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Friday 1 January 2016

Kanvadah Maharshi - English - 01

Maharshi Kanad and his Cellular Theory 

I was returning from Mombasa to Nairobi after completing my official work and I decided to halt at Makkindu. A gurudvara was built there a long time ago and this Gurudvara is very famous for its hospitality for day and night. Most of the travellers from Mombasa to Nairobi to and fro, they make it a point to halt at Makkindu Gurudvara, offer their prayers, have their breakfast, lunch or dinner depending upon their time of arrival and a very neat accommodation is also provided to all the travellers all free of cost. I parked my car and got down, took a room and after refreshing myself went inside Gurudvara to offer my prayers and respects. After that I sat there for meditation for about half-an-hour. Usually, this is my routine whenever I travel between Mombasa and Nairobi. Afterwards, I silently entered a very beautiful garden,very well maintained with lots of rose plants and there were lot of benches for the people to sit and relax. I sat on one of the benches and started looking at the varieties of rose flowers.

You feel very happy when you look at their bright colors and inhale their pleasant fragrance and on the other hand you also see the thorns of the rose plant. So, this is very strange and interesting with lot of contrast in the features of creation of God. On one hand the rose flower gives pleasure when you look at its bright color and inhale its fragrance, on the other hand the thorns will give you the pain. “It’s true!”“How strange is the creation of God with this kind of opposite features!” I was thinking in this way and at the same time enjoying looking at the rose flowers. There were varieties. Some were white, some were pink, some were yellow. As I was in deep thoughts of this wonderful creation of God, suddenly I saw a brilliant light vibrating in a greater state and I could make out the outline of a human form but it was difficult for me to look into the brilliant light as my eyes were hurting. Instantly the bright light reduced to such an extent that my eyes were comfortable to look at that vibrating sparks of light. I wondered what it was. Then I realized it may be spiritual entity.
Then I could see a smiling face and I heard the soothing voice. Lahirikant! “As per your wish I reduced my light so that you will be able to see me.” 
Immediately he understood my thoughts and said, Lahirikant, “We have already met in Amani forest and I was there in the group of divine souls. My name is Kanvada Maharshi and some people call me as Kana Maharshi or MaharshiKarnad.  I did a lot of research on the cells of human body and particularly on the genes what you call in the modern science and we call as “Janyu Kanas” and the rest of the scientists call as “Genes” and I also studied about the “Power of Thought”. Now, the time has come for the human beings to know some of the spiritual secrets of higher dimensions. Hence, I have chosen you to reveal these divine secrets which are slowly getting unfolded to the rest of the scientists as they have invented modern devices to prove my theory.”
Now, you are thinking about the rose plants and the rose flowers and the beauty and their brilliant colors. But at the same time you are also wondering about the thorns, the contrasting creation of God. You may like the color of the rose flower, you may not like its thorns. But believe me. You can change the color of this rose flower of your choice. Instead of red you can change it into yellow or white or pink. If you don’t want the thorns you can create a rose plant of your choice without thorns and the color of your choice. This is possible. 

I was really surprised and shocked. I never thought or heard about these things could be true. May be it must be an illusion of a juggler or hypnotist.

Immediately the Maharshi said, “No!” It is neither hypnotism nor illusion. You can change the color of a rose flower and you can also create a rose plant without thorns. It is possible.”
O.K. I will try to explain. This is very complicated phenomenon in simple terms. But unfortunately it is very difficult to explain to you such topics which belong to higher dimensions. People who are in 3rd dimension will not be able to understand as their perception is very limited to their experience and it is very difficult to find suitable words to explain, as it belongs to higher dimensions and multi dimensions and we do not have any choice except to come down to linear way of explaining the things to you. Human beings always would like to have the things to be compartmentalized in order to understand any issue. In our higher dimensions or multi dimensions time is not having any fragments. Time is continuous flow of energy.
But for human beings if it is like that, they will not be able to understand and they will not be able to carry out day-to-day activities. The entire time has to be divided into the years, the months, the weeks, the days, the hours, the minutes and the seconds. That is how it is to be compartmentalized. We have to make fragments of time in order to explain to you and this is called linear way of explaining. So when I discuss with you about the process of mutation of genes or co-creating, I need to explain to you in a linear way, so that, you will be able to understand. At the same time I also need to explain to you this kind of energy in higher dimension. If I do not do in this way it will be difficult for you to understand. I must tell you that some of the words when I translate from higher dimension to lower dimension I may not be able to use appropriate words because we do not get suitable words in your linear thinking but still I do not have any other option that I have to tell you in this way.

I was indeed dumbfounded and I was also thinking whether that was reality or a dream. Of course! I have primitive knowledge about the mutation of genes but I have never heard about the co-creation about which the great sage was talking. Instantly the Maharshi thought it will be very difficult for the human beings to comprehend anything which is beyond their perception and the whole perception depends upon your own experience, and also the teachings of the elders, your teachers, your neighbors, but it is not based on your experience. That is the reason whenever I tell you about the things which are not heard from your parents or Educational Institutions, it will be hard to believe.
But, Lahirikant, “I have chosen you because you are open-minded and have a sharp memory and that is the reason I have come here to answer all your questions and also with a request that whatever you are listening from us, whatever knowledge we are giving to you and you should spread to human beings. Now, the time has come for the human beings to know lot of scientific and spiritual truths of higher dimensions.”
 I asked him politely, “Sir, you mean to say that I am the only chosen person or you also select the people like me or may be people with more intelligent than me.”
He chuckled and said, “No, it is not only you, but I see you as a soul. We will be selecting lot of people throughout the world who are genuinely interested to know about the spiritual matters in a very scientific way and who are open-minded and have sharp memory to understand. We appear to them and teach lot of things. So, now let me explain. First of all about what the thought is. Unfortunately this subject is not having any syllabus and will not be following any sequence. And whatever you are thinking and whatever questions you have in your mind in that way our teaching will follow. So, listen carefully and if you have any doubts, most of them will be cleared. Once you go back and analyze, when you are in a meditative state, you will get all answers. If it does not happen, we are there to help you. O.k. “Be attentive and listen to me carefully what I am going to teach.”
If you compare this beautiful rose flower with its brilliant red color and beautiful fragrance and also the plant which has thorns with a human being unfortunately born with malfunctioning of heart gives you pain as that of thorns of a rose plant. We may like the flower and its color and its fragrance but not the thorns. Similarly we may like the beautiful child but not the disease in the child. As you can change both the features (color and thorn less) in the rose plant as per your wish, in the same way, you can rectify the malfunctioning of the heart just as the rose plant you have created without thorns. 

When I heard this I was really surprised how is it possible? The entire medical field, my elders, the books I am reading and the majority of the people believe that it is not possible.

…….. continued…