaos and no purpose for some of the parts, but it is not true. Every part has got some purpose.  For many years the scientists thought that the DNA was a strand which is responsible for human genealogy but recently  they discovered that it was not a straight strand but it was a loop. Interestingly they also discovered that this loop of the DNA has got electricity in it which is divine.

This fact was discussed in the spiritual book entitled “Sripada Sri Vallabha Charitamrutam”   in which the DNA and its structure was described as that of  a fish which looks like a hook or a loop. The human body is a bio electro magnetic device  which is divine in nature. 

The ends of the loops are called as telomeres. These loops of the DNA shorten as your age is advanced. 

All these telomeres ie., the ends of these loops are finely connected with one another and the trillians of sensations or impulses in the brain synapse in the muscles are responsible for the functioning of the human body. These impulses travel with tremendous speed within the body through the neurons. Hence the electricals are involved in the functioning of the human body. The information in the form of impulses or sensations travel through the overlapping of the loops or the  with tremendous speed. This current is very fine and it is undetectable even by the modern scientific devices. This current is nothing but information. DNA in the loop is just like a super conductor. This current flows freely within the body without any obstructions in healthy individuals. This current in the DNA is magnetic in nature which as I told you is very different from the magnet and  magnetic field  in the laboratory. Hence the DNA has got a magnetic field because it is magnetic in nature. All the trillions of DNA are magnetic hence the entire human being is a magnet and hence got a magnetic field. Once again I would like to emphasize that the DNA is a magnetic all the billions of DNA are magnetic in nature and entire human body is a magnet and hence it has got a magnetic field. If the magnetic field of the DNA comes closer to another magnetic field as described in the physics inductance takes place. Inductance is a magic space where two magnetic fields collide, combine, connect and intertwine and thus the information is passed from one place to the other. The communication happens this way. Thus the information is passed from one magnetic field to the other magnetic field. The magnetic field in your DNA has got inductance with the magnetic field of the earth.

Maharshi Paused for a while. Lahiri, I am coming to that I think this information is little bit complicated for you and also confusing.  As I told you just now the inductance is a magic space where two magnetic fields collide or meet or intertwine and  transmit the information from one magnetic field to the other magnetic field. Thus there is always exchange of information between the two magnetic fields. 

I think you have understood this part and as you know, even the earth is magnetic in nature and hence it also has got a magnetic field. Naturally, there is also magic space between the magnetic field of the DNA and the magnetic field of the earth. It is very simple. Thus the magnetic fields influence each other. The stronger magnetic field will influence the less stronger magnetic field. The human consciousness is also magnetic in nature because thoughts are nothing but impulses in the human body and the impulses are bio-electro magnetic  in nature. That is the reason the information is passed on to the other magnetic field through the neurons. 

"The human consciousness is nothing but collective thoughts." Hence logically if you think, the human consciousness which is also magnetic in nature will also influence the magnetic field of the earth. Since you understood that the human consciousness is nothing but a magnetic field,  the magnetic field of the earth can be called as the consciousness of the earth.

Lahiri, please think very carefully. Do not rush. you understood that the consciousness is an energy which is magnetic in  nature and also has got magnetic field. Similarly the earth’s magnetic field also can be called as consciousness of the earth. Hence the human consciousness and the earth’s consciousness will influence each other. Go slowly. Understand.  You can understand when you are calm and quiet. Use your logic. Whatever just now I told you try to revise, keep it in a slow mode and try to digest the information

When Maharshi  passed as I was listening very carefully whatever he has been telling but still  I could not make anything out of it. For me everything seems to be a conundrum.  A very big puzzle.