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Thursday 28 January 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 08


Your ancestors never heard about the DNA, but, they understood the principles of esoteric healing. They also had the knowledge of meridians. There are about 12 important meridians. These 12 meridians cannot be revealed with the help of any X-rays, but the ancients knew about the various techniques of restoring health by manipulating these 12 important meridians. They knew that each meridian has amulti-dimensional Portal on the human body. Like all the important meridians they have differentPortals on the human body. This knowledge existed thousands of years ago and now the modern science calls it as Acupuncture or Acupressure.

      About the layer 9 in DNA.

Lahiri, I had already discussed with you about the 12 energies of the human DNA. Since we are discussing about the healing aspect, we shall make a perusal of Remedial aspects of layer 9. The energy of layer No. 9 has tremendous healing potential. If the layer No. 9 of the DNA is activated tremendous healing takes place instantly. This layer No. 9 is also connected to the cosmic intelligence or cosmic flame of expansion. When this energy is activated the divine healing takes place instantly, without the use of any chemicals, drugs or medicines.
Of course one should know how to activate the layer No. 9 of the human DNA. Since the DNA ismulti-dimensional, inter-active inter-connected it works and the healing takes place at the quantum level. When you are using multi-dimensional energy, it will bring about positive and healthy changes within the human working system.  As I have already told you, your DNA is multi-dimensional and the words with pure intent are multi-dimensional. When you use the intent in the form of very positive healing affirmations, it stimulates your DNA stem cells in a very positive way and thus, healing takes place without the use of any medicines. Even if you are using the medicines, you can enhance the remedial potency of the medicines with the use of positively framed words addressing the tablet or the medicine or any potion. If the intent is pure, it works wonders, since the positive words are endowed with multi-dimensional energy. You can talk to your cellular structures of the body on daily basis and strengthen your immune system.
A major shift in the magnetic grid of the earth takes place every 5000 earth years, because of the collective Universal Consciousness. This happened in the year 1987 after the harmonic convergence which took place at a place called Shambala at the Sacred Mountains of Himalayas. The ancient knowledge and wisdom will once again surface replacing or changing the existing knowledge for the betterment of the humanity. If you go back to 30 or 40 years and compare that period of time with the present, you will see a tremendous change in the human consciousness, which is necessary. This knowledge is called New Age Knowledge.  In fact, this New Age Knowledge is exactly not new because it is the wisdom of the ancients which though forgotten long ago could remain in dormant form. It is just like a small Portal or a small door that is being opened and the information started flowing-in, helping the mankind to discover the modern devices.  The people who are open minded and receptive have received this New Age Information and discovered that every human body has got a magnetic fieldaround the body which is multi-dimensional, inter-connected and inter-active. Because of these attributes, the human beings have moved closer and closer at least those who are like minded and open minded.
 Each human body has got its own multi-dimensional pattern in its magnetic field. As I told you, the DNA layer No. 9, is a healing layer. It has to work with No. 1 layer. Numerologically, 1+9=10 which is once again 1 that is how it is both a beginning and also an end. Also those who are open minded and the multi-dimensional healers, they know how to activate, the 90 % of the DNA which has got a tremendous healing potential to bring about healing instantly and maintain the balance between the two energies.  Then what is the multi-dimensional tool? Certainly it is the human consciousness, which is multi-dimensional energy. As I have already told you, only the multi-dimensional energy can activate the healing layers. Intent which is very pure becomes the most important and powerful tool of energy in the human consciousness. Your DNA is very intelligent and when it knows that the intent of the human being is pure, it reacts and responds positively.
And Lahiri, the multi-dimensional ways are never linear. In your linear way of treating, you introduce large quantities of chemistry in the form of medicines into the human system. But, in the esoteric healing or multi-dimensional healing we give instructions that are quantum instructions to bring about the healing. Your DNA has got two parts, one part is linear and the other is multi-dimensionalenergy. If you examine the DNA under the microscope you can only see the linear part and the multi-dimensional part which is in the form of energy cannot be seen. This invisible energy receives and responds positively to the quantum instructions given to it. Just because, it is invisible, you cannot dismiss the existence of this beautiful energy.
Lahiri, for today this is enough I think. Now whatever information I have given you, revise and try to analyze. With these words the Maharshi vanished and I was thinking in my mind how he simplified all the complicated subject. Thinking thus I left the Naivassha lake and proceeded my further journey.